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Aging Placenta

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I had another us today and as if I dont have enough to worry about the doctors say my placenta is aging. I dont know what grade it is and the doctors seem to be reluctant to answer my timeling questions.
I have never smoked and dont suffer from Pre E.
Has anyone else had this before term or have any info on it? I have gone to a couple of sites but they only relate to pre e or smoking.
Am I just worrying too much?
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Number one... I am so freaking excited that you are still cookin' that little guy and to see you back online!! :

Number two... I don't know much about aging placenta, but I would try to get some number values out of the docs. That might help give you a better idea of what is going on.
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a friend of mine had this with her son. he was born at 39 weeks and her mw said the placenta looked pretty old. since she pretty much had a hands off pregnancy, she didn't know until she birthed the placenta and everyting was fine. now her daughter who was born at 43 weeks did not have an "old" placenta, so it's really hard to tell what "old" really is. i do know infections can cause this. which can lead to IUGR (small babies). which might or might not be a problem.

are you still on drugs brandi? or just bedrest? i'm sure drugas and stress can age the placenta. but i don't think there is really much that can be done, just pray that the placenta supports your babe until he is big enough to be born healthy!!

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i have a pregnancy book and it says on average the plecenta usually starts to age around 34-36 weeks... so you aren't too far off, i wouldn't worry too much unless baby isn't growing. hope they let you keep your baby cooking until at least 36 weeks.
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yes I am still on nifedapine for contractions. I asked the doctor today if that may have something to do with the aging she said not many studies have been done on the long term effects of nifedipine on the placenta. Landon is not growing like I would like. On average at this gestation babies should be gaining roughly 8 ounces per week, Landon has only gained 3 so I am on pins and needles. Because I have a cerclage the risk of infection is elevated. I still have not lost my mucus plug. Oh yeah and I found out my placenta is a grade 2 which is not bad but it is still aging prematurely. The docs will see how landons growth is next week before they will start talking about options. So far though my daily NSTs are normal and he is very active.
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a bit of poking around says that alfalfa tea, capsules, tincture but esp fresh alfalfa sprouts nourish the placenta and help keep it healthy in later pregnancy.

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I am 24 weeks and the doctors are telling me that my placenta is aging...they told me that this is normal but everything I find is after 30 weeks...I also have a blood clot in my placenta...I am sorry you are going through this as well...I am on brethine for my contractions so I def. feel your pain...please keep updating and hopefully everything goes well with you and your baby...
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I had an "old" placenta on my last pregnancy. There are three stages of placental degredations. First and Second aren't really that bad, its the third stage that is not so good. What it means is that there are calcifications and pockets forming in the placenta that can possibly decrease the function of the uterus. The concern is low amniontic fluid because the placenta has gotten so "old" it doesn't produce enough. So they will monitor you more closely and if you hit a "magic number" that they feel is too low for your fluid, they will induce you.

This other risk of having a grade 3 placenta or a really old placenta is that those pocket and califications can be so big that the placenta doesn't come out in one piece.... which can be very bad.

That's what "old placenta" means. HTH

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I had a 34 weeker due to IUGR. I have a couple of questions...

Are you having bio-physical profiles? Are they checking the cord flow dopplers?

I too had a placenta which aged early. This cause the IUGR. I was glad to see you are having daily non stress tests. This will help monitor your baby.

Good luck and prayers being said.
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Yes I am having a Bio-physical once a week and the cord doppler is coming up normal if not great. I am so worried about IUGR he has only gained 3 ounces since last week, but before now his growth has been right on. UGH I am just so parinoid. Watch in a few weeks I am going to have a happy healthy baby boy and all of this nonsense would have been for not.
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And thank you Wendy for lurking I have noticed you on the life with a preemie forum. I have also been lurking I was perusing through the post with photos and your little Sydney is possitively adorable.
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This has been so stressful for you!!! I will be so very happy for you once you've got your healthy son in your arms... that news will make my day!
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thank you liz
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Try not to let the Dr.'s scare you to much ( I know thats easier said then done).

Maybe try the alfalfa ( cant hurt) ? I also would ask them what the heck they meant really, pin one of them down and tell them you want answers or they are to keep their worries to themselves
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Thanks for noticing my DD... she is a living doll.

It sounds like your docs are proceding with the standard of care. One thing I would suggest to you is that you do your kick counts a couple of times a day. Glad to hear the dopplers are good.

Babies growth varies week by week. Also remember techs all measure different as do machines measure different. Hang in there, this was a scary time for me as well.

Have they discussed the steriod shots. At this point, I don't see much harm as you've been dealing with the circlage as well as the PTL. Are you on bed rest? If you are, oh I hated that. If not I would take it easy.

Hang in there, you are so close to your little boy. Just think that every day you keep him in is worth 3 days in the NICU.
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Yes I am on bedrest and have been for the past 10wks, 7 of which have been in the hospital. I did get steroid shots twice, one set at 23wks and another at 28wks. I love doing kick counts it is my time whith my little boy, and he is a busy one. I try and connect by visualizing his movements. I think this may be the only thing that keeps me from going stark raving mad.
How long where you on bedrest?
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I was on part time bed rest from week 26 to 28. I went on full time modified bed rest from week 28 to 34. YUCK. For me it worked. We saw a MARKED improvement of my doppler flow from week 26 to 28. From week 28 on, I was to spend most of my time lying on my left side, but I did lay on the right too. I was never to lay on my back, and put pillows behind me or slept on the couch to ensure it. I was able to go out for lunch OR dinner, prepare my own meals, drive, light cleaning, etc. I was never chained to my bed as some women are. I was allowed to go to chapel service but not all of church. If I combined the errands and use a motor cart, I could go shopping after a Dr apt. I also kept getting my eyebrows waxed. My ob said I could. Mostly she wanted me to take it easy and rest and NOT WORK. I had doc or chiro appointments most days of the week, so I usually had somewhere to go.

From 18 weeks on I had a weekly apt. One week with the peri's, the next with my OB. Weekly doppler checks too. From week 28 on I had two times a week NST's which were my FAVORITE!!! NOT.

If the NST was not good, I had a BPP.
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