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DH is taking 4 bags of cans to the recycle place now. Woo hoo, 35/200.
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well my trunk is full and ready to go to good will again i've got a lamp (w/ no shade and a chair w/ no back. a box full of stuff. (3)

i went out to the garage and decided a whole pile of stuff could just be trashed. (4)

actually tackled my scary pile of papers. its half the size now and i filled up another bag of trash. (1)

nothing has left the house yet though so i'm not counting any of this in my tally till tommorrow.

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I love freecycle too - where else can you find someone (3 someones, actually) that wants a big box of damaged candles?!?
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nak with a super-squirmer today!

Today's give-away to a local charity:

2 large bags of diapers (long story about these!)
bag of misc. crayons
bag of 25 items (tolietries mostly)
3 pr. toddler shoes

now at:

p.s. It feels like much more because some of these items have been in piles around the house!
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Over the past couple days my list consists of:

24 pairs of socks
17 dress up clothes
40 toys
8 items of clothes
1 advent calandar

New total: 332/1000

I need to step it up a notch I think
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Old total 341/500

today I am tackling my younger children's room. There is way too much stuff. I need to find a way to organize the things Im keeping so they are available for them, without it being overwhelming. Anyone with a link to a thread to help me with that?

On to the numbers- old total 341/500
Tossed 27 broken toys
Good Will 23 old unneded toys
total items gone 50
new total
plus I made a box of baby toys for when the new baby is ready for them. YAY me!
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I did some cleaning again today. I *think* Im done in the bedroom finally

Freecycle or gave to friends

6 items of candy
1 jacket
20 baby items
15 canvas bags
13 items of womens clothes

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Old Number 391/500

30 books off the childrens book shelf
new total 421/500
i fling i can... i fling i can... i fling i can
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Started the bedrooms today:

DD's room:
-42 articles of clothing

DS's room:
-104 articles of clothing

This does not include socks. It's downright terrifying how the hand-me-down clothing has accumulated. I've widdled it down to about 5-7 outfits per child. I also have a box for each of them of clothing to grow into.

Our room:
-15 articles of clothing

Oh, also did the pantry and fridge. Does that count:
-11 boxes/bags of expired or stale food
-5 bags of rotten fruit/veggies
-recycled 10 tupperware containers that were missing lids or bottoms.

My total to date:
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today is my day off and it feels soooo good to be in so much less clutter
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Oh I never kept count of what we donated

but I donated a huge yard waste garbage bag of toys and a twin sized box spring and metal rails, and an old computer monitor. I also donated 2 bookshelves worth of books no one has read in the last year in keeping with my buy no books but borrow them from the library or get them used since as homeschoolers I overspend on books!

Debra, homeschooling mom of 4 ages 10, 9, 7, and 43 mos
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Cleaned out 2 boxes of craft stuff. I admit I may have kept more than I wanted, but I swear I am going to finish the quilt that I started before even concieving my first child. We took it out and my oldest said, "Oh, is that goign to be for my baby?" It very well may be. But I only kept two projects that I have started long long ago to finish one day. And I got rid of most of my fabric stash that I don't know why I have since I can't sew. I need to realize that I can't sew. I can't sew. So 70 items. And it all fits in one box now. I need to convince my dh that I can't sew and get rid of my super expensive sewing/embroidery machine.
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Half-way to my Goal!

I went through almost all the girls clothing this afternoon. Preemie through 2T and got rid of 92 pieces of clothing. Which brings me to 151/300. :
That means I'm half way to my goal now. I know I can downsize on blankets, crib sheets, bibs etc too so that's my next project.

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I just took 3 bags stuffed with bags for recycling! 38/200
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Well, I cleaned a bit. Well, a lot. I am only counting for 25 items though, even though I filled a yard waste bag of trash. My kitchen looks better.
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Originally Posted by kittn View Post
Old Number 391/500
i fling i can... i fling i can... i fling i can
ooh, I love that!
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I added 1 more piece of children's clothing and a bassinet sheet last night.

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