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my husband is such a jerk!!!!

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the tiredness is kicking in again and it is so hard for me to do anything and he says im just being lazy. I wish There was some way I could make him understand how hard it is to take care of a 18 month old and babysit a 3 yr old and keep the house clean all while being 8 months pregg! It would be much easier if he would help out a little!!!! uuuuuggggghhhhhh!!
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It's hard to explain the overwhelming fatigue to others. I'm fortunate that my dh and older children do help out, but I still feel like such a slug lately. Just the other day my mom was saying how before long I'll be really tired all the time from a baby keeping me up at night. I quickly responded by saying, no I'll have more energy than I do now believe me. This is my 7th time through, and that is one thing I'm certain of. This end of pregnancy fatigue is in a category all its own, and it's one of those things that has gotten progressively worse with each baby for me. I'll take the tired from a new baby anyday over this "all over, heart racing when I go upstairs, can't do hardly anything without backache or getting winded" fatigue. Other people just don't understand, and it's hard to explain the intensity of it to someone who hasn't been through it themselves. At least we're almost to the end.. it will pass very soon!
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If only he could walk in your shoes for a day, he'd be a little more sympathetic :
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This is my second baby and I admit even I forgot how insanely tiring pregnancy is! I swear this time is worse too because I am taking care of a 3.5 yo by myself. I hope your husband cuts you some slack soon.
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Whew, am I glad I am not the only one experiencing the no energy thing. Some days are so bad, like today. Woke up, went to Home Depot and Best Buy, very quick. Came home, had a sandwich, bam. Out for the count. Three hour nap! Then woke up with a headache. It is getting hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Does your energy really come back? I cant wait for that day.
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Hats off to you!! I have a 6 year old & am exhausted by 5pm!! I don't know how you moms can do it with such little ones...I am so impressed

Maybe if you sweet talk DH he will do a chore or two for you???
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this worked for me... "well if i do too much and __________ [fill in your own blank here] then i have to go on bedrest til the baby gets here. and then, well.... you'll be *&^%$, won't ya? it would just be easier for you to help me more now, wouldn't it?"

that made my dh's face get really pale and since then he's been better about helping me. he made a comment last night about not wanting to be a slave, but only a lunatic would have made me get out of bed at that point so he did what i asked him.

i have a 4.5 yo and can't keep the hosue clean, so you know what? so what? so my house is a mess. oh well. more important i get my rest.
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s I told my DH this morning I wanted to begin my maternity leave now. I've been so exhausted and working 40 hours a week is wearing me down. I want to prepare this house for a new baby. He told me to suck it up I feel for you, I'm in the same boat. s
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My hubby is pretty supportive, but, I hear ya about the fatigue... I am having a lot more pelvic discomfort a lot sooner this time than I did the last time... I hate feeling like I'm going to die until I've had a quart of water in the morning, I am getting to the point of not being able to grocery shop alone anymore because I'm so sore and beat by the time I'm done, I get home and can't unload the car! And the fatigue... OMG it's awful... I have a 2 year old and ashamedly he watches a lot of recorded Sesame St. episodes... if I try to get ONE thing done, it automatically means I will not ever have the energy to get one OTHER thing done! And the racing heart, aching belly, feeling like someone took a baseball bat to my pelvis... UGH it's getting old and I am only 34 weeks...
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This is our first time so he pretty much believes whatever I tell him (the truth!) and he's really supportive. I get the exhaustion too, it's so awful because we're moving and have to be out of the apartment by tomorrow. We're pretty much out, but cleaning up is exhausting. I feel like I'm not getting anything done!
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That must be so frustrating! I have pretty much been a cripple the last 1/2 of this pg but luckily dh keeps his mouth shut. I don't get the grief but I don't get any sympathy either. I tell him all the time that if he were me he would not be able to handle what I do on a daily basis. I am sure he knows it is the truth! Fatigue has really kicked in this past week. An hour or 2 after I wake up I am ready for a nap again. Have I already said I can't wait to have this baby??!!
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Sorry about your super rude hubby. Do you have any resources for one of those sympathy bellies? Have him strap on one of those and then leave the kids with him for two hours, along with a list of chores, then see how he reacts.
As far as the 3 trimester exhaustion goes, I've been experiencing that too, but something that has really helped has been doing yoga in the morning. Now, don't get me wrong, I am ordinarily a couch potato with no inclination whatsoever toward physical exertion of any kind, but I suprised myself with how good I felt after doing yoga. Not only did it give me physical energy, but it made me feel content and more centered. An excellent antidote to the pregnancy scatterbrain. My local library had a video called "Postures for Pregnancy" and it features a super cute couple expecting a baby. Its very low key and not too strenuous.
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: Men can be so insensitive... I know how you feel mama.

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