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Originally Posted by ekblad8 View Post
I rarely have good luck with craigslist - at least better than freecycle. I have had your same issues. It's very frustrating
well, I'm glad I"m not the only one. the person who was DEFINITELY coming yesterday just emailed and said forget it. To the thrift shop everything goes- this stuff has got to get out of here.
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I would definately count those presents when you mail them!

I think just dropping stuff off at goodwill (ours even has a drive thru drop off!) is so much easier than freecycle or craigslist BUT I've never used either one.

TP is so hit or miss and e-bay fees add up soo fast. I think some of the stuff I've got posted is going to end up being donated or yardsold anyway. I talked to a mama yesterday at work (customer not co-worker) and I might offer her some of my cloth dipes.

I agree with the pp, books are hard to go through. but with my recent 2 trips to the local used bookstore, I've made $31.50 There is a thread thats fairly recent about de-cluttering bookshelves. I'll try to find it for you. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=585070

And if I had been collecting records for 30 years and had thousands it would be super daunting to go thru them. (I've been collecting for about 15 years and have only a few hundred)

My recent activity:
Yesterday I took a box to the bookstore and another box to good will. (2)
The day before I took 3 bags to goodwill. And went through my glovebox and threw away a handful of stuff (4)

Also yesterday I got Olivia to go through a box of her stuff and she filled up half a grocery bag (paper) While she did that I found a huge box of shoes that are too little for her. (2 pending)

I've still got some boxes in the computer room that are posted on tp and some boxes in the pantry that I'm donating. I was out earlier today and should have taken them then but I really thought I had a stomach virus so I only did essential errands. Plus other pending items scattered throughout the house and garage (maybe 10 pending that I can think of)

thats 5 more for my tally!

and 12 pending (gotta get those out)

BUt I am definately upping my goal to 50. Gosh that feels properly intimidating.
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I'm starting a bit late, but I'll do my best to catch up!

I've been documenting the decluttering process in my blog. So far, I've decluttered two areas - the two main floor closets. I've gotten rid of:

-15 pairs of shoes
-8 jackets/snowsuits
-5 hats/mittens

I've also downgraded the Christmas ornament collection. There used to be 4 boxes of crap. Now we have one large rubbermaid tub, plus the fake tree (which I'm very seriously considering trashing. I just feel guilty adding something so large to the landfill). For estimation sake, just to have a number, I'll say:

-100 Christmas ornaments

My next task is the kids' rooms. I'm going to try and widdle their wardrobes down to 7 outfits each. Yikes!

My total to date:
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Okay, well, after totally, well, pretty much, clearing out the upstairs junk room, where I was throwing everything. And bringing it all down to the basement, I have added 120 to my list today. It is actually getting hard to do though. My dh hasn't taken things out to the car yet. I am tempted to just do it myself. I have like 5 boxes downstairs just waiting to go. I went through and got rid of all plastic dishes except 4 small plates and bowls that we might want when baby starts eating. My dh actually went through his bar glasses and picked out like 10 to go. I am so very proud of him. And we currently have 4 empty plastic boxes. I am really happy with how this is going, but it won't be going anymore if I can't get these current boxes out so I can do more work. Oh well, may try going to do it anyway and maybe I will clean out the car while I am at it.
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I just realized after changing my sig that I once again am too close to my goal. And the whole must get moving thing really doesn't apply anymore...
So off to change my goal, we are going big now, if I don't make it, I don't make it. I am happy with what I have gotten done and my dh is very impressed. So we are going to double it, 1000. I think that is pretty cool, considering I started my goal at 200.
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I wouldn't wait for DH to get the boxes out of the house. Unless you're preggers or there is a reason for you not to lift them, get rid of them. I just took 3 big bags of stuff to GW. Up to 150/500. I feel like I'm really moving, but I know I have a long way to go. I need to have DH look through his bookshelf. I need to go through mine and DS's.
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I am 30 weeks. I got some of the out to the garage, but I couldn't get the bigger ones and really carrying a box on my belly wasn't pleasant, I have a protester... But I now have 5 empty plastic boxes, with 3 more mostly empty. Can't decided to toss, donate or relocate some of the stuff... I think those are going to be a hard one to get rid of, the plastic boxes, he won't want to get rid of them since we can use them to store stuff. Stuff we don't have anymore!
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Well we went through a big part of the kitchen last night and now we are up to 250/500. So exactly half way there!!! Yay!
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Sold 50 items of clothes yesterday (made about $200)
sold 10 diapers (made about $100)
got rid 8pcs of kids dishes

I cleaned out the basement toy box and am throwing away about 35 items and am getting rid of about 10 toys that will head to Once Upon A Child sometime this week.

