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My son had a day like Alexanders. Unfortunatley he expressed it by throwing a class A tantrum at the grocery store. I'm jealous of you having your first. I took naps when I was pregnant with my son. But now...Well, his needs must be met. Even if it means dragging my weary, sore body out of bed twice a night in combination with my own 2-3 bathroom trips. I actually get some time away tomorrow. I go to work for 12 hours. It's actually easier than being at home. Alone time is truly a gift. Ugh. Time for bed.
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Originally posted by Colorful~Mama
july 27th is a great day to have a baby. Its my birthday.
And my dh's birthday! C~M, I hope your 3 hour went well.
I had my 30 week appt yesterday and everything is great! I passed my glucose (yea!), my iron levels are good, etc. etc. Baby is great! She's apparently head down but not low, so that's good.
And we started our Birthworks class , and our instructor is great. We're the only people in the class, so it's pretty intense! But she is VERY AP, and since I don't know many AP parents IRL, I'm going to try really hard to make her be my friend!!! How pathetic do I sound?

So, is everyone doing the kick counts? I have to admit I'm a little stressed about that...some days she's really quiet, and some days it's like she's breakdancing in there! It seems weird to me to assign an arbitrary # of movements that should apply to every baby. One more thing for me to worry about!
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Luckymomma, I am sooooooooooo right there with you. In fact, as I was waddling in to work this morning, I was feeling so sorry for myself but wondered if I should vent all my complaints here or not -- didn't want to sound like the whiner I feel I am sometimes (ahh, that nice guilt layer on top of everything else!). Thank you for making me feel OK about letting it out...

So in addition to feeling very achy and huge and swelled and hot and exhausted already, for the past week I've been fighting back the blues...the kind that seem so generalized that it's hard to know where/how to address them. I think it's mostly a result of not sleeping enough; I work full-time and although I sometimes am able to squeeze in a bit of an afternoon nap in my office, it just hasn't been enough to compensate for the poor nighttime sleeping. Between peeing, being beckoned 2-3/times a night by my 33-month-old DS (who is also having trouble going BACK to sleep), and sleeping so slightly that DH's snoring and even the DOG's snoring is waking me up repeatedly, I'm just exhausted! And I seem to be more affected by sleep deprivation than most people, I think.

OK, one more thing and I'll shut up: this morning, walking said snoring dog, I tripped and ended up pulling something in my back and in the front lower part of my belly/pubic area, too. It hurts so bad and I'm so tired, I just want to cry! I'm sitting here at work with an ice pack discreetly (?) tucked underneath my belly, ready to break into tears at the slightest provocation...oh, what a lovely, professional set up.

Anyway, sorry to go on and on. I hate feeling so negative and worn out, and I know it's no fun to be around, either. Thanks for being there for me!

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Hang in there -- I have been feeling really whiney these days, too -- maybe it is just the "stage" of pregnancy combined with working full time and parenting full time? My 19 yr old DS and 21 yr old DD have suddenly become intensive need kids and it is tough when there is so much else going on, especially the lack of sleep.

Hang in there.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

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Today is a big whiney day for me. We're moving (still) and I'm SO tired and there's so much to do still. We have a bunch of friends who will help over the weekend and then we'll be done (except for the unpacking). Thank goodness. I will NEVER move while pregnant again (famous last words, right?!) Anyway, whenever I feel too crappy, I just think about how lucky I am that this is my first!!! My sister-in-law asked the other day why we decided to move BEFORE the baby was born! I said, "well, at least this way, I don't have two mouths to feed, I can't hear any crying, and the baby is always being held, but my hands are still free!" (she doesn't have kids yet!) So anyway, you ladies who are on your second (or more) pregnancies, you have all the sympathy in the world from me! I completely understand how you feel about work being more relaxing than being at home! I generally do most of my work from home, but I went into the office a couple days ago just to get away from the moving mess! It was GREAT! I wasted so much time just chatting with people... hee hee

I think we're all clearly into the 3rd trimester! The mood of these posts has drastically changed!
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Hey, I'm joining in on the whine here...
For me though, it's more that's I've lost all desire to excersize, and I'm looking at my body, and not too impressed. I love my belly, but I don't think my legs and arms should be growing so much. It's just so discouraging. And as far as sleeping goes, I'm just wanting to sleep 24hrs/day...Yesterday, Soleil and I ran errands, then hung out in the yard for a few hours, then I basically put on her favorite show (George Shrinks), and slept beside her for 2 hrs...I felt so guilty, but man, I'm just tired!!!

