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What did you pay for a doula to attend your baby's birth?

Poll Results: What did you pay for a doula to attend your baby's birth?

  • 15% (7)
    under $300
  • 21% (10)
    $301 to $400
  • 26% (12)
    $401 to $500
  • 17% (8)
    $501 to $600
  • 17% (8)
    $601 and higher
  • 2% (1)
    nothing, insurance covered it
46 Total Votes  
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Hi there,

I paid $600 for a doula to attend our DD's birth, indluding 2 post-natal visits. I live in Hawaii.
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I voted 301 - 400 but I actually didn't pay anything for my doula to attend my first birth. It was a gift! However, her going rate is $300. With my 2nd, I had no money and she did it for free (she rocks!!!). My sister paid $350 for her's which included 4 pre-natal visits to make the birth plan and discuss options. My friend, Dana, paid $350 too. My sister's included 2 post-natal visits and a birth book. I think Dana got some money refunded because the doula was unable to attend the birth due to visitor restrictions at the local hospitals. She also didn't get her post-natal visits for some reason.

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with my 1st baby, it was free (a friend) and 2 wks. ago at my dd birth, I paid 150.00 for the doula (another friend~I had charged her that much when I attended her dd birth) and 150.00 for a birth photographer. I am SO thankful I had both!


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I did not pay anything for my doula. She is a friend of mine who, at the time was apprenticing to be a midwife. She did not ask for anything, though I would have paid her what I could had that been the arrangement (less than $300...my midwife was only $1100 for 6 months of pre-natal care and one post natal visit). I have felt guilty ever since (3 years) because I feel like I should have done SOMETHING, but don't feel like I have a venue to address the issue and she isn't activily seeking her certification anymore.

Sorry, got kind of OT. I guess I am saying that doula services are very valuable and they should be compensated for their worth.
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My doula was $750 - expensive but worth every penny! I put into my insurance for reimbursement and wrote them a letter, but they didn't cover it. I didn't think they would, but was hoping to begin to educate them about the benefits of doulas for women in the future!

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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I paid $300 for my first, and for the second, I had paid half in advance ($150) -- and the birth went so quick she called it even.

This was in 1998 and 2000 -- I believe she charges over $400 now.
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I have never actually had a doula but I have 4 friends who are doulas and they all charge $300. That must be the going rate around here.
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I payed $525.00 for my doula. She charges around 600-650 now. She has a lot of birth experience. Since doua's are so big here, it is normal to see between 400-500 dollars for most doulas. I personally charge $450.00 and I usually get half up front and half after. That includes 2-4 prenatals the birth and breastfeeding, sitz baths and Mothers Milk tea, and 2 postpartums or more. Plus I usually do a lot of phone work. I have a 95% natural birth "rate: if you can call it that. And I have never had a mom have a epidural or epsiotomy. And my moms don't circumcise either!!! A lot of prenatal eductation!
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I paid $700 for my doula which included 2 prenatals which turned into 5, phone calls every other day, one post partum visit which ricked because she did my dishes which I know she doesn't do for everyone, but no one else was doing them and I was supposed to be with my baby, and she even came to a nurse in when i was wronged and now I watch her kids during the day and she pays me! Plus she loaned me her birth tub for free and it's the real deal with a heating element and jet stream things and her husband set it up and took it down. If it weren't for her I would never have had a homebirth. I hired her to be my hospital protector and she hooked me up with my midwives and got them to give me a discount and everything. I like to think thatshe saved me an episiotomy, pitocin, etc., a horrible experience that with my labor I would have had at the hospital, and she has turned out to be one of the best frinds I have every known. Can you tell I'm enamoured with her? She is a student midwife and she set up the doula program at the Birth Home, the free standing birth center in my area. I know she is at the top of the price charts for doulas, but subtract the tub, $300 and it's $400 and then subtract the $1000 she saved me with my midwives and it's -$300, post partum doula makes it -$400 and then now she pays me $250 a week, so I really made money off her!!! Even before I watched her kids. Anyway, i love to talk about her, i could gush for years...
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If I was payign her the fee woudl be 575.00 but aht includes ehr childbirth preparatin series (Imagery Birthing - a type of hypnobirthing), several prenatal consults, birth and immediate PP care as well as lactation consulting. Her PP fee is 450.00 for 20 hours.

But again - I'm not paying ehr , she is attending as a gift to me.
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We looked into having our Bradley instructor be our doula, but couldn't afford it. She charged $900 and that included meeting with her 4 times at her house to discuss things, and also hypno birthing and a pregnancy massage from the massuse who works for her. She runs a birthing business and now she has doulas working for her who charge much less. She was just very popular and busy, which drove her prices up. She also would take pictures at your birth. She's a wonderful photographer. She took some newborn and nursing pics for us after the birth of ds #2.
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We paid $350 I believe but she was an intern so was a little less than a seasoned one. My birth was very quick so she was not able to make it. We hired her for sibling support mainly. She did take a roll of great post-partum pictures for us.
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we paid $750 which did not cover the birthing class ($85). She did one post birth visit and any phone calls. I think it was certainly worth it for the first birth, but I am not so sure the second time around. It's alot of money and the insurance company paid nothing.
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I voted for "nothing - insurance paid" even though I haven't actually given birth yet. Actually, at the hospital where I plan to deliver, they assign you a doula when you register. You can decline her services if you don't want a doula or if you don't click, but the opportunity is there for every laboring mother, whether or not she has insurance.
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welcome to MDC & good luck on your upcoming birth! how great that your hospital provides that!!!!!!!!!!! wish more did.


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Wow, looks like NYC is the most expensive place possible to hire a doula. My doula was $1000 and that was in the middle of her sliding scale ($750-1250) and she has since raised her scale to $1000-1600! Being a doula in NYC pays well, if you can get the clients.
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Mine is costing $800. I thought she'd be the best, and who knows, maybe she will be. I'm going for a vbac, and I wanted a really strong advocate since this will be a hospital birth. She offers 2 prenatal visits, and one postpartum visit. She also takes a couple rolls of pictures. But sometimes I feel like there should be more. She was supposed to mail me a book, and she hasn't done that yet. I guess I expect a little quicker service for such a fee. I'll say this much, I'm not waiting too long to call her after labor starts. I want every pennies worth. If I get my vbac, it will all be worth it, but an 8 hour foot massage coldn't hurt either. If anyone thinks I'm being unreasonable in expecting "more" please let me know. Maybe she's not paing much attention to me because I've done the pregnancy thing before. But shouldn't we be establishing some sort of relationship before heading off to labor-land?
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Yeah! I called my doula almost every day! We were friends and she wasn't all professional about it, kwim?
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sliding scale

I am a doula in Minnesota and I charge about $350 for 2 prenatals, the birth, and post-partum visits.

Do you ladies find that your doulas come to your house, or meet you at the hospital? Perhaps it's of your choosing? Does this affect price? I go where I am asked for. I give foot massages at my prenatals, and little gifts like rice packs and massage oil. I know there are other ladies in MN who charge much more. I also know some who charge less. I feel that getting the word out and making this vital aspect to birthing more readily available financially really makes a difference in women's lives! But hey, I love this job so much, I'd do it for free! LOL

Blessings to all you ladies who are expecting your own little miracles to arrive soon. Hope you're able to find and afford the doula you desire!

Chris Anne Johnson

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I have met with clients at restaurants or usually at their home. The price doesn't change~I will meet wherever its convenient for them.


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