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How old where you when you had your first child? - Page 5

Poll Results: ???

  • 3% (16)
    under 18
  • 17% (86)
  • 32% (155)
  • 24% (120)
  • 16% (77)
  • 3% (19)
  • 1% (8)
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Wow! It really is a bell curve. Just like in school, go figure ag

I had my first when I was 25, my second when I was 27 and my third when I was 32.
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30!! that was the perfect timing for us. however, our first pregnancy resulted in m/c, had it not I would have been 28..
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40!! My life experiences seem to mesh more with the "grandmas" I know, but most of them would be shocked to know we ebf, no-circ, co-sleep, cd, are vegan :-o
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i was 22 when ds was born, dw was 21. i as 24 when dd was born dw was 23. and we plan on at least 2 more!
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I was 29 but We tried for 5 years before becoming successful. We had to go to a fertility doctor and it took 2 months later I was pregnaunt
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I had my first son 3 weeks after my 19th birthday. I was 21 when I had my second DS, 22 for my third DS, 27 for my only DD, 29 for m 5th DS. And now at 52 we adopted our DS 5 1/2 months ago. He will be 11 months old tomorrow. Being a mom now iis so different than it was 33 years ago when I had my first. It's a lot more work at my age. But I feel like I know a lot more now than I did then. I know I'm a better mom now than I was then. I so admire all the young moms on this list. They all seem to know so much more than I did at their ages.
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dakotas mom You win.
You are amazing.

come join some of us at this tribe...
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I tried the link you posted but it doesn't go anywhere. Is there another link?
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dear bf and I had our surprise bundle of joy just 6 months ago. at the time of ds's birth I was 30 (still am) and bf was 22!
most people think he is the older one
I commend him on his maturity and compassion at such a young age - perhaps it is a product of growing up in the city - he grew up very fast....

me on the otherhand..ha....it is good i was older ....i was very selfish and conflicted in my early twenties !!!!!!
so happy now
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I was 19 when i had bubby.
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I was 29, but it was one month before my 30th bday.
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Eight days after my 26th birthday.
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I was 27 when ds was born.
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I was 25 when our son was born and I'll be 27 when this next ones born, pretty average, although im usually one of the youngest moms at LLL meetings and playgroups?? What do all the other 'young' moms do??
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I was 24 when I had my son.

I will be 27 when this baby is born.

I wanted to have babies when I was in highschool...and so I felt "old" , for me, to be having my son. I had been wanting him for over seven YEARS!!!

But..oddly enough I was told by some folks that I was "too young" to be having a baby..I should "wait longer".

I waited Looooooonnnnnggggg enough, thank you!

My mother was 19 when she got pg with me, and 20 when I was born.

Her mother was 16 when she got married and 17 when she had my mother

Her grandmother had her first baby at 17 as well.

I was an OLD woman to be having a first baby in my family!!
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I am 27 and pregnant with my third, and almost certainly last. My son was born when I was 24, and my daughter was a surprise to her dad and I when I was 21 years old. I was not planning on becoming a mother until my late thirties or forties. I was never the type to have my kids and their names, etc. all planned out when I was younger. But, as it often does, life had other plans for me. My friends are all starting to have kids now, though, so it has been great this pregnancy in that way!!!
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I was 22 when Sequoia was born, now I'm 24. People think I'm older since I have her but I feel so young. Not very many of my friends my age have children either. I'm the youngest mama in our playgroup. Whenever someone asks my age I have to think, I don't feel I've aged since she was born.

Also, Gr8ful - Is your Sequoia a girl or boy? I don't here the name to often and am always curious
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I am 40 and gave birth to my son at the end of January. I got pregnant very easily much to my surprise and am already debating on whether to try for another one. I am a very proud momma!!!
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moms2 sam & Little Tree, I PM you. Check your message box.
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