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Okay I worked more in my closet and started on my dresser drawers, todays damage is:


Last years calendar
28 pieces of clothes
8 Magazines
1 Bottle of Perfume
42 Pieces of Jewerly
6 packs of gum
3 Star Wars post cards


2 Bags of Papers

Threw Out

5 Pair of Underwear

Brings my total to 132/1000
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Count me in. I will set my goal for 150. I need to get rid of a lot of unwanted items to prepare for a move in the summer of 2007.
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I feel I'm off to a good start

Given to friends/family:
16 VHS moives (I haven't even owned a VCR in 8 months lol)
1 unopened package of maternity pads
6 glass bowls
1 package of nail polishes and tools for doing nails (opened but never even used it)
1 child's coat
23 Christmas tree ornaments

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I have seen these threads but have never been a part of one. Decluttering is just my thing! I grew up in a very junk filled house so now I'm neurotic about getting rid of things. However, I wonder why I have so much to get rid of, and where all this stuff comes from, when I am constantly decluttering????

Ds got a train table for christmas so now there is no room for a bureau in his bedroom- so I have to clean out the closet and put the bureau in there. Just as I was getting him ready for nap, I got rid of 10 sweaters that we never wear, and a bag of baby gifts we never used.

While getting out christmas decorations I got rid of 1 full bag of items that are just kitsch that aren't meaningful.

Rapidly filling up a bag of kids' clothes that I've been hanging onto but really don't like and don't fit them well. As well as those baby hooded towels that really aren't very absorbant.

I would love to give them to shelters, do freecycle, craigslist, ebay, etc and maybe make some $ but it takes more time that I don't have. The easiest thing is to just dump it all at the thrift store.

ETA: I have no idea what number I should choose as a goal- 300? Ok, so that means I'm at ~36/300.
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So far so good - 50/300 for an interrupted hour or so of work. It was almost *all* expired medications/suppliments. Every time I'd buy a large supply of something, I'd get pregnant and not want to take anything! Lots of unopened things just got tossed. I need to do better about that on the *front* end. : I'm happy I'm 1/6 of the way to my goal after just one session!
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Just went through the backdoor closet. Packed up 11 things for the resale shop and threw out 6 things.
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Thank god a thread was already started. I need to do this again. I never got to finish in November. December was way too busy for me. But now January is the right time. I plan on 500 but am hoping to get 750. I am sure I can get 500 just not sure if I have enough time to find 750. I am due with a new little guy in April so I want all the house to be in order by then. I have started today by getting a huge quilt project finished so I can send it to my great-grandmother-in-law. I am also unpacking from a trip. I am going to get rid of the girl baby clothes I dont want since I know I am having a boy this time. Lots and lots to do. Hopefully I will get something done tonight and I can post what I am getting rid of.
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I haven't really been counting but, I've given away 3 garbage bags full of clothing, and a full car load of things found in my basement(full sets of pots and pans, sporting equipment, bags, knick-knacks, home decor pictures, kitchen equipment we never use) this past month. I guess I'd say I'm at somewhere around the 100 mark.

It feels so great to be rid of it all, but I feel like I still have so much to purge. It is so addicting once you get going at it all. I've also found that seeing empty storage space in my tiny house is like winning some sort of prize. I'm so proud of myself and am constantly calling DH to come see my newest clutter free drawer. Somehow he never get's as excited as me... BUT, he did tell me how cool it was to beable to find everything in the kitchen the other day when he was cooking breakfast. So I guess he appriciates it.

I'm sure I'll keep purging room by room and then start over again. I already can't wait to get rid of more clothes... so I don't think I need to set a goal number just yet.
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Ok I am sooo in!

