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I'm new here...I've been lurking for a couple of weeks tho...
It's nice to see that others are dealing with the same things as I am...such as the baby using the bladder as a trampoline ...So far my pregnancy has been good...thank goodness cos its my first .I"m not scared or nervous , mainly excited !

I"m sure I'll be back...just wanted to say Hello.
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Seagan sounds great. PM me or call me. We could go to the childbirth collective also.
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My bladder got stomped on for the first time a couple days ago. I was driving down the freeway and it REALLY startled me! Dh started laughing and asked what had happened since as far as he could tell, I jumped for NO reason! It's only happened a few times since (thank goodness!) and it's always been when I'm sitting...that's motivation to be upright! I mostly feel the baby out to the sides...is it sideways? But thankfully, I'm not feeling it in my ribs at all yet!

For the last week or so, I've really been identifying with this baby as a person more and more. For a long time, it was just some squirmy eel or something, but now it really feels like a person to me. Great feeling!

I got my first ever mother's day card from my sister today!
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Sometimes when the baby is sleeping, I just plumb forget I'm pregnant. Now that has got to be pure craziness, or life with a 31/2 year old.
Smeta, for the me the arguments against the glucose tolerance test are mainly my own psychological resistance to blindly obeying what they(the conventional medical people) deem as routine testing. It's not that I have such a pure diet that I don't consume any sugar(I just had an ice cream cone ). I don't think consuming the amount of sugar in the glucola is really harmful, but if the test comes back positive, the next step is to do a 3 hr gtt, and if that is still out of whack, they have you follow a diet. Well, I choose just to watch my diet, and just make my own decisions. Besides, they do the urine dipstick test for glucose, and if I ever have glucose spilling into my urine, I'll be the one to pursue further testing. It's all part of getting into that vbac frame of mind. It's takes alot of strength to prepare to give birth when you've been told you're not able to have a vaginal birth(cpd, ftp, crap). Anyway, I just advocate that all of us do what we feel is the right thing for ourselves, and our babies, that way, there will be no regrets when it's all over.
Kaje62, I did find a doula. She seems really good. Very confident, and just bossy enough that I know she'll be a strong advocate for me, and she'll give me a kick in the butt should I need it. I can't wait to get into labor. I plan on staying home until the last minute. My ultimate dream is to show up at the hospital, give birth within...hmmm...10 minutes, get a free meal, and go home 4 hours later. Dreams can come true.(Please God)
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Kaje62 - unfortunately, I'm a CPF girl only because they are the cheapest option! We are feeling rather broke. But if I could have whatever my little heart wanted, I would probably buy Kissaluvs. I'm also curious about a fitted called pumpkin-something (I found them at www.diaperware.com), that's supposed to fit from 8-35lbs! Sounds great! But since this is our first, I'm afraid I don't have any real experience with cloth diapers yet, and everyone seems to think I'm insane to want to use them. Ah, well, what's new?

I have a question. I just received my Maya Wrap sling, and I was trying it on, and I couldn't imagine that it would hold a baby without him/her tumbling out. Logically I know they don't tumble out, I've seen pictures! But really, they work, right?:
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I had my first baby dream last night...it was so vivid! The babe is a boy, I'm fairly sure, or so it was in my dream! It was pretty bizarre, and yet so real...the baby had no name after three days though...so I'm still at lost with finding the 'perfect' name!!! ARGH! I'm going to see my MW tomorrow..this pg is flying! I feel I'm running out of time to do everything that I need to do! Plus, dh is now living three hrs away, so Soleil and I have been going to visit, when I'm supposed to be making her new room up, and getting her into the routine of sleeping in her own bed...sigh...wks and months are flying...don't know if I'll ever get around to that room!!!!


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Annais, I bet if you started a thread asking for free diapers you would be surprised what you would get. Want me to do it for you? I will.

