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period from hell?

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wow! I just started my period on Wed... no big deal. Jules is sleeping thru the night about 7 hour stretches. We are doing FAM so I was glad to get back into a predictable cycle. She is still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day.

My period started off totally normal and now has progressed to flood stage. I am going through a extra super tampon every 1.5 hours and wicked cramps that to me are worse than labor, cause there is no break. I even took the pain meds from after she was born, and it didn't help too much.

I am going back to bed now, but wondered if anyone else had experienced this misery?

BTW, not pregnant and miscarrying.


PS: I passed my semester of nursing school with a B average!!!!! one more to go!
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we;; I still haven't gotten mine back yet - *fingers crossed it stays away for a while*

but that's what mine were like prior to being pg. I actually used to use both a super tampon and a pad, and change both every 2 hours or so.

The only things I found to help the cramps were hot baths and musle relaxants

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I just had to comment on the 7 hour stretch thing...WOW!!! Elisabeth sleeps in 45 minute stretches ALL NIGHT LONG. So I obviously don't have any suggestions or opinions about aunt flow
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My fingers are also crossed that mine stays away for a while. Sorry you're in so much pain though

P.S. Arienne sleeps solidly from 8:30pm till 6:30am provided I'm sleeping with her through the night. And then at 6:30 she gets changed fed and sleeps for another 2 hours. I'm loving it. Shes been like this from about 3wks old.
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Well, I am glad THAT is over... hope the next one is not that way.... stocked up on supplies just in case. AF, relatives visiting, the holidays, the baptism and work, how much more could I take?

Julia sleeps mostly thru the night now ( 9 to 5ish). I think it is because she "tanks up" in the evening by nursing nonstop for a few hours. We also have to keep her nice and warm- swaddled up all cozy with a hat on. Any cool breeze and she will wake up.

Thanks mamas for all the nice words.
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I hope i dont get mine for awhile

Ava is still pretty unpredictable, any where from 3 hours till 9in a row, i never know what kind of night i will have, usually at least 5 or 6 the first stretch of night though. Im not complaining though, co-sleeping and 10 minute feeds are so easy.
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