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We got some good news, DH is now only 1 1/2 hrs away, and will be for the next 4 mts, so he'll be able to come home every weekend, and Soleil and I will go camping there on my days off! I"m very happy about that!

I have to decide whether or not to swab for group B strep...any thoughts on this?

Kaje~I can't believe you've only gained 3 lbs!!! I have 36 CPF's, 6 wraps, 8 fuzzy bunz (size med). I think that'll be good for us!

I went to my m/w yesterday, I'm measuring 29 wks/, though I'm only 27 wks....hee hee..big baby!!!

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Colorful Mama, too bad about the glucose test, but sounds like you've come up with a good alternative to the second round of testing. I'm doing the test on Thursday, but I'm going to eat an egg, english muffin, etc. breakfast menu that the midwives gave me. Hopefully I'll pass because I'd have a hard time sticking to the GD diet! (as I sit here munching on sour gummy worms!)

No swelling here, thank goodness.

Mamasoleil, that's so great that your husband is closer, but gosh, you're one tough lady for dealing with him being so far away at all! Is he going to be able to be around when the baby comes? I hope this is just temporary.
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Speaking of glucose tolerance tests, I'm pretty sure I failed mine
I had my ob appt right before the test and they said there was a lot of sugar in my urine. Could it have been the almost whole container of Soy Delicious that I had the night before? Hmmmm...
Now I'm just waiting for the phone call....Blah.
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Hi everyone,

Can I join in here. I'm expecting my first child on Aug. 21st. Well not exactly on Aug. 21st but thats the EDD.

I'm trying for a natural birth using Bradley. I'm running into some issues because I'm a type II diabetic. They are trying to push me into induction. Although I've had my bloodsugars under control using diet alone through out this entire pregnancy. I'm going to be adament about not allowing induction without medical cause especially if I continue to control my sugars.

We know we're having a boy and are extremely excited.

I don't have to take GTT because I already am a diabetic. I know if I have sugar my BS levels will rise.

I'm at 26 and a half weeks now.
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Welcome Lilg127. I like to say I'm due Aug. 21st too - it's MY birthday also! (my real EDD is the 18th)

I've been having lots of BH contractions too. Actually seems like more than I remember than w/ the first.

I have to do the glucose test on Thurs. I was planning on eating high protein, no sugar in the morning - are you supposed to right when you drink the stuff too? What exactly is the test for? KJ - how does it determine the size of your baby? Doesn't seem like it could be that accurate.

No swelling for me either. I didn't swell in my 1st preg. but I thought maybe I'd be more likely to this time since it will be hot.
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Thanks for the welcome Smeta.

The GTT determines weather or not you have gestational diabetes. If you do your chances for a larger baby increase.

I'm not sure about what food you should eat. I refused to take it since I know I'm diabetic and I'd fail it anyways with my OB and my regular doctor doesn't like the test and prefers testing bloodsugars. Although eating more protien less carbs generally keeps my bloodsugars lower. I don't know what the rules are.
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Welcome, new August mamas-to-be!

Had to pop in with a book recommendation, too: The Zygote Chronicles, by Susan Fennimore (I think, though I may have her name wrong). I'm reading it now and it makes me cry with laughter. If you like smart, sassy writing (sort of Anne Lamott-ish) and need a good laugh, I highly recommend it! Even more so if you're over 35 and preggers...

Hope everybody's doing well,
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i failed the one hour gestational diabetis test and my midwife is going to do a fingerstick/accucheck every two weeks to just check. The gestational diabetis diet they gave me was basically what Lilg127 said tho, decrease carbs and sugars and increase protein.
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seagan, someone else just recommended the Zygote Chronicles...perhaps I should add that to my growing reading list! I'm always up for a good laugh. I loved Operating Instructions (Anne Lemott).
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Sharon~I'll call dh when in labour, I'm sure he'll make it, as my last labour lasted fOREVER! It's tough, but I'm relieved that he's working!!!
I'm doing well, I've gained a lot of weight...don't even want to say how much...it's brutal, I know it's my eating, but I've been pretty active...ah well!!!

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Hi all,

I had a Dr appt today. Baby looking great! Dr wanted to know if I was having any food problems (nausea, heartburn, etc....) I was happy to tell him no -- and attributed the lack of heartburn to my DO who does osteopathic manipulation therapy on my to prevent it... OB was sceptical, but who cares!!! I know what is working!!!!

Baby is actually measuring quite big. I am at 27w6d today and baby's head "measured" (on u/s) at 30w6d..... overall, the baby averaged measuring 2 weeks ahead -- this has been the case pretty much the whole pregnancy -- I refuse to worry about it but choose to be happy that Sam is growing so well. Of course the Dr began hinting about the head getting too big to "risk" delivery.... ugh. I just reassured him that we'll handle it all just fine.

I have gained a net total of 8 or 9 pounds so far in the pregnancy -- I really want to keep the weight gain low because I started out very big.... So far so good -- I am being careful what I eat (for me) and trying to pump in the fluids. I am NOT dieting, however I am eating healthier than I have in years.....

Sam is and has been riding REALLY low for a while now -- but her head is NOT engaging (thank goodness) and my cervix remains long. My bladder, on the other hand, is suffering in ways I did not know possible!!!! I have an achy tail bone and achy hips -- I guess from her pressure..... and I am getting more fatigued now -- but unfortunately I am also having trouble getting to sleep.... From what I have been reading on MDC, all of this sounds excessively normal :-)

I just got over a NASTY yeast infection..... Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt!!! It made all the difference -- I also did Monistat 7, (2x) but I really think it took the yogurt to help my body get back what it needed.