And the mayan sling is awesome. Ask a friend who used one to practice with you.
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Question about the baby kicking on the bladder:

Is this when you feel the kicks more internally rather than popping out of your belly where you can see them? I am starting to get these internal kicks, and curious if others experience the same thing.
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well, my diaper stash is out of control really. all in trades thank goodness but i have

newborn - 2dozen preemie/infant prefolds, 2 dozen wahm fitteds (gabriel baby, country cozies, cloud nines, lukesdrawers etc), 2 preemie fuzzibunz, 12 kushies ultra aios and 6 duckies and angel luves aios. (i think three of each) and a dozen nb bummies and prorap covers.

then i have smalls - 3dozen small prefolds (am selling a dozen), 2 dozen wahm fitteds, 2 dozen covers if not more and 6 fuzzibunz for nighttime

am working on mediums now. lol

i have my glucose test thursday - i'll be 27wks 5days. they're making me fast !?! nothing to eat/drink after midnight the night before. then i drink the st uff at 8am and have the blood draw at 9am . i'm going to be so sick - i think i may ask dh to take the morning off to drive me.

lots of low kicking for me right now. i can still see tummy moving sometimes especially at night.

and still no name. lol. Zane is the only one i like so far. Zane Micah

and still peeing every hour and a half all night long!!!
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Yeah, the bladder kicking is pretty interior-feeling. Now I'm getting kicked in other, unknown organs, too, and I think my cervix? Very odd.

Had a long, heavy round of Braxton-Hicks contractions last night that pretty much freaked me out. I was put on bedrest for most of the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy with DS (including nearly a month in the hospital on a mag sulfate IV drip -- ugh), only to go full-term with no problems (in fact, I finally went into "true" labor on my due date). Anyway, I've been determined to be calmer and more confident about BH contractiosn this time around, but I found myself sort of panicking last night, as I got wave after wave of fairly strong BHs. I find I get at least two different sorts of contractions with this pregnancy -- just a minor kind of tightening (similiar to pregnancy #1) but then at other, less frequent times, stronger contractions that have more of a wave-like quality to them. I got both kinds last night, as well as a vague menstrual-crampy feeling, and just started to get nervous and downright scared. Yuck.

I hope I won't be experiencing this from here on, though I guess it's probably likely. Thankfully, my midwife has offered to run fetal fibronectin tests (which if negative can tell you with a good amount of certainty that you're not in danger of going into real labor for at least the next 14 days), and I may ask her do that on my next visit, just so I calm down more if/when these episodes happen.

I've also gotta stay on top of this water drinking thing -- I didn't drink enough yesterday, and perhaps that's the simple reason for the BH cycle.

Thanks for listening! I hope everybody else is doing well.

edd 8.29.03
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I share your fear, I really do. I was on bedrest from 24 wks on last time, for early labour. I'm feeling pretty confident though, as I am now at 27 wks, and still feeling great!!! to you...hope we both get to 'ride our bikes' til the end!

Colorful Mama~no name here either!!! Nothing has 'hit' me yet! ARGH!

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I'm due August 13 with my first baby. I am so excited and feeling great and just loving this growing life inside me. Its so amazing to be part of this ansestral journey into motherhood. I am planning a hypnobirth and loving the process. Last week while meditating I saw a strong lion, I believe representing my expected Leo child and I felt the strength in this child, it was beautiful. Is anyone else using hypnobithing?
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Mamasoleil, my husband id also living 3 hours away and it is hard esp when they can't make the Dr. visits. I sympathize. The good thing is since he is working I can stay home and concentrate on making this baby.
My sweet baby is also pressing on my bladder too, giving me the nickname "tiny tanks" by family members. I sleep in a loft so at night I have to climb a ships ladder up and down when I have to go... which is 5-6 times. My Dr. says I'm lucky because the baby is pressing on my bladder I don't have problems with heartburn or baby pressing on my ribs. So, I guess I'm lucky...
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beautiful goddess mama's

