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Josephine Marie is here!

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After a crazy, rapid, drug-free birth, little baby Josephine Marie is here!

I'll post her full story soon, but she was born at 3:48am on 12/26/06 at 7lbs. 5oz. she is so beautiful, a good nurser, and loved by her big brothers...

We just got home from the hospital today--and I can't believe I did it without any epidural!!!

And today is my birthday!
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Congratulations, and happy birthday to mama and baby!!!!
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Congratulatons on Josephine Marie's arrival!!! Beautiful name BTW!!
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Congratulations on your baby girl, your epidural-free birth, and Happy Birthday!
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congrats and happy birthday!
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Congrats to you all! I love the name Josephine. Happy birthday!
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Congrats! Welcome baby Josephine!
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What a royal and beautiful name! Congratulations!
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Welcome Josephine! Congratulations mama and family.
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