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Just a quick update :)

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DH and I made the jump today from our c-section lovin' OB to an amazing homebirth midwife. A homebirth midwife who will deliver my twins. At home. I'm still shaking, I'm still in shock, but I'm beyond the beyonds of HAPPY.

I want to thank sehbub, because she's worked with this m/w herself and without the million questions I asked her and the reassurance she gave me, I don't think I'd ever have called her... I'd still be sitting here debating on whether to dial the phone or not, LOL!

It's scary, somewhat... but today has been one of the most freeing, happiest days of my life. It couldn't have come at a better time- the anniversary of my beautiful, sweet, and wise beyond her years c-section born daughter's "birth" is on Sunday and somehow I look at this as her gift to me on my birthing day. Healing, and something better to look towards. I spent a week trying not to throw up as I wrote my Cesarean "birth plan." I doubt I'll be wanting to puke while I tear it up and throw it in the cat's litterbox where it belongs.

I just want to thank all of you collectively, and especially those who I've conversed specifically with regarding the twins and homebirth and midwives. Thank you for being a support system in a world where people "like us" are so looked down upon as strange. Thank you for your confidence in your bodies and women's bodies in general to do what's best for their babies. Thank you for being here for me to rant to, vent to, yell at, when no one else would get it. You're all awesome.

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That's wonderful news! You seem so at peace
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That is great news!! Feels tood too do away with the bad, anbd bring in the good doesn;t it

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OMG you go mama! Hooray for finding a midwife who will help you have the birth you deserve!
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Wow. Good for you, mama! I'm really happy for you (and also more than a little jealous)
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How exciting I am so happy you found this mw.
Good luck mama I hope you get the birth you really want.
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That's absolutely wonderful!
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thats GREAT! I'm so happy for you!
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im so excited for you. i just refered someone who is having her first baby from a doctor who asked her if she wanted an episiotomy (since she would likely tear he said) to an amazing hands off homebirth midwife, since she just happen to live in the same city as the mw. i'm so excited i was able to do that.

so happy you are having the birth you want!!

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PolkaDotjonas!!! I am SOOOO exceited for you!! I know that this is what you have really wanted all along so I am so happy that you are going for it!

I hope you have an absolutely amazing birth experience!!
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Dang...I'm at work, so I can't cry, but this MADE MY DAY!!!!

I am SOOOO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that is amazing!!!! I am really really happy for you!
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Yippee! That is great news! I hope everything works out exactly the way you want it to!
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YAY!!! That is so great!! I;m completely excited for you. I know this must be such a relief!! Now get to shreading that ol' c-section plan.
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