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Originally Posted by jolata View Post
I am new to Mothering, just got my first magazine a few weeks ago, I love it!
Anyways, I just came across this thread and thought I would share a blog I started recently.
I would love to use some of your ideas, email me if you wouldn't mind me posting your picture or a link to your picture in my blog.
email is in blog
Thanks for the link to your blog, there's such a lot of ideas there.
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Originally Posted by LittleSoulMama View Post
This is a very simple toy we made recently.

Swirling stick

For my daughter's Christmas stocking I sewed some long ribbons to a rubberband(the kind for hair)for a similar type of toy.It's been great fun!
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Well, thank you all so much for sharing all of your ideas! It's only 166 days to Christmas...I'd better get my booty in motion!
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ooooh - bumping to come back to - my ds's 6th birthday is on the 29th. can anyone point me to CHEAP easy stuff for that age instead of making me read the whole 16 pp's? :
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Sorry, I don't have a picture, but a woman was asking for help on another craft site for a project that she made. Maybe someone here would like it. She made a teepee for her son by using wooden dowel rods and tying them around the top with a shoelace. She then threw a long skirt over the whole thing.

She was having problems with it being stable, though, so I added the following to help her out:

Drill a hole through each rod at the top where they will tie together. Thread the shoelace through the hole in each, then tie so they don't slip. Drill a hole through the very bottom of each dowel. Set the teepee up on the floor and thread a rope through the holes all the way around the circle, tying a knot just before and just after each dowel rod so that when the teepee is open, they won't slip around or fall when kicked. The whole thing should fold up fairly easily.

If you sew, you can even cut a little door at the bottom of the skirt for the teepee. Otherwise, it's easy just to lift an edge to go inside.
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ing to revive for holiday gift ideas, and to see my favorite thread ever once more.
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To get us excited again, here are Max and the wild things printable pdf paper toys!

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A must have fall dress up item: leaf crown! Scroll down a bit to see it.
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Originally Posted by sunanthem View Post
A must have fall dress up item: leaf crown! Scroll down a bit to see it.
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For Christmas last year I designed and my husband made a play kitchen for our boy. Here are the instructions (kind of) and here is the finished product.

This year we are making him scroll saw animals and the tree house out of a branch (awesome idea!). And I'm going to get some of those blank books because I'm in love with them now. I'm also going to make him those fleece Chinese slippers, but instead of fleece I'm going to try a felted wool sweater for the top and the no-skid fabric for the bottom.
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In case some of you have not read the whole thread (I did a while back, I miss those marathon nursing sessions!!) I will quote what I believe is the most recent summary. (it's the only one I had bookmarked.)

Originally Posted by momaste View Post
Rather than going through all seven pages looking for ideas, I thought it might be convenient to have one list to look over for those of us considering home made holiday gifts. I tried to remove duplicates. Let me know if I omitted something. I'll update the list occasionally, and add links to patterns if you post them.

