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Anyone take Hypnobirthing classes?

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I am considering taking them as I never had a formal chidlbirth class. With my first I had a hospital birth and took their childbirth prep class, which was lame. I have learned everything since, by reading natural birthing books. Would love to know what you all think...if I should take this hypnobirthing class or maybe just buy the hypnobirth book?
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I was going to do Hypnobabies (which I hear is similar) and inquired about a class. I was a little put off by the nutrition and exercise education parts of it. I know that sounds terrible but I am a plus sized mom and I'd feel embarrased like people would assume I didn't know anything about either nutrition OR exercise. Plus, I mean, I'm at 33 weeks already. I can see that being useful a lot earlier maybe. I really just want to learn the meditation techniques.
I'd also like to hear if there is just a book for this I could buy (I'm all about short cuts )
There's a huge thread going somehere around here about Hypnobirthing vs. Hypnobabies..
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I'm doing Hypnobabies home course. It's cool, but it's extremely time-consuming. I get stressed out that I won't get it all done and mastered before I go into labor.
I know, stress is not what it's supposed to create, but that's just how it is. You're supposed to listen to the main CD's every single day, and then some weeks there are additional CD's to listen to everyday as well as practice stuff. Why I have issues finding the time to do them is kind of a mystery, but I thought i'd pass my expereince along.

It's a 5 week course, so if you start now, it means you're very confident your baby will wait until it's estimated arrival date.
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Yea that's a bit involved for my liking, although I have no doubt that your efforts will be rewarded! I have heard great things about the results.
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I only have the book from my doula library...I have been reading it but not practicing like I would if I were taking a class.
I am actually taking stuff from Bradley, Hypno, Lamaze & BFW that may help me out during labor.
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This thread is making me realize that I am not prepared for labor at ALL. I'm sorry mama2ashlynn. I didn't mean to hijack your thread! It's really touched a nerve with me though because it's something I've thought about but haven't done anything and now I'm afraid it's too late.
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I'm taking hypnobirthing For me its 1 on 1 and its in 4 2 hour sessions. I still have 3 to go.. eek, reminds me, I really need to schedule my next session! I also just started reading the book and am enjoying it so far.
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I was interested in it but I also don't want to deal with the nutrition stuff and exercise part of it. I am lucky to get any food down at all, cant deal with nutritional req's. And I dont want to leave the house. It is bad enough I have to leave the house to go the grocery store and doc twice a week. ick.

Do they have videos you can play at home? I def need something. Like MotherWren, I am completely unprepared. I need some sort of breathing program. Frustrated, dont know what to sink the money into.
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Well 2cutiekitties, I'm glad to know someone else is in the same boat, albeit a sinking one j/k
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I'm doing the home study course.

I'm getting a little worried since I'm not sure if it's going to work. I'm not sure if I can turn my switch to off/middle.

Even if it doesn't work 100%, I'm glad I'm doing it.

It's a lot of time though to have to commit to every day. Okay, I'll admit, I've missed a few, but it's still been okay.

The hospital offered a 4 session 3 hour classs, but it didn't start until Jan, and I figured if I was a little early, I might miss the last class.
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DH and I did the formal Hyponobirthing class series (8 weeks) with my first pregnancy. Unfortunately, despite trying acupuncture, the Webster Technique, homeopathy, flower essences, inversion exercises and a very painful external version, DS was in a complete breech position and was born via C-section, so I was never able to actually try the techniques. I do, however, have friends who took the Hyponobirthing classes and had natural births, and everyone has told me that they were a bit surprised (and irked!) to find out that they actually had to do a lot of pushing to get the baby out; it wasn't as simple as just "breathing the baby down" as the Hyponobirthing technique implies. I'm sure that there are lots of mamas out there who have had great experiences with Hypnobirthing--these are just the expereinces of a few women I know. I do think that the relaxation and visualization aspects of Hyponobirthing are wonderful and very helpful, whether the "breathing down" is enough by itself or not.
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