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To all the Feb DDC Mamas

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I just wanted to say that I have found such a wealth of support here from all of the mamas. I feel genuine care and kindness when reading your posts!

I also wanted to thank one of the members publicly that really went out of her way to help me. I won't say her name because I don't want to embarrass her or anything () but I will say she sent me quite a few bottles of vits to help me with my PTL. She spent quite a chunk of change doing so and I am literally just speechless!

We have a great group here and I hope we keep up with each other even after they take us off of the DDC!

Love to you all!
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I agree. I have found so much support here, it means a lot to me.
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I agree with you as well! I truely care for each mamma and there babies too be. I was wondering, we will all be together after our babies are born?
This board has brough me pice of mind many times over, and I can never express how much that has helped me

I love all of you!

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We have an awesome DDC here. Now that I'm going on maternity leave (woohoo!) I'll have more time to talk with you all!
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I missed you guys terribly and am happy to be back. I couldnt have picked a better bunch of gals to share this experience with.
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I'm glad you're finally getting some maternity leave, DID. It's easier to stay healthy I think.

Lanie, so glad you're getting teh support you deserve. I love the support and lack of competition here too. It's a great group.
I do believe the DDC stays on; it just gets put into the archive section and then kept alive by the people posting. God knows I'll still need advice once I've got two live beings to take care of. OMG. :
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: to everything that has been said. This is just a great group of women!!

Lanie - I am so glad that someone went out of their way to help you. You have done so much for this group that you definitely deserve some mama love!
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This DDC really is amazing -- everyone here is super supportive. That's why I've stuck around even though I'm technically going to be a Jan. mamma now.

I was packing my hospital bag last night (since I'm almost 38 weeks) and I packed the baby blanket I received in our 2nd trimester swap so i could wrap my new babe in some love from all of you, since I probably won't get my beads before I go into labour.

And actually, its really easy to stick together after the DDC gets shut down. The Sept. '04 moms still keep a monthly thread going in the toddler section. I found it when it was in the "Life with a Babe" section, but a bunch of them have been together since their Sept. '04 DDC. So all we have to do is do a monthly Feb. '07 moms thread in "life with a Babe" next year and keep going from there.
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Originally Posted by jilly View Post
since I probably won't get my beads before I go into labour.
Oh Jilly! I am waiting on one more package to come in and I will start sending them out! I am so sorry but I will make yours my first priority!
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[QUOTE=yonit;6852692]: to everything that has been said. This is just a great group of women!!QUOTE]

You girls are wonderful!!
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i agree, I havent been here long but you guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!
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I have to agree!! I am enjoying this DDC a lot more than the others I'd found while pregnant with DS. (I didn't know about MDC back then!) Everyone seems so supportive of one another and that's really wonderful!
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Just bumping the DDC lovethread! We've gotten a lot of support and information from you all.
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I feel the love!!!!!!!!
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