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Poll Results: How did you give birth?

  • 27% (91)
    In a hospital with an OB.
  • 22% (74)
    In a hospital with a Midwife.
  • 6% (23)
    At a birth center.
  • 34% (114)
    At home with a midwife.
  • 5% (19)
    At home unassisted.
  • 4% (14)
    Hospital transfer.
335 Total Votes  
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one hospital transfer HB turned csection
2 amazing VBACS at birth center
2nd one I delivered on the toilet, caught her myself and was a complete surprise
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DD1: Hospital, midwife
DD2: Hospital, midwife
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Originally Posted by MsElle07 View Post
The poll doesn't allow multiple options, so I think the results may be skewed. My first was at the hospital w/a MW. Second was birth center. Third will be home w/a MW.
It would be interesting to see this poll for FIRST babies, then do another for 2nd babies!
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Mine was in hospital, with 2 OB's present. My OB was out of town. I also saw a 4th OB at some point during my labour....

But, I wanted a midwife. Unfortunately, we are a very "midwifey" city, and by the time I was 10 wks preggo, they were already booked!! I was 5th on the waiting list, but never made it...
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Ok, what about other? I gave birth in a hospital with a GP, not an OB.
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1st hospital with MW
2nd will be HB/ MW
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It won't let me choose two options, so I guess I can't vote in the poll.

#1 - drug free hospital birth with midwife
#2 - water birth at home with midwife
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I voted on answer but I have 4 births
2 hospital with OB
1 home with midwife
1 UC
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I gave birth both at home and at a hospital.
ds was at the hospital- dd was at home with a mw.
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I voted "at a birth center" b/c I felt it was the closest.

I had all four of mine at a birthing center within a hospital - the first w/an OB and the other three w/a midwife. The youngest two were waterbirthed. All were vag births, no IV or drugs.
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I chose hospital with ob. Actually there were medwifes present too but that wasn't an option.:

Barring complications, this next babe will be homebirth with midwife.
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I didn't vote because I had more than one kind of birth.

First two were at home with a midwife, and the next two were unassisted.
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I voted hospital with a midwife though technically I guess it should be hospital with an OB as all three of my babies have been born by c-section. I did see a midwife for care though and planned on having her assist in the birth.
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1- hospital w/MW (risked out of freestanding birth center at the last minute)
2- homebirth w/MWs
3- planned UC, MWs came after the birth
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DS - med free, intervention free hospital birth w/an OB and doula
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DS we started at the Birth Center, I was bleeding heavy so transferred to Hospital.. delivered with midwife in hospital, drug free.

I voted transfer.
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Once at hospital with a midwife
Twice at home unassisted (so - even a multiple choice option wouldn't work, because I wouldn't be able to put in two votes for that option).
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I was at a hospital with a family practice doctor...so I couldn't vote in the poll!

Second birth will be in a hospital with an OB (I'm a high risk mama this time round)
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#1 I was in the hospital, had a perinatologist attending.

with #2 I was in the hospital with a midwife...

Now pregnant with #3...I'm toying with the idea of finding a midwife and going to both my peri and midwife appointments, and then if I make it to term I'll have a home birth, and if not I'll have a hospital birth. The reason I need to see a perinatologist is due to having issues with pre-term labour and dilation with my last pregnancy.
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DD#1: Hospital with OB, c-sec
DD#2: Hospital with OB, VBAC
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