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vacuum discipline?

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My 21-month old ds loves to play with the cord of the vacuum cleaner when I'm using it. Experienced mamas, what's an appropriate way of handling this in a gentle manner?

Whatever I do, he just thinks it's funny. I usually try to vacuum at other times (like when dh is around and can play with ds), but sometimes I don't have that option.

I guess this would apply to a lot of things he does, but particularly with the things that are absolutely unsafe.

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A. hold him in your arms or in a sling while you vacuum.

B. get him a little vacuum, or a "popper" toy -- and ask him to help you work.
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Guess I must be crazy but I let my Ds play with the vacuum. Obviously I dont let my 8 mo old chew on the cord when its plugged in but when its not in use and he is supervised have fun! My 29 mo old Ds can vacuum quite well but is going through a fun stage where he jumps on the couch to avoid it. I let him help me push it once he could walk and he would also follow and hold the cord. If my 8 mo old is too interested to let me vacuum then I put him in my carrier and we do it together.
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Re: vacuum discipline?

Originally posted by TracyK
My 21-month old ds loves to play with the cord of the vacuum cleaner when I'm using it. Experienced mamas, what's an appropriate way of handling this in a gentle manner?
what i have done (bc my guy has been fascinated by the whole vacuum experience for a LONG time) is plan play time into vacuum time. let her play with the cord. and when shes done, vacuum. or, hand her the thing and let her do it. my son is 29mnths, and has been 'vacuuming' since at least 20 mnths. i KNOW sometimes you just want to do it and get it done, but save those times for when dh is around to help. i think it helps to have a change in expectation. dont expect to be able to do it and be done in 5 minutes. this approach helps greatly when it comes to patience.
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My ds and I take turns vacuuming. And I save the big vacuuming sessions for when he isn't around. Saturday mornings either dh or I take ds to the playground. Whoever stays home has to vacuum. I can't imagine why but dh prefers to vacuum than go to the playground:
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My dd is fascinated by the vacuum cord, too. I explain to her that she may not touch the cord unless a grown up is helping her, because it can be unsafe. If she still touches it, she is carried in the sling while I finish vacuuming. Usually she doesn't touch it again after the 1st gentle reminder- but she does need to be reminded every time.

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I hand DD a much loved piano toy reserved for vacuuming times. She will run to someplace where she can hear it to play with it. I do that because she doesn't like the vacuum anymore and I can't carry her and do it anymore. I like the other suggestions also.
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What's dangerous about the cord? Let them play with it.

Keep an eye on them, and keep them away from the socket.

Satisfy their curiosity and they'll abandon it soon enough.

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My son, 3, used to play with the vaccumn cord. I would simply let him, keeping an eye on how close to the socket he was getting. More than likely the child just wants to be helpful. Most of the time, he doesn't like the noise, hops on the couch and points to where I should vaccumn next. Perhaps you can do this with your child. Tell him/her "I would really like you to help me. Please sit here (couch, chair, pillow on the floor, etc.) and point to where I should vaccumn next!". If you make it a game, the fascination will likely blow over soon enough.
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We have a small electric broom type thing that my dd would use while I used the big one.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get the dogs to leave it alone when i clean...
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Well, call me a party pooper but I don't let my children play with cords. They have ruined too many and I am tired of replacing electronics so if it were my child playing with the vaccuum cord I would try to do it while they were sleeping or otherwise occupied but if that wasn't possible, and they insisted on playing with it after I asked them not to they would have to go in the crib or thier room or wherever, just somewhere else, away from the vaccuum until I was done. Vaccuum is the last thing I do when I clean and it is usually done in a rush so I don't have time for begging and conjoling and negotiating and playing. I hate house work and just want to get it done when I do it.
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Perhaps I am a little over the top for not allowing dd to play w/ the vacuum cord, but I just don't feel comfortable doing it. She likes to wrap everything around her neck, and although I make my best effort to be vigilant, I still worry about the potential for harm. When she does want to play with it, I try to gently remind her without making a big deal out of it, because I don't want the fact that I do make it off- limits to be a temptation factor, either.
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I'm with Quillian . . .

DS turned 2 in February. He has burned up 2 of my vacuums and is ready to blow up my third. He has two mini vacs of his own, plus a mini dust buster! He LOVES to vacuum! He doesn't play with the cord, though, just turns it on and off while he vacuums. He does a great job too! And he vacuums daily, he can't wait to get home and take it out and go.
Whenever we go to Goodwill or a thrift store he runs right to the vacuums and will plug them in and proceed to vacuum the store. He's the same way with brooms and mops, but not as bad. He just loves those vacuums!

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