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As I'm learning and reading more, I just wanted to bump this back up.
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Hey Mamas,

We will most likely be getting the early childhood program for starting kindergarden hs this fall. I am reading the first book and am really think it will be a good fit for our family. Has anyone done anything with other Enki families in their areas?
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Any updates from those of you who've been using the curriculum for a little while now? How goes your schooling?
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I recently ordered and just watched the Enki DVD "Developmental Immersion-Mastery: The Enki Approach." (FYI- I actually ordered the package with the extra literature, but I discovered it's pretty much the same articles as on the website.)

It is a very interesting DVD that gave me a bit more insight into a day at an Enki school. (How I wish we had such a school near us!) I'd like to show it to dh, but I'm not sure if he'd watch the whole thing.

Anyhow, it has inspired me to order at the Foundation and Early Childhood Guides in the next couple of months. I'd like to take my time to look over these materials since dd wouldn't be ready for K until next year.

I'm finding that the more I look at Enki, the more I'm really seeing how it would work for us. While I had been thinking of a blend of Enki with OM, I could also see us just going completely with Enki.

How goes it with your schooling?
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My dh just watched that dvd the other night. I had seen most of it already, but sat and watched with him. It is a cool glimpse, though knowing me (and dh) we still would homeschool even if one were down the street. It would be nice, though, to have the access to a community like that though.

As I've mentioned in other threads, we are blending Enki with Oak Meadow and I love it. Betweenb the two I feel I am getting the best of the holistic world. I am awaiting my 1st grade Enki materials - I received the DVDs and CDs the other day and want to start watching them (there are three instructional DVDs for the parents!). I already have the OM 1st grade package.

For this year (kinder), we will continue through the summer with our rhythm - we'll probably stick with circle time, lots of reading (I wanted to read through the OM stories as a few more Enki fairy tales and folk tales), and some crafts. We haven't done much of the crafts from Enki (or OM) this year as by the afternoon I'm usually exhausted and we (dh and I) have yet to really work a good evening routine/rhythm once he gets home. But, this summer he'll be off work (he teaches), so I'm hoping to introduce ds#1 to knot-tying, finger knitting, and a few other fine-motor skill-based crafts to prepare him for more writing/drawing in 1st grade.

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Originally Posted by heket View Post

How goes it with your schooling?

I'm about to be called away, but we're at the end of our first year and I still feel like I have so much work to do on finding a good rhythm for our family. Of course, things are much better than they were at the beginning of the year, but still I really struggle with leading them gently (either vacillate btw not leading or strong-arming). I'm willing to do the work, but I find that I spend much more energy thinking about hsing than most of the hsers that I know (mostly unschoolers). I like feeling kindergarten as a transition year to the grades (and we're doing 1 1/2 years of kindy at least), a chance to find our rhythm, really absorb boundaries as the river is wet, and let my oldest really sink into play (that part is working great). I tend to get caught up in wanting to use content, content, content and wanting to bring all these wonderful songs and movements to my family and getting resistance.

It's such a process, but I really feel like I have a better roadmap for our family

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I'm thinking this weekend I might (finally ) sit dh down to discuss my ideas for using OM pre-K with dd in the fall. I'm also going to see if he'll watch the Enki dvd with me.

In the intro package, I received an article called "Enki Homeschool." I don't remember seeing this on the website or in the Yahoo group files. It's just so inspirational to me that I'm starting to lean more toward Enki for K and up. As I learn more about developmental immersion mastery, I find Enki more appealing. I'm making plans to purchase the foundation guides so I can look through them over the next year. Then I could purchase the K package in the following year (as dd approaches K).

MyLittleWonders (and anyone else who cares to answer ), you say that you feel that blending OM and Enki is giving you a holistic curriculum. I'm just curious as to what aspects of the two that you prefer and are less favorable to you -- that is, what is it you draw from each to create your curriculum. While OM has a structure, I like the depth and breadth of Enki because I feel we could find our own suitable daily rhythm. I'm also finding OM to really be waldorf lite to me; the good gems of Waldorf without much of the Anthrosophy included. Enki, instead, feels like it's the next evolution of Waldorf.
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This thread may be dead but subbing myself in case it picks up again.
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The Enki thread under Homeschooling is much more active
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This is awesome! My hubby and I decided last year that I was going to home school our son (3 yrs old) within the next year or two. After doing some research, I came across Enki which I was really drawn to and I think my son will do really well with. I haven't bought any of the early childhood materials yet but plan to soon. I would like to start incorporating it into our daily routine next summer. I planned to start next spring but I'm due to have second child at the end of Jan. '08 and may need a little time to get adjusted. Anyway, I'm very interested in how those of you who hm do it, what's your routine. I'm up for any suggestions so I can start preparing. Thanks!
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