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Enki Lovers Thread

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If you have experience with or are interested in Enki Education, here's a place to chat about Enki!

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I'm part of an Enki yahoo group, but mostly I just read about it since DS is only 13 months. Ive been studying Waldorf, Enki, Montessori, and Charlotte Mason, and look forward to studying more and testing out different things with DS to find out what resonates best with him.
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I got all my materials for Kinder before Thanksgiving and plan on starting totally after the first of the year. I'm very excited! We've done a couple stories and ds#1 responded so well to them. More later but baby is squirming.

ETA: Didn't realize this wasn't in the hs'ing forum. Oops!
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Enki can be in a building or in a home! I don't think you're off topic!
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I have the Enki kindy curriculum and am reading thru the mounds of information. I would love to see this thread grow in support of those of us using the curriculum! I am on the yahoo loop but sometimes all those e-mails get overwhelming and I just delete... I am just getting started in this edeavor.

We've attended a parent/tot waldorf program for a couple years now and plan on utilizing the school's homeschooling enrichment programs to complement our Enki homeschooling.

Right now I am overwhelmed just READING everything... the idea of actually DOING it.. yikes. But my boys are 4.5 and 2.5 so I am going slow.

I have a group of "waldorf" moms that I am going to show the guides to and maybe a co-op will spring from that.
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We just finished the first half of our first grade curriculum and love it. We also had the materials for kindy, but it was much more unstructured--and I have to say that I really didn't grasp all of it until we were doing it all for a month or so (and still learning).
For first grade I pretty much went with Beth's suggestions for the year/block/week/day and it's been great. My dd has loved everything. I also have a nearly 4 year old who tags along, and it's been good for him as well.
I also have a group of "waldorfy" families that we hang out with----so much more similar than other paths.
I love to hear what others are up to---and I'm so happy that more and more people are learning about Enki.
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...also if you're curious about Enki education and don't see all the answers to your questions on the general Enki site posted up top, here's a yahoo group open to all interested:
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Thanks for the link melamama, I'm on the yahoo group, too. I do love the simplicity of the mothering forum and the community. So glad to see everyone here. Thanks for introducing yourselves.

Hang in there with the reading and just take a couple or a few simple things at a time to incorporate into your day with children.

Wouldn't it be great to have a great big Enki gathering and learn with one another in real life?!
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browneyedsol - are you using Enki at home too? I've heard that Beth might do a 2007 Enki conference ... I would love to pack the family up for something like that.
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Originally Posted by browneyedsol View Post
Wouldn't it be great to have a great big Enki gathering and learn with one another in real life?!
I'm looking forward to whatever happens conference-wise in 07.

...but I would love to hear about Enki schools (I love hsing, but it would be so great to be near an Enki community irl)
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Hey, Brown-eyed, thanks for starting this thread! :
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I'm interested in this as well. DD is only 3 and DS 19 months, but the thought of h'schooling vs sending to school has been on my mind for some time (like most of us). I just learned of Waldorf and Enki tonight!!! I thought a Woldorf school would be fabulous for dd (she is very hands on learner) and there is one where we may move. BUT after reading some threads I am wondering if I really could do this at home. I don't think I believe in myself, which is weird b/c I know I can rock at anything, so what's the hang up? I dunno. Anyways, I'd love to learn more about Enki and how you apply it in your daily lives.

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Just wanted to say hello and sub to the new thread

We are doing enki kindy with 5 1/2 yo Finn in Maine and are really loving it. Such a light touch in kindergarten and lots of time to delve into rhythm and discipline issues (oh, boy!).

I'm hoping to make it to the 2007 conference since we are so close (assuming it's in NH).

Best to everyone
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Happy New Year All!

My kiddos have been in Waldorf, but hsing may happen as soon as next week. If not next week, we'll begin some Enki this summer. My grade four student is needing so much one on one right now. It's a difficult decision for me presently. He's been in Waldorf since he was 3. I'm processing the plans. We have used Enki guides at home previously. I'm a single mum, with a lot of job skills (teaching being one) but no "real" job at the moment. I'm doing a few odds and ends to get by. My children and I moved to Canada this fall, but a work permit failed to process in a timely manner so we returned home to the midwest. We've had to do some serious re-organizing this year with all the shuffle. It's been adventurous!

I had not heard of a 2007 Enki conference. That's exciting!

mimiharshe, ofcourse you can do it! It is a huge responsibility to homeschool, but I guess that's why there are...guides! Hurray!
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browneyedsol - Saw your post in MN/WI tribe. Where are you?? I'd love to check out the Enki guides **in person**.

Anyways - I have a 4 year old daughter who is/will be (whatever...) homeschooled. I think we'd have a great time with Enki, but I have a hard time knowing what it is really all about... kwim??
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Just wanted to post here that the Enki conference is set and people are starting to register. I'm hoping to go and get my registration in soon.

There are two events, a workshop on rousing intuition (which sounds awesome, but occurs on ds's bday) from June 13th through the 15th and the regular homeschool conference from June 17th through the 22nd.

Anyone from Mothering planning to go?
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Thanks for spreading the word.

I would certainly love to go. If it's possible I will. Off to check the official site for details...
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I would love to go but its totally cost prohibitive. Its $500 per participant (so that is $1,000 for both DH and I) for the main conference, plus childcare ($200 PER child), housing and then to actually drive there. Not even counting driving (1,500 miles) there it would cost us over $2,000 for both workshops.

I'm not saying its not worth it but its just soooo pricey. :
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Just wanted to say hello. We started with the kinder curriculum in September and switched over to first grade the beginning of this year. DD#1 loves first grade so far. She was in waldorf kinder last year. We're planning to go to the conference (I think... it is quite expensive especially with airfare and all). Anyone else going?
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Last I checked the site, I didn't see any registration info. I won't likely be able to afford to go, but I'd really love to! When is it? Do you have a link?
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