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I second (or third?) reading the book "the introvert advantage". I read this a couple of years ago, and it was so validating. I mean, I knew since I was a kid that I was an introvert (after reading in my mum's psychology texts about introversion/extraversion), but I still thought I was really weird. This was not helped by having a boyfriend who put me down for not talking much in company, for saying "weird" things out of context in company, for having an empty brain etc etc.

I realise now that he totally just DID NOT GET ME. I was actually in tears a couple of times reading this book because I recognised some of the feelings and experiences as what I had been through and felt abnormal for having. Well, I found out I was normal!!! (Well, in those respects ) It was just a part of my introverted make-up. It just affirmed for me that I'm an ok person - not just to my accepting husband, but to the world. And if other people didn't think so, then that was their problem.

It also gave me permission to do some of those things we all do to survive. Like leave parties early. Actually, while I was reading this book I went to a party and discovered another individual hiding out in the corridor. We had a darn good chat, and I enjoyed the party all the more for it! And I didn't feel weird about it!

Yay! for books like these!