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OK, so I'm just getting silly here - but yesterday I was pondering how I needed to change the sheets on our bed but didn't have the motivation to do it. So during the night DS wet the bed and as I was changing the sheets this morning I thought "well I got what I asked for" (not thinking of The Secret) and then realised I *had* asked for it LOL and the universe answered. And in realising that, it took away my irritation of feeling I had an extra chore to do as well when I saw it as a success.

I also received my blank cheque from the Universe in my email this morning, so have printed it off and filled it in.

I changed it to "The sun is shining and the ice is glittering."
Ooooh, nice! Where I live (in New Zealand), the sun *is* shining and the grass is green.
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Last week I signed up my girls for dance classes. Yesterday I got the call back from the dance instructor. They needed ballet and tap shoes. (by this morning)
We don't have a dance supply store around here. and I managed to find some slippers at walmart. and drove by goodwill and felt the urge to stop there to see if they had any tap shoes...
sure enough there are not 1 but 3 pairs of shoes. one was my youngest girls size, the second was my oldest girls size and one size to grow into...
I was thrilled...

My 'money comes freely and frequently' mantra has been VERY successful..
time and time again....

My desire for a 'loving and committed' relationship has helped. 2 months ago dh wanted a divorce. today he's professing his undying love.
it's amazing.

i've been working on manifesting a copy of the secret for dh and my sister to watch. and I called an old friend to have lunch and catch up.
I mention the secret and she gets super exited and says how much she uses the law of attraction.... she has 2 copies of the secret and somehow her employer gets the dvds for 15 insted of 30....

I'm just thrilled over what the secret/law of attraction has done for me...
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Wow I just read this whole thread and I recognize many of you from the other secret threads -- I love how there are so many of them!!!!! It is difficult at times to keep up with them all but I am so thankful there is so much interest!

We have LOA/Secret successes everyday and I am so in awe at how our life is changing. Sure, the daily things seem *small* but since I am so aware of them, they just give me that *high* you all are talking about

The big thing we are manifesting is a children's album! My husband and I are both musicians and write our own music....we have always written seperately -- he does his thing, I do mine etc... but we mentioned different times "it would be cool to write together" then sort of just...didn't ...

Well, since our dd was born (she is 19 months) we have been really in a writer's block, both of us respectively --- I haven't written a new song in wow, like 4 years... and he hasn't for about 2 years ----

Then I get this inspired idea... to work together and create a LOA inspired children's album as a tribute to our daughter (and to children everywhere ) and I told dh... we can do this, we can manifest this, we can do this and it will touch people and be our way to financial freedom... all high and buzzing etc...

Well, after a FOUR year writing block... I have already written 6 songs for this CD and they are GOOD! It puts me in mind of when one of the guys in the Secret says "it will come easy, you could do it all day, it feels good" etc... because it is coming so easily to me!!! It also reminds me of the one guy who says "your purpose is what you say it is"....

So many things have been happening in our lives....wonderful, almost magical things that make me think for a second that we are living in some alternate reality (can anyone relate?) -- then I remember... everyone can do this if it is their intention --- live like this I mean. Like when Proctor says "enjoy life with us, because life is phenomenal"

Thank you ANNIKATE (Terri) for lending me The Secret. Although I had seen it through google etc... there is nothing like watching it every day for a period of time in a row....

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These stories are all so great!

I need time - I've been manifesting lots of it! Three of my students didn't show today - two hours of extra practice time! Plus I got ds a haircut right after his doctor's appointment, which meant we got home in time for me to have a quick nap after lunch and before his piano practice!

I also found $20 buried in the non-cash part of my purse, and $3 in the jeans that were in the laundry. I owed ds $6 on backed-up allowance but I gave him $10, on the grounds that there would be plenty more where that came from!
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I've been keeping track of my successes in my blog.

