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Reference Books

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This is one of many anti-circumcision websites. It has a good layout and contains most of the subjects on all other sites.
They have written the Ashley Montagu Resolution, a proposal to end male genital mutilation.

Scroll way down to "A Remarkable Silence," and you will see something not to be believed: a medical reference book that leaves out a piece of the body. The author is a medical illustrator who has numerous degrees, teaches others to do medical illustration -- and he leaves out the foreskin. If I'd been the publisher, I'd have said, "you will revise this section, or I'll 'revise' the entire book."
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The book

Computer problems yesterday! I'm back.

I made the link too hard. Here is the medical reference book:
^ ^ Title: New Atlas of Human Anatomy
^ ^ Thomas O. McCracken
^ ^ Metro Books 2001

To find the description on C-web, go to "Intactivism," then "Prejudice," and scroll down.
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