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Tonight I tossed:
1 magazine
3 of dd's old, stained shirts
1 of my old, stained shirts

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15 pieces of Clothing
6 Books
1 V Smile Baby (christmas present listed on ebay)


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If I go on a rampage, there will be one and only one. I may get rid of a lot of stuff but I will end up leaving most things half done. Which is what I did to begin with. It really does help subscribing to this thread though. I feel the need to do something just so I can post my progress. I went through the girls books after they went upstairs, 29 books gone. I do feel kinda bad counting these because we will be getting them some new books, but maybe not for awhile, and not 29 of them. These are the books that when they asked to read we were always like, no not that one. But we have such a hard time getting rid of books...And is it sad that I went through their toys with them, but had to wait to go through their books without them? I knew exactly which ones needed to go, there is still one that I need to find that is possible my dh hid somewhere. I was hoping for an even 30
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So I did get started today. I got 100 items together out of my kids rooms with dd's clothing that is too small I have it next to the door to take out to the car tomorrow. The kids room is clean now and mostly decluttered although the toys is a whole other story. They will come later. Tomorrow will be my room and bathroom if I get to it.

100/750(decided to commit to that)
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so does it count if dh dropped a box of christmas ornaments and we had to throw most of them out?!? at any rate, mostly i've been cleaning today, but hope to be back on the decluttering wagon in the next few days. other than the broken stuff probably only about one to two dozen items went today.
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Yesterday I took 14 pieces of baby clothes, one baby bjorn, and one grocery cart cover to the resale shop. So that's 16 items and hopefully a little cash!
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Originally Posted by renaissanceed View Post
This is how we got the dishes under control. We can only fit a small number of dishes in the kitchen cupboards now that most of them have been torn down. As a result, we have to wash dishes every day! I imagine it would work well with laundry too...

Dishes use to be a problem for me too. I had like 5 sets. Why on earth did I think I needed that many??? I got one set I LOVE for my wedding this past July and that was the only one I kept. Im a clean sink freak, and have been for the last 2years or so. thanks to fly lady and her darn shiny sinks!
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count me in! I'm aiming for at least 100 items by Friday (the National Kidney Foundation will be in our area for pick up) and another 200 more by the end of the month!
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I nearly made my December goal, so I think I will stick with the same number (200).

Yesterday I Freecycled/Freeshared a battery charger, 4 batteries and 4 adapters.

So, 9/200 for me so far.

I am going to try to sell some items this month (usually I just donate or give away.)
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do I need racketball rackets? hmmmm
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I have yet another bag of little pieces of paper, notes envelopes and such to recycle, and I discovered I still have the phone book for 2004-2005, so it's on it's way out too.
Not much more, working slowly, I WOH.
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Previous total:23/150
Today 3 Jan I got out of my house:
1 tea kettle
1 dish towel
1 hanger
1 file folder case
1 pant/top set
1 coffee cup
1 necklace
4 ice cream bowls
4 desert bowls
2 baby bottom pant thingies
1 cookbook
2 packages of cards
3 books
1 magazine
2 kitchen spoons
1 un-opened packet of elastic
New total: 50/150 - not bad for the 3rd day of the month and I have not gone through any rampages yet - lol
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count me in. I'll try 150.
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I recycled/gave away FIVE phonebooks! I even kept three. :
Plus a magazine.

Add that to the box from a few days ago and I'm already at 7/100. Slow and steady...
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My kitchen counter is covered with stuff to donate and sell, and I have two Rubbermaid containers of toys and clothes in DD's room. I don't feel like I can count it because it's not out of the house yet, but I probably have at least 150 items in "pending mode," LOL. We also inventoried our china and crystal to sell. That's easily another 150 items. I just hope I can get all this stuff OUT of the house soon.
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so far 94/500 ... not bad for a few days work

I've decluttered a significant amount of yarn (mostly acryllic that I donated to my nephews' preschool) and cleaned out the crafts cupboard a bit. I *need* to work on my desk ... but yikes! I think I need a strong pot of coffee and some gathering up of the courage for that one ... maybe this weekend? :

Sounds like we're doing awesome folks! LOVE reading everyone's success - inspiring!
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7 pairs of shoes
7 egg cartons
3 empty boxes
some twine
some used dryer sheets
2 broken coffee mugs
1 drinking cup
1 broken spaghetti spoon
1 empty febreze bottle
1 plastic "belongings" bag
2 sports bottles
18 cooking magazines
4 "cookbooks"
1 tackle box
1 recipe card holder
3 sets of recipe cards
1 pair holey gloves
2 broken rice cookers
1 stool
popsicle/craft sticks
plastic spoons
blade covers

So, the stuff that I've actually removed from the apartment - 61/300 things
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Thread Starter 

144/750...and away we go!

trash/donate/give away

21 junk toy/plastic
4 stencil brushes
1 sheet stickers
1 sm.piece of embroidery
10 packs of paint chips (the entire Martha Stewart paint chip collection)
1 eyelash curler
1 pacifier
1 lipgloss
2 packages of permanent markets (not with kids...no way)
20 used up pens
14 small metal locker doors (garage)
1 broken tub lid
1 scuzzy t-shirt
1 scuzzy mattress pad
2 scuzzy shorts
10 toys
19 prs. kids socks (!!!)
10 mismatch socks
8 prs. girls unders
16 kids clothing items
fling! fling! fling!
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I went through several boxes in the basement today and bagged up a lot of trash. Old papers, moldy stuff etc. I also packed up a fair amount for the donation pickup in the morning. I'll count the donations tomorrow when they actually leave the house, but the trash I'll add to my tally now.

Included in the morning's garbage are Dh's stacks of photocopied handouts from high school, and copies of his resume from 1986. :

Ideally these would have gone to recycling, but that's not for another two weeks and the papers are pretty rank with mold and mildew.

So far - 50
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Cleaned an amazing amount of CRAP out of my diaper bag. That feels goooooood.
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