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I'm so impressed!!!

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My amazing dd aged 4 years, 2.5 months, who just started going potty at Christmas (took about a month to really get going), just woke up to go to the bathroom!!!

A few weeks ago, she wanted to go without a pull-up at nap time (we were using them for nap and nighttime), so with reservations, I let her. She's had maybe two or three accidents total at nap time in the last 6 weeks. And, only a couple more than that at night. Nap time isn't a huge deal because she sleeps alone but I hate waking up wet. (We co-sleep!) But, she insists on going without the pull-up so I haven't wanted to discourage her but after the few night accidents, I started taking her to the bathroom before I got into bed (usually around 11 - 12 pm, she goes to bed around 9). Some nights she goes, sometimes she doesn't. But, no accidents. But, she just got up and went of her own accord!!!! Woohoo!!!! And, she went straight back to bed!!!

I am so excited I could pee lol!~
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That sounds really awesome!!!!! Good job mama!
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Okay, I don't know which to be more impressed by: your DD's bladder control or the fact that she still NAPS!!!

I am so jealous right now! What is your secret???
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Woo Hoo!! Good for your dd!!
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She hasn't figured out it's optional!! Actually, she sleeps from about 9 until about 7 or 8. She naps for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours. She was getting up at 6 or a bit earlier a couple weeks ago and I was thinking about cutting out naptime and replacing it with quiet time (it's my study time) so that she'd go back to sleeping a little later. But, I decided to wait until the fall, because now that we can start being outside most of the day, she'll probably sleep longer at night and still nap. My friend's son stopped napping at age 3. I am very grateful to get a break midday.

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