My goal is 200 items. I have been giving away alot in December and wasn't keeping track but I still have alot to get rid of and we want to move this summer. I have finally decided to get rid of most of DS's baby clothes and my maternity clothes (hopefully that will mean that I will get pregnant soon ). So far today I have given away:

1 blowdryer
13 mugs

So 14 items- yeah! Just keep going.
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Ok, we're moving in a few months to a house that's about 30% smaller, and we have so much stuff that has to go. I threw out/donated/regifted/sold tons of stuff in December. I lost count. 2 van loads to GoodWill, 1 to Once Upon a Child, tons in the trash, etc.

I'm going to say 500 things this month. I hope I can find time to do it. I feel so much better getting rid of things. It is such a better feeling than accumulating things.
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I'm in- my goal is 250 items.
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Originally Posted by RachelLucas View Post
...What is a TREASURE MAP? I looked on the thread you posted in the OP but I didn't get a good idea of what it is still. Please help!?
Apparrently, a long-standing tradition herer at MDC! This quote is from the thread for the 2006 Treasure Map.
Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
For those who don't know... the treasure map is when you take a bunch of pictures, drawing, photos, colors.. and make a collage on a poster board OF ALL the things you want in your life for the next year.

Astrologically it lines up with the Aries New Moon (Not the first day of spring by the way...). You have about 4 days to make the map. DON'T START IT BEFORE!!! It is made after the new aries moon begins. Which by the way, this year is so early in the morning.

this is a period where you allow yourself to dream, dream big, allow your self to want things.. write them down, put up a poem, put up a photo, put up that which sets up your ideal experiences for this new year.

here is the link to 2005's Treasure Map thread.

Originally Posted by ekblad8 View Post
I got rid of bunches today. Can I count it for 2007?? And does returning stuff to their previous owner count?
Of course, and yes. Really, just make rules that work for you!

I think it's so funny there are so many posters on New Year's Day working on decluttering. I thoght I was a bit off spending my holiday like that, but really, it's exactly what I want to be doing.

All the best to you flinging mama's in the New Clutter Free Year of 2007!

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After lurking on the threads for several months, I've decided to officially join in and count the items we get rid of. Since I'm going back to work full time this month, I'll aim low - say 150. Can't wait to get started!
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I'm in - not so much for a certain # of items, but to keep up with the papers, etc.


Took out a bunch of stuff to the trash. Mostly paper/catalog stuff, but I'd also cleaned out the fridge. The box my (live) wreath came in. Threw out my poinsetta (I kept forgetting to water it, so it died within two weeks - I have a BLACK thumb). Ditched some partly used cleaning supplies, shampoo, etc., I didn't like. Pitched the remainer of a pie that I didn't eat.

I had two drinking glasses left. One broke, so I just pitched the other one, too! I have some larger mugs and they're all I drink out of.

Christmas decorations are still up since I leave them up until Theophany (Epiphany). Then I'll throw away the real wreath. The other decorations are very minimal - 3 wooden 12" high Christmas trees and a string of lights.
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Thank you for the treasure map info!

So far I have done 87/500 items! Woo hoo!
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Count me in for 200 BIG TICKET items for January.
I've already begun!!
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I am going to try for 500. Made a good start New Years Eve but the stuff isn/t out the door yet. Clothes, magazines, excess xmas mess, toys my daughter has outgrown. Haven't counted yet. I am getting so into it but we really have a tom of stuff to go through.
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Cleaned out the closets today!

previous: 48/400

1 coat
3 tshirts
1 pair of underwear (DDs)
5 pairs of pants
3 PJ tops
2 PJ bottoms
5 long sleeve shirts
1 pair of shorts

3 magazines

Current: 72/400
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You all are amazing!!!

This is going to be my first challenge - I saw the December one at the end of the month, and it really inspired me. Still, I'm going to start slow...100 items for me this month, then, who knows how much for February? Hopefully, I'll get the hang of this and bump that number up substantially.
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I'm getting rid of half the shoes in my closet that I can't and don't wear. This is mostly due to the fact that my insoles won't fit in them. Is anyone a fan of Keen shoes? Those are now my fav shoe in the world AND my insoles will fit in them nicely.
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