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Another stranger comment

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So we got to the mall the other day and are getting the usual, "Look triplets!" "Wow, 3 babies!" and other things when some woman stops me.

Her" Are those triplets?"
Me "Yes." Polite smile and getting ready to move on.
Her "Are you sure?"
Me "Uhhhh...yep." Not-so-polite-get-me-the-heck-out-of-here smile as I start to walk away.

Just thought I would share and everyone can get a cute chuckle.
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That cracks me up. Like maybe you got mixed up, and only THOUGHT they were all yours. What are people thinking?
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Some people need to use their brains before they talk out loud.
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: :
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Here's your sign!
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Yeah, some people have no filters. I've had MORE THAN ONE person say, "Those aren't twins, are they?" and really, my DZ guys look a lot alike.
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I have to say, we have so much fun messing with people. Our "twins" are four months apart. One is adopted and one biological. So when strangers ask questions, we give them all kinds of fun answers that really mess them up.
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Lol...some people, you just look at and say "wow"....

There was an episode of ABS: Where are they now? with triplets. The mom said that her favourite comment from strangers was "Are them three twins?" LMAO

My sister and I used to get asked if we were twins all the time!! We are 10 months apart....BUT, we are adopted, are not biologically related, and we are not even the same race!!! lol
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Ugh, did she think you weren't sure? That is very bizarre!
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"Are you sure?" I love it!

I have MZ twins but due to TTTS they still have a size discrepancy, and people are constantly telling me that they're not identical. Some people get pushy about it, at which point I say, "Really? They're not identical? The DNA tests they took at birth and then again when they were 6 months were all wrong? Seriously? I should sue!"
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Odd. My oldest two are 20 months apart and we are almost constantly asked if they are twins. So there's plenty of stupidity to go around.
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Yeah, I was asked one time if they were identical. I said no, they are fraternal and then the guy goes on to tell me how even if they are fraternal they could still be identical. : My sis and I came up with a thing about this:

Identical means they look like themselves, Fraternal means they look like dad and Maternal means they look like mom. So I have fraternal, Maternal and Identical triplets!
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people are just clueless. i get asked if my twins are identical all the time. i just want to look at people and say "yeah, except for the fact that one has a P and one has a V they are totally identical...."
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when my first set of twins were born (fraternal boy and girl) the most frequent question we got was "were they identical?" and this would be after we told them they were a boy and a girl. My dh came up with a good answer that stopped people cold. He'd say "no one has a penis."

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Just tell them they are paternal triplets .
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Sooooo funny!

when people ask me if my guys are twins I think I want to start saying "No, I just had them really close together." That should get some fun dumbfounded expressions. I run into a lot of strangers, even other MOMs, who think that because they are both boys they must be id. I guess everyone knows it all about everything!
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I've also had some dumb questions... My favorite one... "are your twins maternal or paternal?"
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I get the paternal/maternal question all the time! What do they mean? And how do you answer it? I have gotten from a twin mom too - I have no clue how to respond to that. (without being insulting).
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People are so weird

some one asked if my triplets in a TRIPLEDECKER stroller were twins the other day.

my helper did a quick head count "1-2-3" nope they are triplets. the woman who asked didnt even get it. she didnt catch the sarcasm! sheesh!

Mimid--are you on the triplet connection?
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I don't have twins, I have two and five year olds, who are very different in height and appearance, but every once in a while, someone asks if they are twins. Usually, in their defense, it is someone with a developmental disability.

I always thought that twins were referred to as maternal or paternal? Maternal being the two eggs and paternal being the egg splitting into two zygotes?
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