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Donna Kathleen is here!

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Donna Kathleen arrived Tuesday December 26 at 4:56 PM. She weighed 8lb 1oz and is 21 1/4" long. I was 41 weeks 5 days.

I had an amazingly fast labor. I woke up to some contractions on Tuesday AM, but I had been having them off and on for a week and refused to believe this was really it. I nursed ds2 down for his nap at 2PM and timed them for the first time all day. They were every 5 minutes at that point. They started getting stronger when I layed ds down. I got some ironing done, took a shower, wrote out some bills, etc. I was just trying to think about what I would want to have done if this really was it. Dh was playing on the computer in our bedroom so I went in there to talk to him. As I was lying in the bed my water broke during a contraction. That was 3:30. My contractions immediatly went to every 2-3 minutes and lasting 1 1/2 minutes long. I really wanted to try to stay home for a while longer, but my dh and mom talked me into going to the hospital. We got there at 4PM. They checked me and I was at 9cm. I got out of the bed against their wishes and labored on the commode for around 10 minutes or so. They finally made me get back in the bed so they could put in my heplock. My midwife was on her way back from being out of town, so the back up OB came in. He checked me, said I was complete and I started pushing. I think I pushed somewhere around 30-40 minutes at the most. When she finally came through my pelvis she FLEW out. I barely even felt the ring of fire she came so quickly. She had the cord around her neck twice. The dr was able to get it off without having to clamp the cord and then told me to reach down and pull her out. This was all during the same contraction (from going through pelvis to being all out!). They were afraid I had broke my tailbone because of how fast she came though. It was SO awesome to be able to pull her out and place her on my chest right away. We did not cut the cord for about 10 minutes. By 15 minutes old she was nursing great. She is a wonderful baby and nursing is going awesome.
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Happy Baby!

Welcome little baby Donna!
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Congratulations Mama!! Welcome to the world Donna!
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Wow, that was fast!! Congratulations !!!
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Congratulations! Sounds like it was a very good birth.
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what a great birth story. congrats!!!
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So great! Congrats to you and your new little girl!
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Congrats! Welcome baby Donna!
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Welcome Donna! Congratulations mama and family.
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