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just wanted to see........

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hello ladies just wanted to see how everyone was doing today?! my son is driving me nuts : ,But ya gotta love em!!!!!!!!
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I'm tired and sore! (Our due dates are the same, BTW! )

I chase a 2 year old around so I can empathize with you and your 18 month old...
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We've been taking it easy today & went to go see Charlotte's Web this afternoon.
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I got all my Christmas decorations taken down today! I am feeling like I deserve a medal of some sort, it was a lot of work and I did almost all of it by myself. (My hubby took the tree out) Now I can start working on organizing and doing various baby preparations! Not today though...I'm beat!:
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Well I have too say.. My kids at least waited until Dec 26th too get sick I dealt with a preschooler who was sick for 3days..Wierd, all she had was very high fever.. nothing else. I mean she has not eatin in 3 days, but is well hydrated.. drinking is no issue, just no appetite, and NOW my son has been running the fever for 2 days, and he is just so miserable So they are keeping me very busy.
Ya know this crazy weather does not help matters either.. it has been in the 50's here for quite some time, what is up with that !?!?!? Supposed too be below zero right about now..Not rainy and spring like..
So, I am pretty tired...trying too get some stuff done *baby wise*.. Going too hit the stores tomorrow too get the rest of the stuff for my bag.. OOOOO I ordered the babies coming home outfit tonight, and I also ordered his baby book * One of my huge passions, keeping there baby books *..I should be pretty well on my way too getting prepared now

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I got two more items on my birth kit list today.. while doing that at the store we walked past the bathroom and a man came walking out.. DD(2.5) points and says "POOP mommy Poop!" ...the man laughed I was telling DD that we shouldn't point : So that was my day.. I'm going to look for the elusive drinking water safe hose for filling the tub tomorrow and I'll be done
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Originally Posted by timneh_mom View Post
I'm tired and sore! (Our due dates are the same, BTW! )

I chase a 2 year old around so I can empathize with you and your 18 month old...
I have the same due date as you ladies! I'm grumpy and tired and sore as well. I got leg cramps last night and my leg was sore all day. I cleaned out two closets today and my back is killing me. Still so much to do before baby arrives......
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add me to the Feb 7 due date club (according to my Dr. anyways- I know it's a bit earlier but I went late with DS so I fudged hahah)

I am sore and cranky and I am chasing after a 2 year old too.. this is his first week out of daycare and it has been hard to adjust!
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I missed this yesterday, so I'll post what's on tap for today. DH is off (he usually works Saturdays) so we are going to try and go into town and look at some second hand furniture shops. I'd love to have a glider to use with the baby for whenever we eventually move out. There's only one thrift store in town, so wish us luck! LOL!

Then I need to finish getting up a few things for the birth center and post-pardum.

As always, we're in a perpetual state of cleaning, straightening, etc. So when we return we'll do that. I'd love to get some sewing in, but who knows if I'll be in the mood by the end of the day. I'm starting to be really, really sore (like so many of you mentioned as well!) and by 7pm, I could literally drop. This pregnancy has been so different than my first...I never had this hit between the legs with a baseball bat feeling with DS#1...OWIE! LOL!

Take care, mamas!!
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Well, ds (also 2ish) decided to wake up at 5:30 this morning. Would not leave me alone to put my head down all morning long (like, had to be in my lap or otherwise interacting with me), and by 10 I was just exhausted and so we went to the mall : . I'm really missing being able to go outside, but it is cold and the wind is brutal and the snow is past ds' knees, so its not fun for him to play in.

Today I have got zero accomplished, but yesterday was awesome. We cleaned all the walls and most of the windowsills, I almost finished my friend's baby quilt (her baby is only 2 weeks old, so that's not too bad) and I got all our photos from 2006 ordered so I can put the photo albums together. But somehow between then and now my kitchen has become a complete disaster, the toys are strewn all over the living room and our laundry room floor is covered with dirty laundry . . . so I guess maybe I should have done normal cleaning instead.

OH, and it was my 13 yr. wedding anniversary yesterday. We got a babysitter and drove to this little town that has a decent Chineese food resteraunt (we get tired of running into people everywhere and occasionally have to go somewhere where we can be a bit annonymous). But that resteraun was closed, and the only other place in town (like, seriously there are two Chineese food resteraunts and then a scary lounge in this little town we went to) had really awful food. So we were feeling really gross last night. It was pretty typical of our attempts to go on dates / be romantic. We never really have got the hang of the whole romance thing. We did watch some of the third season of Corner GAs dvd I got dh for Christmas, though, and that was pretty fun.

I am in super crazy nesting mode. Its sort of like, "Well, if I can't sleep, I'll just rush around the house like a madwoman attempting to accomplish as much as I can before this baby gets here".

I seem to have passed through sore and come out the other side into dazed, generally annoyed at the world and wanting to bunk down and hide in my house until the baby arrives.
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