The List To Date

Wooden cars
Play clay and rolling pins
Waldorf doll
Memory cards with family photos
Crayon roll-up case
wool balls
photo album (my youngest stole his grandma's because he loved looking at the pictures so much!)
wooden animals
lacing cards
patchwork ball
bendie dolls
handmade clothing
dollhouse furniture
personalized stationery
craft kits (put them together yourself)
Tree fort for toys
Floor mat with a road painted on it
I Spy bottle
I Spy bag
Puppet theatre (hanging in a doorway would be fairly simple)
Animal costumes (they had great ones at a children's museum near us - basically just vests in verious fur fabrics some with hoods, etc made to look like different animals)
Bean bags & game for tossing
Hopscotch rug (could paint on canvas)
Play kitchen
Sock monkey
Felt food
Fleece slippers
Crayon cookies
Patterns for knit toys
Knit "little dudes"
Giant building blocks from reused cereal boxes
Plastic water bottles filled with sea shells, beads, etc.
Board book
Felt board with felt characters
puppets and finger puppets
stuffed animals
doll beds and quilts for them
bean bags
lace up/buttons/snap dolls - I made a black velour bug with all kinds of bug outfits
personalized ornaments
doll tutus
bendy doll sets
appliqued shirts
personalized frames
needlefelted animals
more clothes
fleece scarf and mitten sets
knitted belts
sewn purses
embellished clothes
A rope swing
a wooden square board with 4 casters underneath
felt boards
aprons or smocks with pockets for crayons, etc.
cool magnets and a cookie sheet
magic wands
homemade play doh
lil folk made of spools with acorns for heads, adorned in felt
Beanbags with activity cards
Dancing ribbons (got gold hoops at Hobby Lobby, tied fancy ribbons to it) and a jingle bell bracelet to wear while dancing
Fleece poncho
dinosaur soap (grated bar of soap, mixed with some dry oatmeal and enough water to make it gooey, packed it around small dinos for my friend's ds who loves dinos)
Crocheted animals
Interactive quilts
Lacing boards
Felt jewelry
Wooden animals
Water color paints
Wood with nails and screws to hammer and screw
Roll up chalk boards
Doll cradle from oatmeal container
Slip n slide
Fastener board with string to tie and braid, snaps, hook and eye, buttons, buckles, velcro, frog closure, and whatever else I can salvage off of clothing I use for recons.
Play clothes
Doll cloth diapers
Sculpey people
Felt animals/dolls
Fabric food from 1980 McCall's Holiday pattern 7274
Sound matching game with film canisters filled with different materials (salt, rice, beans, buttons, coins, small safety pins, etc)
Box of textured fabrics for matching game
Fishing game
Frog shaped beanbags wtih lily pads to throw them onto
Ladybug beanbags
stepping stone floor mat
Fabric tic-tac-toe game
Tangram or pentomino puzzles out of wood
Paper dolls
Canvas map of town
Bark blocks
Child sized plates to finish
Knit caterpiller
Rainbow dolls made with pipe cleaners and beads
Cloth shopping bags for "store"
Mail carrier set, with blue shirt, envelopes, cardboard boxes, stickers, markers, address labels, mail carrier bag, mail box.
Garages for toy cars out of boxes
"Superhero lair" collapsible play house
Rattle made from lentils or beans in a handled bottle
Play money
Reused bottles for grocery cart
Cake sprinkles bottle with glitter, beads, sequins, superglued tops, for shapers in play kitchen
baby quilts and wall quilts (one for each child)
winter bunting
fur slippers (we lived in the north country then)
other sewn quilted slippers
crocheted sweaters
bunting dolls and waldorf dolls
stilts made from cans
sewing cards
nesting cans
dollhouse dolls and little people
dollhouse furniture and rugs and such
all their halloween costumes
knitted ducks
pop up doll (wooden dowel pushes the doll up from inside a cone)
play scarves
a playstand
felt board
puzzle ball
knitted balls
felt patchwork balls
memory game from lids from frozen juice cans
stuffed animals
roving fairies/angels
magic wands
rainbow ribbon streamers
felt shooting stars (filled with beans and a ribbon tail)
button spinners
Sewn Advent calendar
Doll quilt
Puppets on popsicle sticks
Pressed flowers
Bath crayons
Fabric covered foam blocks
Cloth balls
Bath boats made with Scupey clay
Wooden swing
Treasure Rocks
Stick horses
Craft or cooking apron and chef's hat
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OoOOOoooOo thanks for the big list!!
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I thought for sure I had posted this before- a tutorial I did on freezer paper stencils- http://panjokids.blogspot.com/2008/0...-stencils.html

Then again, they're not toys... but they are handmade kids gifts.
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Originally Posted by Ell-Bell View Post
I thought for sure I had posted this before- a tutorial I did on freezer paper stencils- http://panjokids.blogspot.com/2008/0...-stencils.html

Then again, they're not toys... but they are handmade kids gifts.
They could be toys if you stenciled onto fabric and then cut,sewed,and stuffed.
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