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What do I need to start needle felting?

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I have way too many craft ideas (i.e. $$ spent on crafts) already, but I am thinking about spending some of my birthday money on crafts and want to try this. Can someone suggest a good book and basic supplies, please? I'd love to do a Kathy Kruse-like nativity set for next year.
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All you actually need is a needle and some wool. When I took it up (which was quite recently) my mother treated me to the whole shabbang though and it is handy. She got me one of these http://www.clover-usa.com/dyn_prod.p...3874&p=CLV8900 and this http://www.clover-usa.com/dyn_prod.p...3874&p=CLV8910 and roving at our LYS. There are other versions of the multi-needle holder around on the web but the clover is the only one at my LYS, it's nice it has a shield that locks when not in use and is springy. The mat is really just an overpriced scrub brush but mom bought it for me anyway b/c it is clean stable and the bristles are the perfect depth for the multi-needle tool.

I didn't bother with a book or anything I just looked at so online instructions. Here are the instructions to make a ladybug http://www.mielkesfarm.com/ladybug_dir.htm . Here are the instuctions for dolls http://www.blacksheepdesigns.com/fel...structions.htm .

So far I've made a gnome and a toy car, and broken 2 needles. The gnome is entirely from roving and quite firm, especially after I washed then sent him for a ride in the dryer. The bulk of the car is old sweaters I felted in the washing machine. The sweaters only sort of hold together on there own needle felted you definitely need the roving to firm everything up.
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You can use a thick piece of foam or a pice of rigid foam insulation for a work surface too. I would invest in extra needles as especially in the beginning you break a lot of them. I got a multineedle set from Maplerose in Canada and had roving already. For the insides of my creations I use wool batting from mostly meat breed sheep (it is easy to get it free around here) and wash it on my own and have it processed but I know I have seen good prices for batting mentioned in here or in doll crafts forum. I use roving for the outsides. There are a few fun books around but really if you just play around with the materials, starting simply with a ball and figuring out what works for you, it is pretty simple stuff. Have fun with it! It is easy to get hooked! You can see a few of my creations on my blog.
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Thanks so much. Antannie, your felted toys are adorable! I got interested in this when I read one of your posts a couple of months ago and saw your work. It is lovely.
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Thank you Colleen!
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