Hey mama's~

Well iam definitley feeling out of my funk! the sun is shining and we have been outside all day the last two days! It feels great! I resumed my mile walk everyday and have even been good about making my herbal infusion everyday! I live on a 1000 acre organic farm retreat/ summer camp, and enviormental ed just started so I've had to cook only like one meal a day as we get to eat 3 gourmet organic meals a day! I cant tell you how just not being stuck in the kitchen all day makes me feel so much more positive!
So anyway feeling great!
I am also not taking the glucose test as midwife said it could be detected through urine tests, since my undo afp scare Iam just not going there anymore with uneeded tests!
River has been bouncing on my bladder for the last week!!I does feel like a uti! I cant believe we are into the last trimester! Mama's remember to take lots of pictures of yourself I didnt take enough with lily at different stages just mostly at the very end...
Well mama's I hope everyone is getting excited and loving there beautiful new goddess like shape!
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Thanks, kaje62! That's a good idea! I think we are pretty set for the first 5-6 months, we have: 36 infant cpf's, 6 bummis wraps, 2 fuzzi buns, 2 inserts, 24 liners, 36 wipes. But that can help when we need diapers as the baby grows. I keep reminding myself that it IS cheaper in the long run, especially when babe #2 comes along.

I've been feeling her kicks really low, too. I wish I could figure out how she is situated in there! Where her little arms and legs are, that would be great. I am so in love with her. I think she's going to be funny. I was poking back at her as she was kicking the other night, and she was going crazy. It was fun. I can't wait to meet her in person in August!
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Colorful Mama, my midwife told me specifically to eat something high protein (like an egg) along with the icky glucose drink. Today in my yoga class, someone was talking about the test and the instructor said that you should definitely eat something with it or you're VERY likely to fail the test. I know your appointment is tomorrow, but I'd try to get a second opinion. (this is all in reference to the first round...don't know what the deal is if you fail that one and have to do more testing)

We are SO anxious to meet this baby! We're both getting so excited!!! (and trying to not get TOO stressed about about the realities of having a baby....money, work, time...)

I've been feeling what I think are Braxton Hicks contractions for a week or two now. My stomach gets really tight and it almost takes my breath away at first and then gradually loosens up. Does that sound about right? No pain, just TIGHT. I feel 3-4 a day. Is that a lot or normal?
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I am still wearing my wedding ring? How about the rest of you?

I have my 2nd glucose test today. GRR!!

I had a teeny bit of mucous when I wiped last night. Is that wierd?

Still have not found the right doula. I am fussy as planning a VBAC.

Seagan did you get my PM about mama's night out in Minneapolis? I turn 41 on Tuesday.
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maizy i'm not actually doing hypnobirthing - can't afford the classes, but i am listenign to the relaxation tapes

sharon, i so wish i read your post before i went. Of course i failed - but my midwife was good about it...i refused the three hour (i can't sit down there with an almost three year old, a 15month old that i babysit for three hours. plus that stuff makes me so sick dh would lose another day of work driving me and taking care of me and we can't afford that!).

anyway... i told her i'd prefer they just test me at my two week appt after a regular meal and she said that'd be ok. that if its high then we'll talk more, but meanwhile i'm kinda following the gd diet anyway, i mean its just more protein, less sugar and carbs.


kaje62 - still wearing my wedding ring. no swelling at all so far.

the good news is that i've gained "only" 19lbs so far, babys heartbeat is nice and strong - was 140bpm and he was kicking the heck out of the doppler from that sugar drink. all looks good and i like the new midwife alot (myold mw left the practice)

trying not to stress on the glucose gig
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Went to my prenatal today. Gained 3 pounds, I have not gained anything so far. So I am 28 weeks and up 3 pounds total. I had my 2nd glucose test. I still have to have one more as Charlie weighed 9.15 and they don't want me to have too big of a baby with a VBAC. My blood pressure was good as usual and my iron was quite low. I am not faithful to my 6 prenatals as they make me feel icky but I ate beets for lunch today. Meeting with another doula Monday, she was DoulaSara's doula and she highly recommends her. She has quite a bit of VBAC experience also. I don't know if I mentioned but my friend Teresa is unavailable now.
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Went to my prenatal today. Gained 3 pounds, I had not gained anything so far. So I am 28 weeks and up 3 pounds total. I had my 2nd glucose test. I still have to have one more as Charlie weighed 9.15 and they don't want me to have too big of a baby with a VBAC. My blood pressure was good as usual and my iron was quite low. I am not faithful to my 6 prenatals as they make me feel icky but I ate beets for lunch today. Meeting with another doula Monday and another friend highly recommends her. She has quite a bit of VBAC experience also.

OH CM we cross posted. I am sorry about your test results. I wish you the best in two weeks.
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