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4th pregnancy, contractions on and off all day

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I'm only 34wks by my LMP or 35wks by a late u/s. I've been having contractions on and off -- 2 nights in a row, last night being the worse as I was waking up from contractions, not having to pee! And all day today I've been contracting, some painful, some just annoyingly tight causing me to have to go pee.
My mw called this morning to say she was ill and not going to make it, so I did get to talk to her. She said it isn't uncommon for someone who has had several children to have harder and more painful "braxton hicks" or practice contractions. She suggested I take Magnesium, that clicked as I had stopped my supplements 2 days ago in the hussle and bussle of getting ready for Christmas.
SO, I took my 250mils of magnesium and thought I'd be better, nope. SO, I found my other magnesium supplement that was less mils and took 1 of those, nope. I took my prenatal as well since it has a little in it, nope. Too much magnesium and you'll get diarrhea, so I didn't want to take too much.

All day, on and off, contractions. I've had 5 - 30 oz cups of watered down herbal infusion (red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, oat straw, dandilion, nettle and maybe 1 more thing) or just plain ice water. I also had 1 - 6oz glass of white grape juice this morning. I won't count my 1 cup of 2/3 cafine coffee to 1/3 decaf. So, I think I'm plenty hydrated, although my pee has been yellow and I can smell it (that does not sound good does it?) I take a vit B complex, super energy which causes my pee to be yellow, but not usually all day long.

It is too early to be going into labor, labor. And at the moment, they are not consistant sometimes 1 and hour, sometimes every 1 1/2 hours, sometimes 2 in an hour, just spuratic. I do grow big babies, so 36wks would be the earliest I'd feel comfortable birthing at home. My former mw had no problem with my going into labor at 36wks if it happened, I was 38wks and placenta and cord were showing "full term". I don't know how my current mw feels.

My dh stated he didn't think we'd need to go to the hospital (I love him). I stated that the baby may not be breathing well, if I do have him this soon, so we'd likely end up there. Bottom line with my c/s status, I could not birth at the hospital, I'd be wisked off for a c/s (which I won't permit to happen to my body again). So, I would have to birth at home with or without my current mw's blessing. But so far I know I'm not in labor, labor. Is it really just BH or am I in some sort of prodromal labor that will last for weeks???

Has any one else experienced this, at a too early to be labor time?
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Most midwives are okay with 36-37 weekers. 34-35 weeks is still a bit early. I'd give your mw a call and let her know what's up.
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I've been there for a little over a week. Started at just under 35 weeks with the painful BH/ctx and then lost the plug and had bloody show and now here I sit with these BH/ctx every day for some good portion of the day/night and still prego. And this is only #2
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Yup... I am there too... been there for at least a month I would say... I had this with my other two pregnancies too.. I contract as close as 5 or less minutes apart though and nothing has happened for me.

I would probably call your midwife and just let her know what's going on.
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That's not much fun, either the contrax or the worry about labor so early I don't know what the chances are of either thing, but wanted to say I'm sending baby some stay-put vibes. Keep doing what you've been doing, with the water, supplements, and rest as much as you can. I hope it's just some strong BH! hang in there mama!
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I feel much better knowing I'm not the only one. I think I got my magnesium up high enough b/c last night was contraction free after I went to bed. My prenatal actually has a lot in it.
I'm gassy and it may be from the magnesium, but that is better than contractions every hour on the hour all day long.
My prenatal is 4 pills, of which I only take 2 = 240 mills of magnesium. My magnesium supplement is 250mils and the extra supplement I took yesterday was far less, like 100 mils or less. So, I met the limit of 500mils or very close to it.
Today, I'll take just my 2 prenatal and the 1 magnesium supplement (along with the other stuff I take - garlic for this nasty sinus, Vit C, etc.) And of course my herbal infusion tea... Which I'm going to go make now.
And I'm not going to worry about it.
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Nix the gas - it's diarrhea... with some stomach cramps. And hope I can make it to my Chiro appt without any accidents. Maybe I should not take the magnesium more than the prenatal at this time.
And my parents are coming Saturday. I need to have the kids pick-up their toys in the toy room and I need to have my dh help me make the bed down there. I also need to put up the curtains I just bought for the toy room, so my parents have some privacy (spring rods and clearance curtains). There are a few other things I'd "like" to do, but the must dos are simply the picking up of toys and making the bed. Oh and wrap their Christmas gifts!!!
I should be thrilled it isn't Crisis Cleaning time! I've been working hard on our house for over a month, so it is neat, tidy, clean, etc. Yesterday I did not do much (dishes) and if today goes by without doing some house keeping -- it will all fall to hell and then I'll be over whelmed and depressed.
This pregnancy of mine has been the worse of all of them - morning sickness all day till 6 mo, the kind that has virtigo, very bad depression episode, pubic bone pain, sanctum pain, lots of pains, lower intestinal stomach bug, sinus infection - nothing like my other 3. Why? I have no idea, I'm older???
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