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divorce with no lawers?

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Can it be done? ive been seperetted from my stbx for over 4 years, in fact in a few months it will be 5 years. We attempted divorce almost 4 years back, i had a lawyer to help me out and he didnt. He didnt do half the stuff he was supposed to in due time (like the stupid parenting class) and then we moved. Anyways one of my new years resolutions is to rid myself of him completly. However i can NOT afford a lawyer, and the only free ones around here, will only help in cases of domestic violence. Hell i can prove emotional but he isnt around enough to try and lay a hand on me.

Anyhoot, i dont even know the first steps on what to do. Any of you seasoned mama's wanna give me a bit of advise?
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are you sure there isnt a womens center in your area that can help you? i dont live there anymore, but for example i know of one in the Twin Cities that helped a friend of mine out with similar questions and they didnt have a rule aobut domestic violence, i dont think.
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No im not certain, but i do know that in all my searchs online for legal aid the ONLY one in my area, i called and they said they couldnt help me. She gave me a number to call for reduced fee lawyers but i cant even afford that! i just saw someone bump an older thread though so im gonna check that one out.
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Will he contest the divorce?

You can buy a do-it-yourself kit and serve him and see what he does. You could also consult with a law student or something and see if they would help you draw one up?

If he decides to contest it though, you would be better off with a lawyer to represent you. I know a woman who represented herself and lost custody of her children.

If he was willing to go to mediation, the two of you could easily come up with an agreement there and then file it at the courthouse.

There are options, but it will depend on which way he goes with it.

Good luck.
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the courthouse near you may have something like a volunteer family law facilitator who acts kind of like a librarian in navigating hte legal forms.
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I did our whole divorce myself, no lawyers, no kits, etc. I did a lot of research, spent hours in the library with the divorce reference books, and had the whole thing briefly looked over by legal aid (free) when I was done. XH and I were in agreement on everything and as amicable as possible, and while it was a ton of work, it went through without a hitch.

I don't recommend it for anyone who isn't organized, skilled in research and paperwork, and in total agreement with their ex.
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