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Nesting: What are you doing to get ready?

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So I guess its finally kicked in, and now I am in list-making mode, trying to get "organized", before the baby arrives....well actually just trying to get organized in general...since we moved in to this house last year, there is one room and the basement left to weed through, and a few other unfinished projects, so I would like to do a little decluttering before this baby comes. I am also thinking about assembling some things together for the homebirth and assemble a few small things for when the baby comes, so that they are all in one place and easy to locate. Have some cloth diapers and the birth kit, but i still need to go get a carseat and some infant clothes, and find a pediatrician.

What are you doing to get ready for this baby?
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We TTC for a year; we had some infertility challenges and the whole thing was super-medicalized, and during that time, part of what kept us going was buying things here and there for the baby. So we've been getting things together for a long time now, but still there are some big things we haven't even started on, like finding a pediatrician. We need to finish out our shopping list with a few more diapers and some other things like that. I still have some projects around the house that I want to get finished, like taking up the carpet in our bedroom and freezing some meals. I am definitely feeling the need to get everything as streamlined and organized as possible!
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I need a hose( looked at HD today and no luck : ), recharge drink, and a bowl for the placenta still for my birth kit..

I also need to wash stuff and clean the house... that should be it.. Ahh yes I'm nesting..
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i put in a new doggie door this weekend (which required me using my new handisaw), i put up blinds (got to use a new drill bit for that), re-re-organized the den and then i couldn't move because of my hips! there is so much to do, so little time!
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now if i could just find that homebirth supply list from my MW.... <digging through piles of papers on my desk> :
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i'm busy turning my parents basement into an appartment, and digging out all the old baby clothes. ah, it's so exhausting just thinking about it.
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I just got the baby clothes washed (sizes NB - 6 months) yesterday, and half the NB/Small diapers. Tomorrow I'll reorganize our sets of plastic drawers so that I can put the bigger set in our room and put clothes and diapers in it.

The cosleeper is set up, but I need to raise it and secure it to the bed. I've been cleaning slowly (we moved in 3 weeks ago) and as soon as we get the Christmas stuff put away I'll get more organizing/decorating/settling in done. It doesn't feel like "home" yet since we don't have any pictures or anything up yet.

I just want to have everything ready when he arrives. DD3 arrived so early that we had nothing ready. It was strange to be washing baby clothes after the baby was born. I didn't even get to have my baby shower before her birth.

I'm so glad he's cooking long enough to allow me to get some settling done!
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If I had the money, or many riches.. I thin I would have too PAY someone too do this for me *sigh*.. I am still not prepared, and tiome is running short.. I have a list of things too do this weekend, so I am hoping too get everything done that needs too be done.
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I am starting to feel the decluttering phase. (Like itching to take down the Xmas tree!) I have been tossing things left and right! I asked my mom to send me my sis' carseat. I have a whole 4 outfits for baby but am trying to get my sis' in TN motivated to send me what I left with them! I have been trying to decide where to birth and thinking about getting a scale, embroidery floss, and some pads. I think everything else is already around. I made $100 doing those survey things online this month so when I get that I am going to buy some cloth dipes. I can't wait!!
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I still need to buy a carseat and unpack all the clothes. But I get a babyshower on the 14th and I'm so excited!!!!!! I haven't had a baby shower since DS1 in 1999!
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We're in a similar position to PixelDust having collected a lot of baby stuff while still TTC.

I have made lists of what still needs to be done before our little one arrives but I've hit a wall of exhaustion where I just cannot get excited about anything. Hope the whole nesting thing kicks in soon!
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Decluttering and organizing. Today? Kids room. Poor kids.

Dp is nesting as well I think. He's installing the cabinets in the kids room for me (I can't lift them ) On a much grander scale though, he's replacing the kitchen. All of it. Floor, cabinets, counters. Nice, but I hope it's done soon!!

Strangely I haven't done the important things..you know like get a carseat I keep thinking "there's still time!"
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Since they think the little man will make his appearance in the next couple of weeks, I'm running around trying to get things ready...and it's a slow go with the tired-all-the-time feelings setting in...but alas!

This week I'm cleaning/organizing the room we have here at my parents'...it's such a mess in that we have all of us in a 9x9 space...including floor to ceiling boxes of what could be salvaged from our apartment. I don't think it will ever look great, but I'm hoping to be able to see the floor by the end of the week! ha-ha!

Then, DH and I are going to be cleaning out the car my parents are letting us use to bring the baby home in. We;ll also be installing the carseat.

I'm making my list of things to pack for the birthing center and starting to do some of the wash for it as well. It's been fun bringing out all of DS#1's prefolds.

Next week, I will get the space ready that the baby and I will share - my sister's old room. I hope to also get the bassinet assembled!
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we're going away next week so when we get back I have plans to put together our dresser and rocker (from IKEA) and get the nursery more organized - wash clothes, figure out what we have and still need. My shower is Saturday so after that we should be in better shape.
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I haven't done a darn thing! LOL We have everything we need from DS and I did get a slight urging to wash baby clothes the other day... but now that urge has passed and they are still sitting there waiting for me. I'll get to them sometime. I need to wash the car seat cover, diapers and a few other things.
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