I can't find any childbirth classes here in Tulsa that are not depressingly mainstream, hospital based classes. I called the hospitals today to at least get info about what was available and when I told the lady my due date, she freaked and wanted me to come in to sign-up TODAY!!!!!!

Hope all is going well for everyone -- over all, I have to say it is going good here!!!!

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maizy, I just reread your post and all of a sudden I like the name Leo for a boy. Watch DH hate it but what goes well with Leo.

Leo John
Leo Alvin
Leo Edward
Leo Jerome
Leo Alden
Leo Axel
Leo Sebastian
Leo Martinus
Leo Thomas
Leo Eugene
Leo August

I don't like any of those and it has to have a family name in there or something meaningful.

kathy, do you have a birthing ball? may help your hip and joint pain. After 30 weeks it really is suppose to help baby get in correct position for birth.

Smeta if you do have GD it can mean you will have a big baby.
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Birdwomyn -- great to hear from you! I was just wondering about you, and hoping all was well!

KathyJo -- I love the name Leo; we've been considering it as well. I find boy names so hard, but we really need to get cracking over here....there's only been one girl in 150 years in DH's family!!

Happy Friday and long spring weekend to everybody! Drink lots, walk lots, rest lots! (That's my plan, anyway.)

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You asked about cloth diapers... We have always used Motherease one-size fits all and have loved them. My dd is now almost 2 and they still look great. Rarely do they leak, and if they do it is because we didn't tuck her diaper inside the cover well enough. I am getting ready to order another dozen for babe #2.

Our due dates are very close. Mine is Aug. 31. I think you are right about tying the BH Contractions in with not staying hydrated. How great that they can be alleviated that simply! Best wishes to go full term!

I am thrilled that my MW found during my last prenatal that my babe had already flipped head down. DD was breech until 32-33 weeks. I am crossing my fingers that this baby will stay head down and is going to continue to oblige me by having a quick easy labor!
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We had a fun midwife appointment yesterday. I asked if she could tell the position of the baby since I feel like I'm getting kicked/nudged all over. She poked around a bit and found the butt, spine and head! DH and I both felt too. It was REALLY cool. Anyway, head is down and the spine goes along the left side of my stomach...so basically in the right position, but a little off centered. Now when the baby moves, I have a much better idea of what is poking me. It's clearer to me now which nudges are arms and legs wacking me vs. just general body shifting.

She (midwife) also told us a great birth story. She was apologizing for being tired because she had two births practically back to back over the last couple days. One went text book perfectly and the other was harder. The baby was posterier and the mom was having a lot of back pain. But they really wanted to stay at home and our midwife helped her through lots of different exercises to twist the pelvis and help the baby to rotate. It finally did and the baby came right out. I can just imagine in a hospital, they would have given her drugs for the pain, let her rest, and then gone for a c-section when the baby got stuck.

Another friend just had a baby and went through a REALLY long labor and had amazing midwives who were really supportive and helpful and helped her have the birth she wanted. I'm just feeling so empowered right now and confident that yes, birth might be hard and long and painful, but I have good care and I'm going to end up with a birth I can be proud of. YAY!
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Lilg127, sorry forgot to say WELCOME

DH does not like Leo

So I think we are back to Edward John

I want a girl!!

But most of all a healthy baby.

Anyway curious to know how CM, Annais and anyone else are doing with the glucose results? Just want an update.

I have not done a birth plan or visited the hospital.
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I've asked my work to put me on straight days, 8 hr shifts, for the remainder of my pg...Right now I'm doing 12 hr shifts, 2 days, 2 nights, and I can't do it anymore!! I hope they will accomodate me!!
I wonder if I'll do the glucose test...not sure if I will, there's never been any sugar in my urine, we test every visit!!

Hope everyone is well!! I walked for four hours yesterday. I am burnt and my back was unbelievably sore last night, I could barely move!!! but it felt good, now I'm back on my butt at work!!!:

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Howdy all!

Thanks for asking kaje62! I haven't heard anything from my doc, and she said they would call if there was a problem. So either I'm fine, they lost my paperwork, or the lab never sent them my test results...but I have an appt on Wednesday, so I'll check then.

Does anyone else's belly feel like it's getting rather large? Some days I feel huge, and some days I feel not-so-huge. I think I'm obsessing!

I do want to ask my doctor how she is positioned in there, too, because I'm confused! Little elbows, knees, hands and feet everywhere! If I had to guess I would say she is head-down, with her little butt on my left side. I can feel the bump when I lie on my left-side; unless that's her head, of course! I really have no idea.

We're getting closer!!! It's moving along pretty quickly now. I've had 2 showers already, and 2 more to go. I'm a brat, right? I guess everyone is really excited for us. Hee.
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Man I'm feeling really tired the last few days. My bloodsugars have been excelent recently. I keep waiting to be put on insulin but my sugars are staying good.

I don't know if I mentioned but we picked out our name. Nicholas Charles. He's been kicking like crazy. I swear he never sleeps It makes me happy though I love feeling the kicks. I'm worried about the NSTs though. I don't know if they'll ever get a resting heartrate for him :
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Oh, I forgot to mention. We have a girl name...Kaia...but still no boy name!!! LOL


Annais~I can't believe you are getting 4 showers!!! You are a BRAT!!! :LOL
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