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Poll Results: How did you give birth?

  • 27% (91)
    In a hospital with an OB.
  • 22% (74)
    In a hospital with a Midwife.
  • 6% (23)
    At a birth center.
  • 34% (114)
    At home with a midwife.
  • 5% (19)
    At home unassisted.
  • 4% (14)
    Hospital transfer.
335 Total Votes  
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Ds was born in a hospital with an OB. Lucky for me I had an LD nurse who was also studying to become a midwife. It was a great drug-free, intervention-free hospital birth.

Dd was born at a freestanding birth center with a midwife. That was also a great drug-free, intervention-free birth.
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#1 in hospital with midwife, then her hubby, the OB took over (forceps)
#2 in birth center
#3 at home, into my own hands with a loving, hands off midwife
Took three times to get it right! Awesome, perfect experience
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I had my first at a free standing birthcenter and my second and third at home with the same CPM.
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Labored in a birth center with my midwife and Doula (who did all of my pre-natal care in my home.) Transfer of care in the last week and then birth center - 17 hour drug free labor - C-Section.
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Hospital with an OB (and an intern, and a couple med students!) I gave birth at a teaching hospital, and when they asked me if I minded having an intern assist, and some students watch, I said sure, the more the merrier. It was fun, the students came to visit me several times afterwards to chat, and thanked me for letting them experince it with us. I should also add that I was pre-med student at one time, and have volunteered at hospitals for years, so I actually really feel quite at home in hospitals. I'll continue to have hospital births.
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1st in a hospital, 2nd at home.
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I wish we could vote multiple times..

I birthed in a birth center with a midwife with dd, and at home UA with ds...

I 've never laid eyes on an OB during any of my pregnancies.
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2 home waterbirths with midwife
1 home waterbirth with midwife on the way
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First was in a hospital with a MW, then an emergency c-section with an OB. Second was a hospital VBAC with the same MWs.

I wouldn't change a thing! (except I wish I hadn't had to have a c-section, but I'm happy with the results )
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1 : hospital OB
2 : BC MW
3 : BC MW

If I lived in an area with a house visit midwife I would do that, I think. The area I am in I don't trust the hospitals. My BC is 40 minutes away and near a great children's hospital, so I like going there. A home like feeling, freedom, but close in case of emergency.

Great poll!!
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I voted for my most recent birth.

One hospital birth with an OB and then two waterbirths at home with a midwife. Any other children we have will be homebirths.
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I only have one child and i delivered with an ob at a military hospital.
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first in a hospital with mws (epi/induced with pitocin, ugh)
second in a hospital with an OB (natural, vaginal breech - see the frank vaginal delivery story in birth stories)

For my second, I was going to deliver in a birthing center with midwives, but with the confirmed breech position, I had to transfer to the OB - the only one in the area who does vaginal deliveries.

if we have a third, I really want a home birth with midwives.
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First in a FBC with MW
Second at home with MW
Third (coming this spring) is a planned UC
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voted by the most recent kiddo - hospital with midwife.

#1 was hosp with ob.
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I voted hospital with midwife but I ended up with an epidural/bedrest and IV fluids and antibiotics due to a partial abruption. No OB though.
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#1 MW in hosp
#2 MW at home
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I answered for my most recent birth...at home with a midwife.

My first was a homebirth transfer that ended up in a hospital with an OB (and midwives).

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all three at home with a MW!
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Both in a free standing birth center.
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