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9 cm in 4 weeks!?! Help

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I have always measured right on with all 3 children. But at my MW appointment yesterday I grew 9 cm in 4 weeks! I have only gained 20lbs and am 33 weeks but 38.5 cm.

Has anyone else had a sudden gain in measurment?
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I tend to be either just behind or WAY ahead when my midwife measures me. Same thing happened with dd. Appt before last I was 29wks and measuring at 28. Next appt at 31wks, I was at 34cm! And I only gained half a pound in that time (I'm used to 3-10lb gains between appts, I've gained a total of 40lbs.). I'm curious to see where I'm at on Tuesday.
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It happens to me alot too. Sometimes baby is laying sideways at one appt and then up and down the next. That can make a big difference.
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baby could be in a weird position. i lost 5CM in one day when one of my twins flipped from transverse to breech, i wouldn't worry about it.
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Yep, baby was probably doing some crazy stretch or twisted sideways or something.

I measured 33 cm waaay back before 30 weeks, and then was dead on again at the next appt.

Heck, you cna measure yourself if it mkaes you feel better. Baby butt sticking up/out, baby sideways, baby doing anything can change the measurment.
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Not sudden here, that is just how I grow my babies I'm 34 weeks 4 days, and measuring at 39 cm. I love having the same midwife as I had with Alex and Sammy. I was 37 cm with Alex at 35 weeks and 41 cm with Sammy at 34 weeks
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and babies do grow the most during these last 8 weeks. so it's not that weird that baby grew lots AND was in a weird position.

i am suddenly eating a lot and so know baby is growing lots too.

(feeling big as a house too!)
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At 31 weeks I measured 34cm. I do grow big babies and they run in the family, but I and my midwife were not concerned. They go through growth spurts and so do you, so just like all the other arbitrary scales during pregnancy, fundal height can sometimes be "way off" No worries.
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Originally Posted by kathan12904 View Post
At 31 weeks I measured 34cm.
heh heh... at 32 weeks i measured 36.5 cm. i measured ahead with my son too, but he was 7 pounds 4 ounces, so i'm not too concerned.
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Thank you for all the replies. I have just never in 3 pregnancies measured more than 1cm off but, I am not worried anymore. Thank you! I just wish that she would get out from under my ribs!:
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