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How old where you when you had your first child? - Page 4

Poll Results: ???

  • 3% (16)
    under 18
  • 17% (86)
  • 32% (155)
  • 24% (120)
  • 16% (77)
  • 3% (19)
  • 1% (8)
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I was 22 for Maddie and 24 for Mary-Grace.
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37 for DD and 39 for DS (didn't meet my partner until I was 36, so I had to move fast LOL).

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this thread might interest you:
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I was 32 when my son was born, and I hope to be 35 when the next baby comes! We'll start ttc this Fall! I hope it's easier this go round. It took over a year to get my son started. But my periods are more regular now than they ever have been, and that's encouraging.
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I was 29 for dd, hope to be 32 for my next. Most of my college friends are all having kids now, but it is strange when I am the same age as some of my students' moms.....I couldn't imagine being the mom of a 5th grader!
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loss at 19, 20 when ds was born, 23 when dd came, 25 with next dd, 2 losses at 29 and will be 30 when this peanut is born.

wow, that's a lot..lol

I agree, it's terribly hard to find friends with common interest. Friends I grew up with are just starting their families. It's hard as my older ones are bored. There is one family that has 4 they are all close in age, which is nice, they are close to the same blend of AP as us. (Now if the ladies could just get along..lol).

Other than that, the last 9 years of my life have been led pretty solitary in the friends department. but I don't want my kids around bad influences, I find it ignorant that people will smake around my kids, when they are told there are allergies, ds will get an eye infection the day after being exposed.
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1st--20 (just barely)
5th-26(4 days before my 27th bday)
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Wow! A Bell curve!
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My first was born 3 weeks before my 23rd birthday, my second when I was 25. I'm 33 now, and I think I want another one. I have always identified myself so much as a "young" mom (I was more than a decade younger than every other mother in my son's first preschool class. Two decades younger in a couple of cases) that I can't quite imagine having another babe now that I'm "old." Especially since I'm not planning on it for at least another 2 years. This really is a significant issue for me, and I'm not sure why
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I was 18 when I had my first child who will be 15 next week.
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Well, I am deffinatly the outsider here.

I was 16 when I had my first dd. I was 25 with my sencond.
Now I am 26 and pregnant with my 3rd. What a difference this time around!
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I was 20 when DS was born, and 22 with DD.
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I am 24. DH is now 29, but was 21 when his daughter was born.
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I was 28 when ds was born.
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i had dd 2 weeks exactly after i turned 27 but it took 5 years to concieve her and since i have to wait a year to ttc (b/c of surgery), i'll be 31 when i have my second (if we concieve quickly)
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I was 18 - just! And now I will be 21 when #2 arrives!
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I always became pregnant easily...

Baby #1 was when I was 25-26,

Baby #2 was when I was 28-29,

Baby #3 was when I was 30 and

Baby #4 was when I was 37.

There is a time for everything and every purpose,...
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After 12 years of marriage ...

we were finally blessed w ds #1, a few weeks before I turned 35. Ds #2 joined us last fall, I'm 39 now and we're on the fence about #3. If it happens, we'll consider it another blessing!
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I was 25, then another at 27 then another at 29 and most recently, my fourth and I'm 33.

I am younger than all but one of my friends. I'm glad I had them when I did...I would have been too immature any sooner and I would have felt pressed for time any later
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I was 22 when Jasper and Lukas were born. My whole life I always thought I'd have my first baby when I was 22, I think because that's how old my mom was when she had my older sister. Truthfully, it was hard for me to wait! I started wanting a baby right around when I got my first period (13), and I had the aching womb feeling starting when I was about 18. I made myself wait until I graduated from college. Jaz and Luke were born nine months to the day after graduation!

I love being a mom right now, at this age. Dp is 25 and she loves it too. We are having a lot of fun.
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