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Originally Posted by indignantgirl View Post
Thanks to all the inspiration from this list, we made our own gnome treehouse for the little gnomes I made.
holy cow! that is incredible!!! i LOVE the little fire. wow.

i made felted balls for my nephew and 1 year old sister. dp made blocks for a couple of the kids in my family. not toy related, but i also made russian black bread for my mom, spicy peanut brittle for my mom's husband, and herbal lotion for my sister.

happy holidays all!
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i made a stuffed sea turtle. and froggy neck warmers. and several other things. just followed a general outline and figured ti out. it was alot of fun.
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These are on a separate thread, but I'll put on my playmats. Not going to try for a tree house this year.

ocean theme




forest theme




farm theme


some farm animals mostly finished at the time of this picture, I actually finished them tonight. Just in time....

Indignant girl- I'm going to have to steal some of your ideas. I love the campfire and the gazebo and the wishing well.

Dec 25...

These homemade playmats are an absolute hit. My girls absolutely love them and dd1 was totally gushing about them to grandma on the phone a minute ago.
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Where are you all getting your peg people?
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Originally Posted by sarasprings View Post
Where are you all getting your peg people?
I know some people have gotten them online from different places (caseyswood.com I think is one place), and I think dancingraindolls.com might have some too...

But I got mine from a local store called Hobby Lobby and some from Joann's. I know they are MIC, but they are at least unfinished wood, and I used a beeswax polish on them to protect them.
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Anybody else think this thread should be stickied????
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Wow!! You are all a HUGE inspiration!

I didn't do much handmade this year unfortunately but plan to do all handmade in the coming years. I've been recycling wool sweaters I find at thrift stores and felt them. I turned a bunch on them into mittens and plan to use the scraps to make some different little bendy dolls for my boys.

I also made a few aprons & trivets out of old jeans. They came out so cute.

The boys and I made some t-shirts for the grandparents with their hand prints on them. They were a HUGE hit.

We also made stilts for friends kids out of blocks of logs from cedar trees on our property. There are some amaing ideas in Toymaking with Children...which I borrowed from a friend but think I will need to buy my own copy for reference now.

Lastly we made some finger puppet theaters for friends kids also. It was super easy and I am sure will be a huge hit. I'm hoping to use some of this scrap felt to maybe make a few easy finger puppets also.

I love all of the ideas on here and plan to use tons of them. The problem will be limiting myself and saving items for birthdays and Christmas. I want to just make everything for them now!

Ideas I plan to make this next year:

Handmaking lots of paper and making stationary sets for people.
Using the handmade paper and easy book binding tech to make handmade journals for a few friends.
Tree fort LOVE THESE!!
furniture for tree fort - I love the little mushroom table & chair set shown here.
bend people wooden swing
Buying bulk silks from Dharma Trading and dying them naturally (already have tumeric and beets...not just need ideas for other colors. Don't like koolaid!
Wooden cutouts
Homemade Soap
Hand dipped Candles
I love these little peg dolls!
Puppets & Finget Puppets
These were too cute!
Slippers, Hats, Mittens, Handbags, Blanket, Placemats, etc from recycled felted wool sweaters.

We have lots of new babies coming to friends of ours so ideas for upcoming births and Christmas:
Family Tree - two samples
I LOVE THESE...what a lovely idea!
Fabric Houses
Fabric Balls
We are also going to attempt some of the wooden teethers and rattles we have seen out there.

And here is a great place to check out things people made for the holidays!


Some amazing stuff here also!

My husband is using all of this as an excuse to purchase a router and a band saw. "It would be to hard with just a jigsaw..." he tells me. But then again I was hinting about buying a new sewing machine also as mine can't handle anything but the very thin felt and I'd LOVE to have one of the machines that also does embroidery...I have a friend with one & she can do some beautiful stuff!

Thanks again for all the inspiration! I am so excited for this next completely handmade gift year. I need to sit down and write out all the birthdays we need to gift for and decide what I am making so that I can get started now and do the same with Christmas.

Momma to 2 DS! (3.5 yrs) & (almost 2):
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I'll post pics later. I did make a puppet theater thanks to the help in this thread. I made Fimo food for ds's treehouse animals, and a duvet cover for teen dss's bed.
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I'm subbing.

What a bunch of creative moms with great ideas!
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I just want to sign on to this, I want to start making toys for my dd more often!
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So far I've made DD:
Felted sweater food
Gnome ball (a Waldorf head sewn onto a sweater ball, with a gnome's hat)

The list is short, I have many plans for the future.
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Totally subbing! Very excited for next year now...
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Too bad I didn't see this before Christmas. Subbing as I want to start early for birthdays and next year.
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indignantgirl, I LOVE your treehouse! You did such a lovely job, and I love all of the special little touches. I'm really looking forward to making something similar for ds2 for either his next birthday or Christmas.
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I've said this before....

Can we make it a sticky?

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Just bumping this up, for possible new ideas. All the stuff is so awesome!
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This week I made dd some donuts and cinnamon rolls out of tan fleece, I used brown rickrack for the cinnamon, and cut out some brown felt to stick on top of my donuts for chocolate. I was able to hand sew them quickly and were a lot easier than the knitted play food (though I'd love to learn to make those too).
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I was just wondering where our beloved thread had gone.. Good to see it back. yes, sticky us, please!
Well, we've been outside so much there is no time for toymaking. Oh, but I did make this for a swap;
Rainbow necklace and wood sword

So I guess the newest homemade "toys" for us would really be outside playspaces. We are growing a sunflower house and bean tee pee!
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