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Oh wow, I've been to Istanbul, Turkey, but I had no idea about the birth atmosphere nor their lack of cleanliness... although we gathered it wasn't much as 4 star hotels were.. er... quite dirty and leaky and towels with holes and such. Sounds smart to do it at home, and then pray like hell if something happens that whoever is caring for you washes their damned hands before touching you or baby, etc. Although with a friend or two along they can help force everyone to wash hands first... maybe, depending on socialmores...
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Wow, Kate.

When our time comes, we are having a home birth with a midwife (thank goodness they are covered here) but if I were in your situation, I would do exactly what you are doing!

Good for you for planning so much and thinking about your birth.

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Jeez, I didn't mean to make it sound like the situation is so dire here. Ummmm . . .but then again, I guess it is.

FWIW, the hospitals in the US aren't all that clean either, at least the ones that I've worked in or visited. Nosocomial infection is still a huge risk there, too, and handwashing isn't done as religiously as it should be.

Thanks for the good wishes and happy birthing vibes, I will need them! Hopefully you will be seeing my UC birth story here in about 2 months, give or take (Inshallah).
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I want and am creating a lot of supportive time and space with other women, before and after the birth... we had a women's fertility ritual (an absolutely wild and beautiful ceremony, which felt like something out of the red tent), and I have 2 post partums doulas who are down with UC and are also dear friends.. so I want both the nurturance of women's support, and the freedom and spaciousness of being left alone with my mate and baby for the birth.
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why did I have an UC?

I felt very hindered in my first birth w/ a MW. I thought I could trust her, but I was wrong. she was just as bad as a medical doc, but came to my house with her paranoia...

I wanted to birth in the most free way I could, and UC was the obvious way. I didn't want anyone telling me how to sit, stand, or move.

I'm independant.

I knew she was healthy and fine. If I felt otherwise, I would have taken different actions.

I'm healthy, and had no worries.

It's my body, and I don't have to sacrifice my dignity to please a doctor, or anyone who *is* afraid of birth.

If I lived in a close knit community that was very healthy and strong where I was raised with wise women, and respect for nature, I would probably want to have some of my "sisters" there with me at birth, but as it is, I only had myself, and I think that is how it is for most of us UCers. This current society sucks, and has to change.
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For health:
I had a violent c-section experience just 10 months prior and if I walked into a hospital in labour with a 9+lb baby as a tiny woman with pituitary dwarfism, who JUST had a c-section? Yeah, that's not happening.
I wanted to keep my body and my baby unharmed by staying FAR AWAY from the hospital with the highest c/s rate in the country. I don't want to be controlled, to be scared or coerced, to have someone fear for their job and thusly try to convince me to do things I wouldn't want to.

For spirituality:
I believe this is what we're made to do, what we can be doing and excepting extreme and rare cases of complication what we should be considering (at the very least, home-birth with trusted attendant!).

For my mental health:
I felt scarred, trapped, raped and neglected after my c-section and the nightmares ihaunted me literally up until my birthing day. I will NEVER do that again.
I needed to heal from my first son's death by birthing this baby into my hands, by NOT cutting his cord, by seeing him breathe and live and know that I had control here. I wasn't even *awake* for my first son's brief life and that is eternally painful...

UC helped heal us all.
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Originally Posted by littleteapot View Post
that is eternally painful...UC helped heal us all.
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I am all for women supporting each other in birth. I think it is the "birth management that UCers like to get far away from. More and More many Midwives are adopting a medical approach to managing your pregnancy and birth and using scary what ifs to get you to conform to precedures that will protect them in the case of peer review or their practice.
Aside from midwives when I labour I am in a very deep place and don;t reach out for support but I do like to have sistah or mothers energy surrounding me.
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Yeah, the hospital is NOT the place to go if you want clean. Funny how many people do not understand that.

I want a red tent.

I UCed because my labor stalls when I'm around people who aren't in my "red tent," if you will. I UCed because that's why I needed to do, and it's what my baby needed. On an instictive intuitive level, I just knew that was right for us.
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I really appreciate the opportunity to read your thoughts and experiences with UC. I've personally been attracted to the idea since I began my path in midwifery, and now that I'm finally pregnant . . . I want to learn more.

Would you all care to share how you went about preparing for the event?
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