I'm manifested everything from a cup of coffee to a dream job. I went to college for graphic design, and had a hell of a time finding work in my field. There was simply.....nothing. I had given up on it, and have been working in administration since graduation. After watching the secret, I meditated very hard on getting some freelance work. Imagine my suprise when - out of the blue - an aquaintance from work asked me how I ended up in this job position, and I explained. He said "What a coincidence, I'm looking for a graphics person for a big contract I just got. I'll be in touch." I've been working in the evenings for the past month, making TRIPLE what I make at my "real" job, and enjoying the work and the challange. I continue to hold out hope that this will turn into something that will allow me to quit my "real" job.

Last year, DH had to go on short-term disability after an injury kept him out of work. We still have not received the payment (they lost the paperwork and we had to re-submit). Consequently, we've fallen direly behind on every single one of our bills. I'm lucky enough to have a group of online friends who got together and pooled some of their money together to help us out. It was incredible of them. But it was being held up in paypal. And I won't lie, I need the money desperately. We have utilities that will be shut off this week if we don't pay.

I had been in a bit of a downward spiral of feeling defeated, and haven't been practicing the secret. So on the bus this morning, I sat and visualized them contacting me to tell me the money had cleared. I visualized them typing out the email. Low and behold, I got to work, opened my email, and I found what I was looking for.

I need to ground myself a bit and visualize the check for my freelance work coming in. I need to visualize DH's disability check coming in. And then we'll be fine.

What else. I've manifested buses. Every single day that I've remembered to do it, I'll visualize my bus pulling up to the stop as I get there. And every time I've done it, the bus is there. It has nothing to do with the bus schedule, because I leave work at an odd time and the bus really shouldn't be there when I get to the stop. But it is.

I've manifested health. Twice since watching the secret, I've felt myself coming down with a cold. I could feel the telltale signs. Swollen glands, stuffy nose, sore throat. On the bus ride home, I'd repeat in my mind "Thank you for my health" over and over. And both times, the symptoms were gone by morning.

There was something else today, but I forget what it was! I'll update when I remember.

This is fun.

Edited to add! I remembered this when I stumbled into the decluttering forum. I've been doing a major decluttering of my house. My husband is away for a month, so unfortunately the boxes and bags of "Goodwill" stuff are sitting in the garage, as I'm obviously not bussing them (he has the car). Yesterday at work I was looking up different websites to see if any of the major charities would do a pick-up. Nope, not in my area. One recently burned down, and they're dealing with that. The other has never done pick-ups in my end of the city. Bleh. So I asked for a way to get rid of this junk.

Last night at dinner, I got an annoying telemarketer phonecall. They started by saying "Hello this is the Cystric Phibrosis foundation and.." I started to inturrupt, because I'm broke and it upsets me when people ask for money. She inturrupted me to say "Oh, no, don't worry, we're not asking for money. We're raising money and are wondering if you have anything to give away. Maybe clothing, small appliances, that sort of thing." My jaw dropped and I said "Oh, perfect timing, I have about 7 bags and boxes of things to part with." She said she was happy that she hit the jackpot. They'll be coming to pick up the stuff next week. All I need to do is mark it, and leave it in my driveway. Excellent!
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WOW! Nikki, that's AWESOME! Reading these are so cool! Capt Crunchy, LOVE watching you on your journey! And YES to living in an alternate reality--I've always suspected as much.
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Crunchy, LOVE watching you on your journey!
aww shucks Kate, you say the nicest things to me Thanks so much for your support!
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I am loving these stories too!

nak so I'll post more later . . .
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Originally Posted by ~Nikki~ View Post
They started by saying "Hello this is the Cystric Phibrosis foundation and.." I started to inturrupt, because I'm broke and it upsets me when people ask for money. She inturrupted me to say "Oh, no, don't worry, we're not asking for money. We're raising money and are wondering if you have anything to give away.