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After a whole week of not doing anything, I finally got off my butt and purged some stuff...

Freecycle (and if not picked up, thrift store):
1 - santa decoration
1 - santa hat
1 - Fisher Price car window shade (set of 2)
1 - Diaper Genie
1 - black rimmed 8x10 frame
6 - black rimmed 5x7 frame
1 - primary colored cloth balloons wall decoration set
1 - 3 mint green cloth placemats
1 - 4 plastic blue/white Christmas placemats
1 - brand new with tags Border Collie dog door mat
1 - 2 Christmas blue/white kitchen floor mats
1 - 4 piece set primary colored puzzle picture frame
1 - keyed door knob set - no key
1 - Easter bunny knick knack (wooden)
1 - black Sony canvas bag
1 - Disney Princess pink Halloween candy bag
1 - black medium/small purse
1 - white plastic silverware drawer caddy
1 - Size Med (prepregnancy size 7-16) Pregnancy Support band
1 - Small light orange/white clutch purse (plastic)
1 - Small white satin w/sequin flowers child's purse
1 - Small black velvet w/sequin flowers child's purse
1 - Small black satin child's purse
1 - Pink Barbie elbow/knee pads
30 - girls' clothes
19 - baby clothes
16 - miscellaneous clothes
4 - shoes
9 - Baby stuff: 6 sippy cups, 1 toddler plane shaped plate, 2 blankets (1 is pink, 1 is blue/yellow)
3 -mini Christmas tree decorations (got rid of the tree, still had the decs)
1 - Big toddler desk with lamp

1 - broken alarm clock
1 - 2 pillow cases
1 - 1 shoe missing its partner
1 - Pumpkin kitchen mat that was ratty looking

122 items purged.

Previous: 70/200
Now: 192/200

Perhaps I should increase my goal?

Oh, Freecycle can be a pain when they don't show up. I simply put it on my porch with instructions to only PU (and not bother me). I give a deadline. If the stuff isn't gone by such-and-such time, off to the thrift store it goes!
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DId the rest of the kitchen and now I am up to 316. Woo hoo!
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I love freecycle! I got rid of 36 things today! Woohoo!

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10 pairs of earings
5 things from the fridge
2 rings
1 bowl

current: 350/400 I'm almost to my goal! woot.
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Forgot to update yesterday. so between yesterday and tonight i did 100 items. puts me at 440.

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My goal this month was to get rid of the desk from the office, and now it is completely clear except a lamp and a printer. If I can get rid of the two broken printers on the other desk, I can put this printer over there, and WOOHOO! desk will be gone.
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OK. Lame update here:

1 tin out of DH's drawer
1 pile of outdated coupons, etc from last year.

I need to step it up a bit...
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I started the computer room last night:

-1 broken microphone
-11 dead pens
-a stack of old bills that was 6" thick (I'd say it counts as about 40 items!)
-3 broken/scratched CDs
-1 old crumply failed sewing project
-1 broken alarm clock

I also vacuumed and cleaned the room, so it looks spiffy. But there's still 4 drawers to go through. I'll be working on it over the weekend.

My total to date:
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OK, goodwill *finally* came to pick up all the clothes (which they were supposed to do last month 3 separate times and never showed up : ), and i've sold some diapers that don't fit anymore, and donated some others to a mom. so right now i'm at 250/500. woo!
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I threw out so much junk today that was in our attic-it felt great! I probably threw out at least 30 things today. I also have a HUGE pile of stuff to give away or sell. DH wants to have a yard sale, but that wouldn't be until the spring, and I really want to get rid of this stuff now.
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186/500, and I feel like I'm running out of spaces to declutter. I'm going to have to get really nit pickey if I'm going to make my goal.
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