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At what point would it be difficult for baby too turn

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I had my sonogram today.. Placenta looks good, fluid level good, and baby is estimating too weigh 5 pounds 6 ounces, I am only 33wk3d and by measurements they have me at 35wk3d... He is still breech, has been at every sono so far.. so I was wondering, if he still has time too move yet, to head down position? They are saying End of January, instead of Feb 11th now..
Ok, Please do not rain on my parade, as I know the weight can be off, but it makes alot of difference too me in the way I am feeling, and the discomfort I am feeling so early.. I normally feel uncomfy around 37-38wks, and I go LATE, and never had a baby over 6/11.( so this one weighing 5/6 ) at this gestation puts alot of my discomfort into place..I thought something was wrong, like too much fluid, or placenta issues * I read too much ): .. I was telling Chris the other day, I feel like I normally do closer too my due date.. Plus I am secretly excited and hoping for a baby weighing over 6 pounds. I think it would be kind of neat too have a chubbier baby

Also the pain I was feeling that is localized, is the babies HEAD!!! He has this whole Stevie Wonder thing going ( and I mean no disrespect too Stevie ).. the way he was moving his head up across my whole upper AB, and the power he has, is painful...

Anyway.. He still has time too flip right?

Also I was wondering is it possible too have Gestational Diabetes, and it not be detected by drinking that stuff?
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once the head is fully engaged in the pelvis during labor.

BUT it's easier to get baby to turn now.

have you read the section on turning a breech baby in the midwifery archives on gentlebirth.org?

very complete info.

good info on spinningbabies.com too.

i would be proactive now about getting baby to turn and stay turned.
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Hey, do you know if you can tell by where the babies heartbeat is found, if they are head down or not? atmy last Dr's appointment they founf the heartbeat.. right at my PUBIC BONE I thought that was mighty low??
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Just popping in because I saw you on new posts.

My dd#3 was breech until 38 weeks (by feeling, we didn't have an U/S). When my OBGYN checked at 39 weeks she had turned (I did try some of the suggestions on the websites, but only half hearted, I had two 16 month olds at the time and not lots of time to shine lights at my belly or go swimming )
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hmmm.... i don't know. that may just have been where they found it. my mw listens with a stethoscope, so they usually have to search to find the place where it is strongest. which is usually where the back is... which my baby is/was LOA... head down, torso turned to the left... today he/she is ROA though!

if the baby is breech, i don't think the chest is at your pubic bone. maybe the baby was transverse then and now is breech?
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Babies can turn anytime even during labor. I am wondering why they are changing your due date. Are you not sure when you conceived? It just makes me worry if you are just having a bigger baby than your usual this time and they are setting your dates on that. I can't imagine what they would say to me as I have had 9-10 lb babies. Would they think I was due earlier just because they measure big? I also want to say that this is my 4th and I am definitely feeling like I normally would at 38 weeks. I am not sure why either. I hope this baby isn't going to be bigger than my last!! Maybe it is just that being #4, my body is feeling the wear faster?

I am pretty sure that if they heard a strong heartbeat down low baby was probably vertex or transverse but like with many things, nothing is absolute. Has baby kicking in different places or in the same area? I try to look at that to see where baby is but this baby just never moves!

Are you having any signs of GD?
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Hiya Lanie...Have no fear my dear. . I know exactly when I ovulated. they can push my date all they want, I am refusing any induction or c-section ( unless it really is warranted..I am determined too make this pregnancy MY OWN.. Not one where someone else calls the shots..I have done it *there way* 3 other times and I deserve a shot at this on my own..The only thing I need to do is keep my pressure under control.. it is starting too waver at this point..Uuugghh...

As for GD..I am not too sure.. Just the awful metallic taste in my mouth, and I still am dealing with terrible thirst, but keep passing my 1 hrs.. so maybe I have no issues?
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My sixth baby (born 5 months ago) turned about 4 hours before labor began. She was breech up until that point. I thought I was going to be birthing a breech babe.....that is, until I felt her turn those few hours before labor. She was 13 pounds even.
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I make my best guesses about how the baby is positioned by where I'm feeling the strongest kicks. Spinningbabies I think has a sort of chart that can help give you the idea of where to place babies according to where you feel movement. Where I feel the most strongest movements is where I place baby's feet, frequent but less strong is where I guess the hands are in the vicinity of - keeping in mind you can feel knnes and elbows in other places. For example I knew when baby had turned to face more sideways than anterior when I started getting knocking on my hip bone rather than my bladder, and the stronger kicks were edging up at the top and under my ribs a bit rather than pushing my stomach straight forward.
I also wouldn't change my expectations of due date based on measurements taken this far along. You're more likely to be either disappointed or persuaded into more intervention out of impatience if you do.
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Originally Posted by MCKMN View Post
I am determined too make this pregnancy MY OWN..

That is great to hear!!
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My breech baby turned at 39 wks right before labor began. He was 8lbs 7oz. I have a feeling I may be dealing with another breech baby so I feel for you!
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I have seen a breech baby turn during labor. It was VERY cool! Mom was able to convince her docs to let her go into labor naturally so that they would know the baby was ready and then she would have a c-section (vaginal breech delivery was absolutely not an option due to baby's position). But while she was being prepped for surgery, baby suddenly turned head down - and was born vaginally about 15 mins later. They named him Turner LOL

The link honeybee gave you is probably my favorite one for turning breech babies as I think it has every known way to do so on it. The one I seem to have the best result with though is the Webster Technique which is the Chiropractic technique. You need to find a chiro who knows how to do it, but if you find a competent chiro, the procedure generally has about an 80% effective rate but has no risks. The D.C that I refer to says he has about a 90% effective rate, however with my particular clients that I refer to him, he has ben 100% successful - some as late as 39 weeks.
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my twins were both breech up until a week before they were born (37 weeks)
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I agree with with the others have said, babies can turn even in labor. Sure we'd love for them to turn before then, it can and will happy

A great website to check out http://www.spinningbabies.com/
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Missy, if it makes you feel better, my belly decided to flip breech for xmas. What a gift! And OW the head pushing in my lungs is NO fun.

I'm not going to freak out yet, but I'll let you know how things are going in a few weeks
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At what point would it be difficult for baby too turn
Not from your ddc.

But I saw your question and couldn't help but give my experience.

My babies turn at will right up to birth. 2 of my 3 babies have done this. Makes for fun mw visits as the baby like to be breech for her but will turn on the way home. Of of my dd still loves to turn, now she does somersaults all over the house.
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Wow! It's good to hear all this. My doc said they usually won't turn after 37 weeks. I don't know if my baby is breech or not, yet. But all this is certainly reassuring.
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