Ah, the third trimester!!!

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I am on number two. Never had a bh, kinda felt jealous of those who did cuz I never went into real labor cuz he was breech and we did a c/s. But my water did break. I have a good doula signed up and hope to VBAC so my mind is preoccupied with that and having a healthy baby as I am 41 but I know I am cranky, ask DH. Yesterday I started crying on the way to play group grieving being single, living in my apartment with my cat. It does not mean I don't like my husband or Charlie, just had some grieving to do I guess.

Hope you feel better today Seagan.

I pee a couple times a night but not much comes out so I never feel the trip is worth it. I had the worst stomach ache yesterday but decided it was the FOUR rice krispie bars I ate that afternoon.

I have one more glucose test this upcoming week. They made me do three since Cha was 9.15 at birth. I think I will pass.

Are you all sitting on the birth ball and doing kegels? My doula said best position now is hands and knees, play with Charlie, scrub the kitchen floor. I actually might today.

Have a good day all.
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Baby has first case of the hiccups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hallo August Momma's

I hope you take time to check out the following site:


Good Luck to all of you,

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ignoring what i consider the last post to be...a rude interruption to our thread...

i passed my 3 hour glucose test just had to share. my thyroid levels were high (i had to ASK them to please test me since i have thyroid/graves disease) so they'll adjust that but my #'s for the glucose test were perfect. wanna stick my tongue out at that ob and say "nanny nanny foo foo. told you so you darn jerk".

anyway. i see the midwife thursday for what'll be my almost 32wk appt. and will hopefully get my thyroid meds adjusted then if not by monday.

i'm so happy i don't have to stick to the diet that i just made my family chicken parmesan, vegetable pasta and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. LOL
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Yeah...that is an annoying post, IMHO.

Anyway, congrats C~M! Yay!

And mamasoleil, what do those hiccups feel like? I think she's had them, but I'm not sure!
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Hey Luckymomma!

I am here cheering for you, and look forward to reading all about your wonderful vaginal delivery! You can do it girl! Don't psych yourself out. Your body was MADE for this. You'll do so great that you'll be a new, more confident woman when it's over and that baby is propped on your hip.

Keep us posted!

Smile and enjoy your weekend ladies.
Congrats on your babies!

Chris Anne Johnson
Minnesota Doula
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Annais~it's like a constant little thumping, for lack of a better description : , Soleil had them everyday as of 30wks, I was wondering when this little one would start!!! It's actually a pretty funky thing, and with Soleil, I swear it was at the same time everyday, took me a while to realize what it was! :LOL

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Colorful~Mama, congrqts on the test results and glad you don't have to restrict your diet

LM, I am confused on you doing a VBAC. I am but I don't remember reading that about you. I am spacey though and I guess Chris Ann knows.
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Hey Chris! Thank you so much for your kind words of support. Kathy Jo, You silly ! You PM'd me several months ago and we talked about our vbac wishes. I'm jealous of those who are vbac'ing after a c-sec for a breach. After all, as long as your baby is head down, everyone will have reasonable confidence that your baby will make a vaginal appearance. For me on the other hand, I've been labled as a failure because my "pelvis is just too small". Well, I know this is a big ol'crock of poo, but I've never been able to convince my husband of this, and ya'll know how open-minded conventional medical wisdom is. Soo, I have a lot of hope pinned on my doula, and on my own stubborness(and the baby's stubborness too). There are no guarantees with birth, and so it's hard to temper my optimism with caution. I may need a c-sec, we all could. Cord prolapse, a transverse that won't turn. Who knows. I surely don't. All we can do is make ourselves informed, and know our options. After all if you don't know your choices, you don't have any. Sorry. Like I've said before, I have a huge tendancy to get preachy.
On another note, anyone else having TONS of BH, combined with occasional cervical pressure that is rather reminiscent of labor? Every time I feel it, I get a little more stoked. Bring it on! I wouldn't mind if the baby decided to exit a week or so early, as long as they are ready. Anyone else trying to follow optimal fetal postioning?
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Hey August Mamas!!
Here we are in our last trimester! I hope you are all doing well and feeling good. This being my first pregnancy I can hardly believe how big I am. I love it, revel in the pregnant me. Still can't imagine getting any larger. No stretch marks- yet. But lots of vericose or spider viens poping up on my legs. Yuk! Do these go away?? People keep telling me I am glowing... hmmm. I don't know but its nice to get a compliment.
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lm, now i remember i have no brain, ya know i am preggie
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