you manifested a whole foundation

GREAT stories!
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Originally Posted by greenluv View Post
Yep, it was pretty cool. I just want to touch on this "knowing" feeling for a minute. When I feel I know something, I have this strange almost -but -maybe- not -quite -giddy feeling that swells up full in my chest. It's too strong to be ignored and I found my attention being yanked back to it when I tried to put it off because I was busy. This is a feeling that doesn't go away until I do whatever it is I "need" to do.
This just reminded me of awhile back when my husband's new-to-him-hadn't-even-made-the-first-payment truck was stolen from in front of the house, in the middle of the night. I did a little ritual a home, writing an affirmation and binding it to the truck keys...did some meditation on finding the truck, which my husband and a friend had reported stolen and had wondered around town aimlessly looking for all day. Then, I set out in my car to find it.

I wasn't gone long when I'd driven into an apartment complex and saw a decent-condition highchair sitting by a dumpster. Being the frugal folks that we are, and since it was an item we needed, I drove home to have my husband come with me in the van to pick it up. We drove down, loaded it up, and were about to drive home when I demanded-much to my husband's irritation-that we turn right instead, and drive down a side road next to a Dairy Queen. I'd seen a similar truck in someone's driveway earlier, and wanted to point it out to him to make sure that wasn't his. Anyway, we get halfway down the street, and there on the corner in plain view is my husband's truck! With a police officer parked a half block away!

I left my husband there with the officer and drove home to get the keys, which I had to cut from the affirmation/intent I'd written about an hour prior.

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wow, your stories are really wonderful! I just love reading them and feeling the reverbiration over here!!! I have to work on manifesting myself writing down my manifestations!!
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we found out before Christmas that a friend of ours has a serious, life-threatening illness. I've been sending Reiki and meditating/visualizing improved health and complete recovery for him, and today we got the wonderful news that his outlook is more positive than the doctors initially thought. He may be able to have surgery-we are so so hopeful with this option now being available to him, and are focusing on him being able to have it, and it being completely successful.
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on a much smaller scale-I furnished the landing in our house with LoA recently-sent the message to the universe of what pieces I wanted and how much I was willing to pay. Found exactly what I envisioned and all for the budget I had allocated! I made the space a work area for dh, because I want him to have nice things after he's deprived himself for so long, and the energy in the space is remarkable, if I do say so myself! He's going around with a bounce in his step like he just got laid! It must make him feel some powerful second chakra stuff.
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I got approved for financing on a home for my family. now to work on finding that right home for us.
this was a really big step for us.
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Originally Posted by mata View Post
on a much smaller scale-I furnished the landing in our house with LoA recently-sent the message to the universe of what pieces I wanted and how much I was willing to pay. Found exactly what I envisioned and all for the budget I had allocated!
I did this, too! I was looking on Craigslist and I wanted a very specific dining room table: one that was round (good feng shui), but had a leaf to expand it. Solid wood, with a single solid base (not 4 legs). To go with it, I wanted 4 or 5 chairs, on casters (we'll have a wood floor at our new place). I wanted them to be padded on the seat AND the back. I didn't care what color they were since I intend to reupholster them. I said I'd pay up to $100 for it all but in my mind I REALLY meant $50 - I didn't want to pay more than $50.

I found the table for $50 - it was EVERYTHING I wanted.

Then I found the chairs for FREE! FREE! And they were EXACTLY what I had in mind. EXACTLY.

The Universe really does deliver!

I can't wait to see what kind of job my DH manifests for our move!
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Had a good one today-
When I moved here three years ago I would go for walks down a very quaint dirt road that ran along side a creek. At the end of the road was an old covered bridge and just beyond it was a beautiful estate and horse farm. I used to look at the estate and wish that I could live there, it has a very dreamy feeling to it.
Today I started a job that I manifested. Just like Darwinphish (I think it was her) it is a job that I would have passed up for being to little pay, but I recognized it immediately as an opportunity. I will be helping caretake in a home with people who have severe mental illnesses. It is a holistic, spiritual, and very lovely place and I am so happy to have found it.
Well, today I went to the second house that belongs to this group, and yes, it is on the very estate that I used to long for. I thought of you all and smiled!
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Hi everyone!

