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I just watched the google version of The Secret today since we can't download the view once version on the official website here in New Zealand and to import a copy is spendy.

Anyhow, I've been visualising for years (after reading Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization about 15yrs ago).

I have created both houses that I have brought - with our current house, as soon as I walked in the front door I knew it was the one. I then found my 'wish list' a few years later and every aspect on it matched.

I have used this for finding most of my homes and renting with others. I have noticed though if I don't get specific enough that it leaves things quite open to interpretation with the universe (eg. I created one place where I was to live with others, created my wish list based on my previous living experiences, but didn't factor in 'security' (as there had been no indication it had been an issue with other places) and the place I chose, the other people were too lax on closing windows when no one was home or at nights (and I even had a large amount of money stolen out of my check account by one of the people which is just not the kind of thing that happens to me) so when I created my next home I factored this in and the next home was a perfect match and even came with a house alarm and the person already living there was pretty anal about it and I lived there several yeas until he sold the house lol!).

I also created dh - he turned up as a friend of a friend.
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i manifested a beautiful home in the country on 17 acres of land and still only 12 minutes from town (on my treasure map) the house we sold brought us more money than we ever thought we could get so we also ended up paying off all our debt (except our mortgage ) and bought a beautiful solid pine bedroom set (also on my treasure map).
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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders View Post
I also manifested a win in a holiday helper raffle!
I did that, too, a few days ago, only I won lip balm in a hyena cart lottery.
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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders View Post
I also manifested a win in a holiday helper raffle!
Me too! I got one thing that I really put my intention on, and then I actually won two other things as well. The first win wasn't a surprise - I loved that "I knew it!!" feeling of excitement when I got the email. The other two were a little shocking.
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The more I read about The Secret, I've realized thats how I got my house. We had lived in the city for years, paid to send kids to a Catholic school because the school system was crap and always wanted to move to where dh grew up: the 'burbs. We listed our house a few years back, and got no offers, nothing. Made an offer on a house we loved, on a main road though, and lost it because ours didn't sell. Our realtor was very laid back, wouldn't even call the one couple who took a second look, so that was that.

Then we had baby #5. Started sorta talking about looking for a new house so we looked online, went and saw one, it needed a LOT of work, was kinda small, nice yard and barn...made an offer, rejected. Mind you we hadn't even begun to clean up or anything on our house..... then I saw THE house. Old, built in 1832, hardwood floors, four fireplaces, one acre yard, a bench swing outside, tire swing in another old tree......went and looked at it and its a mess. BUT I sat in the swing, dreaming about living here. I drove by a million times staring at that swing, peeking in the windows when no cars in the driveway.
It was a little more than our price range. But we did it, made another offer. Cleaned our house top to bottom: IT SOLD AT THE OPEN HOUSE and here we are.
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Just a quick one- I manifested "Put Your Records On" (my current feel-good song) by Corinne Bailey Rae twice today.
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I just manifested happiness out of sadness. Well, really I just became really grateful.

My DP's daughter is here for Christmas break. She is leaving on Wed. Whenever she gets here there's a little adjustment period and she and I feel a bit weird around each other, but by the end of the weekend, which we all just spent together, she was asking me not to leave.

But, I had to come home, and as soon as I walked in the door I burst into tears. I had a nice little cry and then I just started saying "I'm so grateful that my heart feels this pain because it means that I love her. I'm so grateful to be sad that the weekend is over because it means that we all had such a nice time. I'm so grateful for all the time I get to spend with her."

I because I .
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oh, f&f that is beautiful!
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I watched 'the secret' about 4 weeks ago with a friend.
My marriage was really rocky. We had been seperated for about 3 weeks and had just decided to work things out a few days before.
I have been manifesting happiness in my life, and a loving man in my life (expecting the universe to deliver my husband back) and the past month has been amazing.
I have disfused many arguements, and breakdowns that would happen daily.
My happiness has rubbed off on dh, cause we are doing better than we have in years...

I made a list of things that I wanted to manifest. One was a new camera. Then on xmas eve my son put my camera in a glass of tea. And with the holiday the next day I couldn't go without a camera and dh had worked a 70 hour week a few weeks back and we had just gotten the check so we had the money and the reason.... I didn't connect it at first, but its so obvious...
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I had another one today!

We decided to go and buy dd a big bed - I had in mind $500 was what I was going to spend (I'm in NZ, so don't worry about the value ). The ones I really liked were around $700, so I picked the one I liked and we just decided to go with that. Anyway, they had told us there was a 10% discount already, but by the time they put it all through on the computer, it seemed that the mattress we picked was actually $100 cheaper than was on the label and there was an extra 10% off - bed total $508!
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Ok, my story is pretty silly but I like it For the first time I tried manifesting something concrete. A plastic cat food can lid I was in the supermarket and thought they'd be by the cat food cans but no (that would make too much sense ). So I'm walking up and down the aisle trying not to get discouraged because I know they have to have them. I was sitting there thinking that if I start thinking I won't find it, then I won't (whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right). Finally I got myself as positive as I could and visualized myself reaching up and pulling down a package of them off the shelf. I repeated that image in my head a few times and decided I'd walk through the aisle one more time and I'd find it. Well, I did

Ok, so not impressive, but that's the first time I tried that so I was happy
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thanks for the reminder on that. I manifested beds at great price too a few weeks ago.

