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I'm not setting a number (because then I would actually have to take the time to count my stuff). Instead, I just want to get as much as possible out!

I'm counting this weekend as part of January to give myself a headstart. We've done really well about decluttering, so the house is not too bad. Last night..I did get dh to agree to part from all of his taped Red Wings games (we don't even have a VCR hooked up anymore). Plus, we had a tub of Little People stuff in the storage room. They were there because we don't generally have plastic toys, but dh didn't want to just donate them. So, most of those are going over to the ILs house tomorrow so that the kids can still occassionally play with them (as opposed to now when we never have them out)- and not have MIL bringing out old water damaged toys (probably hidden mold) from when dh and his brothers were kids.
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I'm all over this. But like another poster...I don't want to have to count so I'll say I'm going to purge 1/3 of our household items. I really need to get into our mb closet and also the kitchen...I have alot of pots and pans/tupperware that could go. Dh and I did great in awesome. I took a car full to the bargain box and 3 loads went to the dump, plus I've freecycled like mad! Very excited. I thought I'd struggle more with this, but I actually feel lighter letting go of some of this stuff.
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ok, I'm in for 200 plus I want empty space available in every closet.
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I have a small family (just me and toddler DD) and a small house apartment, so I'll have to go small with 75. I actually can't imagine finding 75 things I can weed out, so this will be a challenge for me. It's time to go through the baby's toys, so this will motivate me.
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Im in and have started today. Now since this is my first I have to ask do you count per item or per bag??

Thanks! I'll post my number when I find out the answer
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Originally Posted by gratefulbambina View Post
Im in and have started today. Now since this is my first I have to ask do you count per item or per bag??

Thanks! I'll post my number when I find out the answer
Usually it's per item But if you have a drawer full of papers, you might not want to count every piece of paper, so you could count it as one or five, etc.
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Originally Posted by Vixenmama View Post
yep! link's in the siggy!
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Ok Im going to go high since its January & I have the decluttering fever I'll say 1000

Today Ive gotten rid of

9 Magazines
6 Misc
7 Toys
4 Pair of Shoes
10 hangers

36 items so far today by cleaning out most of our closet
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Well I'm in. I'm not going to count by individual item either though. I'll go by bag/box/container.

I just dropped of 3 bags of stuff at good will this week. If I go through my papers I bet I can throw away at least 1 bag. I have 3 boxes boxed up and ready to ship that i'm going to e-bay. I gave 1 box of stuff to a mama to be friend of mine. So that makes 8 boxes total so far. I'm going to go with a small challenge and say I can find 15 bags/boxes to give/donate/sell or throw away.

I'm going to take today and tommorrow and do some purging in my dd's room. I know I can find 3 boxes worth in there. It really needs it and I think it will be eaisier for her if I do it now while she's visiting my dad. So she can have a clean slate this year to work with.

It really is exciting now that i've hit the point where I can start to see the space around my stuff ykwim? I have looked enviously at these challenges before and now I'm ready!
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I'm in. My eventual goal is to empty the office and turn it into a dining room. The January part of this will be emptying my desk and getting rid of the desk itself.
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Well so far for me, I have semi-cleaned out our bedroom closet.
45 items and counting, which is all clothes and toys so far... Pheeew, that felt good. Plus I have a box of dishes and another bag of clotes ready to go, so I would say I am gonna hit my 150 goal pretty quickly!
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I'm going big - 1000 items! I started yesterday - 20 canned goods that I have not and probably never will use. 2 containers of juice that had been sitting in my pantry since my last WIC appointment over a year ago. 1 ugly plastic xmas gift for the baby that I returned today for cash at Walmart to buy trash bags and lightbulbs.

I think there was more, but I wasn't counting yesterday. So, I'm up to 23/1000.
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Wait, I forgot all the baby toys I got rid of yesterday - easily another 20 items. Oh, and the 6 pairs of shoes (I'll count them as 1 item for each pair) - so I'm up to 49.
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Okay, we need to do this, so I'm going to go for 500 items this month (yikes!)

I mean, I *easily* have 500 things to get rid of ... but will my overwhelmed heiny do it is the question :

Good luck, mamas! Happy New Year! Here's to less stuff!
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Woohoo! I got my first item! I tossed an old box that has been sitting on our kitchen shelf for 3 years, serving no purpose whatsoever.
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I am in! I'm going to go for 500. I did close to that last month as well, but this month I'm going to try harder.

What is a TREASURE MAP? I looked on the thread you posted in the OP but I didn't get a good idea of what it is still. Please help!?
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I'm subbing! This is just the motivation I need to get my garage cleared and straightened where we can actually use it for a car!

Hmmm... I'll make my goal 200 since I'm new to this.
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Kara- come see out new year thread for the June06 mamas...

I just informed dh he is cleaning out the garage tomorrow. That might be 999 of what I need to get rid of...
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oooo..the garage. Yeah, I've been decluttering all our stuff INTO the garage to get it out of the house - so all the stuff that we have decluttered needs to get out of the garage and elswhere...
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I'm a newbie at this too but know I need to declutter and simplify. I'm setting my goal at 300 which sounds like sooo much right now but all the little stuff will add up I'm sure.

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