I am posting a moderator update here that has been put in the main Spirituality forum:

Thanks so much for your participation in the Spirituality Forum!

Before posting new Secret/LoA threads, please stop and check existing LoA threads first. There have been many different angles of LoA support discussed here already. In many cases, new posts will get a stronger response in existing threads.

Going forward, moderators will be merging new threads into existing threads if they are similar, for the sake of better forum organization.

If you have any questions, please PM me anytime.


Please make an effort to post your needs in existing threads, of which there are many on this topic. Please do not begin a spin off thread without first searching this and other forums to see if your topic may be posted to an existing discussion. New LoA threads will be merged into existing LoA threads if they share very similar themes.

Thanks for helping us keep the Spirituality forum organized!
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Ok, here's an embarassing/neat/funny one. DH suffers from hemorrhoids. It's something that seems to run in his family, and they get incredibly horrifying ones. The last time he got one, he was out of work for 2 months, and was told that he would definitely need surgery the next time he got one.

Much to my dismay, he called me on Thursday and mentioned that he could feel one coming on. This is not good, because we're just finally starting to see the sun peeking through the clouds, when it comes to our financial life. He just started a new job making much better pay than he used to, and we're finally starting to catch up on bills. Knowing that DH could end up having to miss work over this was upsetting for me, because it would be such a financial set back. He doesn't get paid sick days at his new job. On Friday, he called at around noon and told me he had gone home early. He just couldn't work through the pain. He said he could tell it was going to be a bad one. He said that he'd be visiting the doctor when he got home on the weekend, to see about scheduling surgery.

I remembered the part from The Secret where the woman healed her own cancer. I figured "Hey, it can't hurt", so all day long, I kept repeating "Thank you for DH's healing", and visualized the hemorrhoid going away. Gah, so silly! But I did it anyway. When he came home this weekend, I asked how he was feeling. "Horrible," he said. And I told him "Nope, you're feeling great. Keep repeating that." He has watched The Secret with me in the past, so he knew what I was referring to. So he played along and pretended that he was fine. Saturday afternoon, I asked how he was feeling. "Uh...I'm actually feeling ok!" is what he told me. By the time he left for work this afternoon, he said he could barely feel it. It was actually going away with no medication, and no surgery. Neat!
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Nikki, that is AWESOME!!!!
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Wow, Nikki! That's great! And perfect timing for me to read. My mother is here visiting for the weekend and we watched part of The Secret last night and plan to finish it this morning. It worked out that the kids needed to go to bed just when the health stories were starting, so that's where we'll pick up today. Perfect (of course!), because she'll be fresh and awake to hear what may be most important for her to re-learn. She has MS and a host of other health issues, and I think she can really use stories like this to help her see what her body really is capable of.

Speaking of my mother, and in the spirit of LoA successes... Our family moved a lot growing up, and my mother continues to be a moving target! She is always packing up her house and moving to a new city/province. Every time she moves, she leaves all her furniture behind (gives it all away) and within weeks of being in a new place she has a fully furnished aparment - all free stuff. (She never has money when she moves.) She has always trusted that it will work out, and it has so many times that she now holds it as a firm belief. And now, not only does she get stuff, but she gets excellent, often brand new stuff that suits her tastes perfectly! Seriously - it's so wonderful and completely unbelievable (if you don't believe in LoA ) to see it unfold. It was a perfect example for me to explain to my mother how she is already fantastic at manifesting! Oh, and this is a belief she has passed on to me, so all us mothers can rest assured that witnessing this trust in the universe rubs off on kids! (I've been saying for years that the universe will make stuff that I need appear when I need it... I just never had labels like LoA to apply to that belief. )
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