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I have been so unmotivated this past week... but have been silently cheering you mommas!

I did finally get the kitchen playset trashed.
2 cement garden figures that was broken and had been sitting beside my house for 6 months are also GONE! YAY!

New total: 71/200

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I got rid of 20 things on saturday and then another 25 things today.

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I did a major nesting/cleaning spree. Got rid of 500 things over the weekend!
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Previous total: 19/100

12 articles of clothing
2 toys
4 packages of nasty coffee

Current total: 37/100
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Slow weekend, but I managed to get rid of the following:


1 tanktop
1 fleece
8 pr socks, barely worn
6 kitchen items
1 magnet


3 items

total: 20, for an upated total of 60/150.

And the other thing is : I'm not bringing anything in either! Trying to be really conscious of that so that I'm not replacing some clutter with other clutter.
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Well, I got through my kitchen today and I can't even begin to count what I purged. I would say that with my previous total and today I am well past my 300 item mark. I am going to start again today with 500 more things for the month, so that would be 800 total. These are the rooms/areas I have left

kids toys
dd room - toys and clothes
ds room - toys and clothes
spare room
basement storage area

My dh did the garage yesterday, I don't know what he threw out, but it looks great.
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Better late then never, right?

This is the first time I joined a decluttering challenge so I think I should start small. That way after I succeed, I will feel better about myself in the hoarding sense. So I am in for 200 things donated/recycled/thrown away.

Oh, I started today by throwing 3 rocks outside that DD has collected while I was milling around.

So I am at 3/200. Woo hoo.

Reading the other posts, I feel inspired.
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I only got rid of 13 items today. I am hoping to have more time to work on it tomorrow.

I am now at 70/500.
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I got rid of one small box yesterday - a bottle warmer (seriously, where did that come from? because I can't remember ever using it...), a couple of mismatched bowls, 1 cookbook, and a couple of holiday decorations. And something else... Must not have been important if I can't remember it 24 hours later! I also found some trash-clutter hiding under the bed. So 10 more.

I'm sort of burnt out this week. This past weekend was all spent buying, and putting together gigantic bookcases for Dh's record collection. He's now emptied several boxes from the basement (woot!), but it hasn't really hit him yet that he's filled up the new cases, but has more than half of his collection still in boxes... (He has several thousand...) He says he will cull out this weekend, but I don't really believe him. I'm pretty positive that he's a hoarder. He can't seem to toss out his newspapers, I can't imagine he's going to go through and get rid of his records that he's been collecting for 30 years. ::sigh:: Emotionally, this is just too hard sometimes.
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Yesterday I sold 36 items for $48 at Once Upon A Child.

Sold 50 items of clothes yesterday (made about $200)
sold 10 diapers (made about $100)
got rid 8pcs of kids dishes

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oooooooooo, I want to be in the club!

I am just starting, and it's a third of the way to February... so I'll choose 200 items.

Some of you could do that in an hour... we'll see what I can muster.
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I want in. I am just going to do 150 since I did some before new christmas presents came and the month has already started
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Cleaned out a huge junk drawer today. Threw out nearly 100 items. I'm up to 600 items now. I love nesting!
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I'm up to 100/500, and I've still just been doing big annoying stuff. Once I get into those drawers, the rest should be a breese. Since I've decided to go no 'poo and use natural bath soaps and moisturizers, I was able to get rid of all of my half full shower gels and smelly lotions.
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Decluttered the downstairs toys today and it went well. Sorted everything into categories, put up stuff that isn't in the right age range for either kids right now, and gathered 3 bags of toys to donate.

I'm really stumped on the books, though. We have so many, do I keep them all, how do I choose what to get rid of, we have room for them, but there are just so many.
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Checking in since the weekend. Whew, this is hard work. I am exhausted from all the decluttering and my front entry is packed with bags to donate.

I'm getting really annoyed with freecycle. At first glance, it's great- I post what I want to get rid of and someone comes and gets it. I've been getting lots of responses to what I've posted, then I think "YES! It's gone!!" and the person never shows up. Then I email the next person on the list and either they never respond or say they will come, and never do. It's really wasting my time! :

I am thinking about trying to sell on ebay some professional clothes that I'll probably never fit into or need again, but it seemed kind of complicated for a dunce like me...

Anyway- I have gotten rid of a ton in the past week- 20 kids videos,

Batches and batches of clothes- I'll say 30 pieces but that's a low estimate

A big box of toys and kids pj's, gloves, hats, and women's sweaters to a military person in Iraq who is distributing it to women and children where she works- I"ll est. again 30 but it was probably more.

But I got a breadmaker so I'll have to minus one.

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I rarely have good luck with craigslist - at least better than freecycle. I have had your same issues. It's very frustrating
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Haven't updated in a while.

I was at 21/200.

This weekend we did tons, but I have to get that tally from downstairs.

We've been working on the study tonight and tallied 35 things trashed. One is up on craigslist but not yet tallied!

So, without the weekend stuff, we're now at 56/200. Coming along!

be well all!
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I have had similar issues with Craigslist so what I started doing was emailing the first 2-3 people who respond and tell them the first person to pick it up gets it. Then I set it outside if possible.

Today I got rid of:

1 vacuum (craigslist)
1 rock
2 bandaids that I count as one thing.

So, I have a question. Due to forces beyond my control, I still have 3 holiday presents sitting here waiting to be mailed. Does mailing them count towards my total because they are cluttering my life?
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I got rid of 35 more items today. 16 things out of the kitchen cabinets and 19 out of the computer room. This brings my total up to 105. I might just make my goal of 500 items for the month.:
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