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I feel fat, not pregnant

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Okay, so I am now almost 5 weeks along and I am feeling FAT! Belly is larger (but not in that cute pregnant way, just sticks out more and looks fat!), jeans are totally uncomfortable, thighs and butt are looking fatter too. Ack! Is this normal? I feel really vain, but I usually take pride in my figure. Now I am seriously starting to feel chubby and it is making me upset. Please tell me this will pass or at least comiserate with me!!!
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oh, I hear ya!

Just about 7 weeks and my jeans are starting to get tight. Last time I barely showed at 5 months! I don't care for this. And I know it's not baby, since baby is about the size of a bean. For me I think it's a lot of bloating. Ugh.
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I'll commiserate! I'm just passed 7 weeks and growing a tubby gut, yuk!
The lovely hubby says I'm imagining it, but he doesn't have to wear my pants.
I'm chalking it up to bloating, travelling and over-eating during the holidays
and being off my regular exercise schedule. Also, I was hardly eating any
carbs for a while and now that's what I want to settle my tummy, so there
you go. And it's definitely not a "cute little pregnant belly". I guess that's
still a ways away. *sigh*
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I feel the same way. I'm feeling guilty that I ate too many Christmas cookies. Ugh.
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ugh, me too!

I am about 8.5 weeks now, and I just feel huge all over. I still fit into most of my things though, but I feel like the State Puff Marshmallow Man....I think it is bloating..I hope it is bloating! My belly is bigger...but as a pp said, I know it is not due to baby since it is the size of a jelly bean or something!

I am planning to start excercising regularly in the next week or two. With my ds walking everyday and doing yoga REALLY helped that feeling and made me feel really slim and healthy...I have just been so tired this time!
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I wish I had the energy to exercise! I am putting in about 60 hours at work this week and I am so tired. My clothes are tight and I am having a hard time finding pants that fit. I always show early, so I am expecting to be in maternity clothes by next month.
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Thank you ladies! It is so good to not feel alone on this one
When I wake up in the morning everything looks "normal" (nice flat tummy...oh how I love thee), but by the end of the day...ACK super belly. It must be bloat right? What in the heck 'causes it and why isn't it there first thing in the morning?
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I have that too. My belly is more bloated at bedtime, and more flat in the morning. *shrug*
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Holy cow! I just went to the bathroom and caught my profile in the mirror. I think I look about 5 or 6 month pg today. My clothes are still fitting for the most part, but my belly wants to leap off of my body.
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I caught this title on the main page...I feel the same way at 5 weeks. I thought I was imagining it or something! Glad to know I'm not alone.
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Same to all the sentiments.
I feel bloated and fat and everything looks wider.

Don't even get me started on the boobs. I can't fit into majority of my tops.

Where is the cute pregnancy look??!!
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I want the cute pregnancy look too. I think mine is hiding under fruitcake: I am 9 weeks and have already gained 10 lbs and my jeans are TIGHT. Where, oh where are you cute pregnancy look...?
(who WILL run over you if you stand between her and the refridgerator )
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I'm 10 weeks along now. I have read that because the uterus has expanded and all the consipation that it's totally normal to see changes in our bellies early on. At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
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Holy crap! I am 5 weeks and 4 days along and I have gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks. While that might not seem like a big deal, it is HUGE for me. My weight has always been very stable (between 129-130 for the past 3 years). I swear I am NOT eating more than usual (despite the holidays). Does this mean I am going to be HUGE? I am trying to keep my pregnancy quiet until I am at least 12 weeks. I am so scared I am not going to be fitting into my regular clothes for much longer. This is my first pregnancy, please help me!
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Emily, could it be twins? Seriously, everyone has a really different time scale for weight gain. So said my friend's OB when she gained 10 pounds in 8 weeks. Don't freak out. It sounds like you are working out well and that rocks for baby and for you!
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Emily are you drinking enough water? That can affect bloating and water weight gain. It's counter-intuitive, but if you're feeling bloated drink MORE water! It helps your body to get rid of the yuckies that are causing the bloated feeling.

I've actually lost weight since being pregnant, but that's always how it is for me early on. First pregnancy.....it's allll new and I think you really notice the small changes! Fourth pregnancy.....you expect that you will look instantly 6 mos pregnant from the moment the two lines show up on the pregnancy test!
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Thanks ladies. I know it is all probably normal (although I may not be drinking enough water - thanks for the hint CrunchyClark) and I am trying hard not to freak out (obviously failing miserably). I've never not been able to control my weight. Obviously, it is normal to gain while pg, I just just expected it to be the nice gradual .5-1 lb per week. I must remember this is all normal and my body is doing what needs to be done to provide a nice safe happy home for the baby. Argh, why am I finding it so hard to let go of this? I guess it just feels so weird not having control over my own body.

BTW PiePie, it better not be twins. One DH and I can handle. Two : No, no, no, no, NO!!!!
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when we first conceived, it was the beginning of the slow season at the farm. usually i put on a little weight, but ALL of it has gone right to my belly since the two lines showed up. it's a little disturbing, but i figure my baby belly is going to fill in and take over where my other belly left off. also, it's extra calories for the sprout, in case i get sick for a few days and can't eat as well as i should.

the first thing i did was go to old navy and buy 3 pairs of cheap 0-3 month maternity pants. they don't really LOOK like maternity pants, they just sit low and have elastic in the back. struggling with my jeans just made me cranky. i have been trying to give myself a break, because i haven't felt all that well. and so what if my belly's a little round. i'm growing a baby in there, right?!

oh, and one of my dear friends gained 15 lbs within weeks of getting pg. so i figure it's just going to happen that way sometimes.
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I know exactly how you feel... When preggo with my first, I had gained a fair amount before bfp and I tested the day my period was supposed to arrive.

I gained 20 pounds in the first trimester when most people only gain a little. I gained 20 pounds each trimester - total was a little over 60 pounds.

Of course I unfortunately never lost it. I lost 20 within 2 weeks of dd's birth and never lost anymore.

Now preggo with number 2 - 6 weeks and I've lost 5 pounds which concerns me because I know I am not eating enough. no morning sickness or anything. I'm just finding it hard to eat enough. But my pants are still getting snug in the waist and I'm really looking into maternity stuff to wear.
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Ok, we better have a really big boat, 'cause I'm in it too!

I just don't get it. I haven't gained a pound, yet my belly is already sticking out and round like a preggo belly! None of my pant's fit anymore. I had to buy some of maternity pants like farmama was talking about-they're only thing I can fight into! And I'm 7 weeks tomorrow. I tried so hard to 'look' pregnant with #1 (yep, wearing maternity clothes when just barely showing-didn't really need 'em until around 5 mos) but this one that I'm trying to keep quiet for a little while longer just wants the world to know. I don't think it's bloating either because it's there all day.

And the no weight gain thing is starting to freak me out a little. I'm eating constantly and I'm not puking or anything, yet the scale doesn't change. I guess I should be grateful, but it just seems so weird to me. I feel like I'm starving so I eat and eat and I have a big belly but no weight gain! Hmm, I bet it all ends up on my @$$ eventually, lol!
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