I had already determined in my mind exactly what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend, we were replacing mine and dd's beds. I did an internet search, because we just moved to the area and I know nothing about any of the stores here and found a discount place immediately, no prices listed though. I checked the regular chain stores and the pillowtops I wanted were going to run alot more than I wanted to spend for both, for just for one bed. We drove to the discount place not knowing what we would find and got both very well made pillow tops for the exact price I was willing to pay.
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I've had fantastic results, I can messages are the best.

It's helped in my relationship with dh and the children. Telling them how I feel and what my expectations are and asking them about their expectations is key to avoiding conflict. Also, I will not have a repeat fight with dh.

I tell myself I can achieve my goals, that I need to see how I am going to succeed, I pray for my path to be open up and made obvious to me. There's no I can't.

String theory is amazing to me, simply amazing that everything in this universe is interconnected with everything else.
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let's see...... we sold our house, i started losing baby weight, i found the perfect dress for my cousin's wedding (read: mil is making it for me!), and we're building a new house on my mom's land..... actually, my whole attitude is a success story, as far as i'm concerned. healing from my c-s--mentally, emotionally, physically..... yeah.
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Well, this might be a success, maybe one of you can see it better than me. I have been working on manifesting positive things in my financial life, since that is a major cause of stress for me, and something I am trying very hard to come to terms with in the coming year.

I have 2 credit cards, with a not small amount on them from starting my own business. They have low interest rates, and while I tend to make the payments close to the due date, they are always on time. One of the companies was bought by a bank, so I went to the bank last month to make a payment 2 days before it was due. I asked the woman to make sure it would show up on time, and she said yes, but if it didn't to just call and tell them that I had been at the bank 2 days before the due date and they would take care of it.

Well, I get the bill today and almost had a heart attack. They payment showed up as coming in 3 days later (so, it showed up as late) so there was a late fee, but the worst of it was that my interest rate had been changed to 24.99%!!!

So, I called the CC company to explain everything. And have them fix it. The girl didn't seem to care that the bank had mispresented things to me, she kept telling me I had paid late. Then she acted like she was doing me a big favor by taking the late fee off and putting my interest rate back where it should be. But, she wouldn't lower the interest rate for this current payment, so that made the payment about $200 more than it normally was, due to the exorbitant interest rate.

I kept telling her that she was able to lower the payment for this month, but she wouldn't do it. I told her I would cancel the card if she didn't, and did she really want to lose all my future business over $200. She said she couldn't fix it so I canceled the card.

As we were getting off the phone, she said "If you change your mind, feel free to call back." I said, "Ok, and if you change your mind, feel free to call me."

I then called my other CC company and moved some of the balance over there, to a much lower interest rate for the life of the transfer.

First of all, I don't even know if I used the LOA during that whole experience, I was sure as heck trying, though. But, I think maybe it was a success overall because it closes an open credit account (which had a high credit limit, which I think is worse for a credit score because I could potentially have charged $30,000 more dollars or something), it moves some of the balance to a much smaller interest rate.

Can anyone see anything else positive here?
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f&f... from what I know about debt, the recommended way to pay down is to consolidate where possible and pay the minimum on the higher balance/lowest interest rate item(s) and whack on whatever you can on the lowest balance/highest interest rate item(s) so that it gets paid off as soon as possible. It seems that your current situation now gives you a perfect opportunity to do just that!
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Great thread!

I manifested my house before dh and I met and then manifested dh not too long after that. Also during that time I manifested a new car.

I didn't really know what I was doing though. Well, at least I wasn't *practicing* it like I am today. And I tell ya, I need all the practice I can get.

Right now, I'm working on manifesting the ability to manifest.
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I manifested my DH using the 'pink bubble' meditation described in Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. I recorded the meditation on an audiotape and listened to it every day for several months. I think hearing affirmations in one's own voice can be extremely powerful.
Now I'm trying to manifest increased income for my family.

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I have one, too.

This Christmas I was expecting my family to come here to visit us. My mom's SO had been having health trouble since the end of Oct. and he was finally diagnosed with colon cancer the week before Christmas. The day he was diagnosed, they called and asked if we would come to them for the holidays and I said I would -not even worrying about how I would scrape together the cash to make this big trip.

I took the cash I had on hand and made the trip, believing all the while that the money would work out and make it's appearance when it was needed.

Once we arrived, I had the feeling that I should make a trip to the casino-on Christmas Eve, no less. I hate even typing the word "casino" because I really don't like gambling and have never been a fan of going to the casino. When I told my mom and dh that I needed to go to the casino to "get my money" my mom looked at me like I was a nutcase. She's like "YOU want to go gambling?? I just told her I was going to win, I knew it. We went and I played the $20 I was willing to risk and walked out with $2,000.00 in hand. Winning that money allowed us to stay for the full 9 days and we had a very nice holiday with my family!
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Wow greenluv, that's great!

I love how you just "knew" it and it was just the matter of going and getting it
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