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Absolutely, positively, CANNOT sleep...ARGH!

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My hips are killing me and I keep waking up to hurl myself over to my other side...by the time I try and get settled again, my "mind" is awake and off it goes. Sigh. I got two hours of sleep last night...it's gonna be a loooooong day. :
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I'm sorry, I'm going through something similiar. DD has slept throught the night for the past 2 nights, but I haven't. I don't stay awake long, but I wake up 20 or more time each night due to pain. First it's usually my back then moves to sciatica and last night my hands kept falling asleep. I even woke up on my back once with my leg alseep. Oops!!
DD just woke up, gotta go.
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I feel your pain- quite literally. I am having the same hip discomfort and its just agonizing! I did not have this with #1. I wish I knew something that would help!
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Well, I am glad to know I am not the only one. This hip pain is killing me. I feel like I am splitting in half at night. Then when I try to get up or turn from one side to the other I get the excruciating back pain. Hobbling to the bathroom 4 times a night is also no fun! What to do, what to do?!!?
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I have awful hip pain- I don't remember this with DD. Flipping from side to side is EXCRUCIATING. I usually finally get completely exhausted and stop waking up around 6AM, and DD gets up at 8AM : I am averaging 4-5 hours a night now, which is enough to survive on, I guess
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I'm also having a hard time. If I lie on my sides, they HURT and my arthritis is acting up in my hips. If I lay on my back, I have a hard time breathing. Usually, I'm able to find some way and then as soon as I wake up, I have to find some other way. My back has been killing me lately. Thankfully for Christmas, my SIL gave us a little massager thing (non-electric thingamajig) that is pure heaven! And dh doesn't even need to be home cause dd loves rubbing my back with it
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Yep, pain here too. I really need to go see the chiro and get my hips/upper back adjusted. Little man is making me super uncomfortable!
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Same problem here too. I want to sleep on my back but then I can't breathe because baby is too high.

Hang in there. This is about the time I start wishing I weren't pregnant anymore.
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My SPD is what's giving me trouble with sleeping. If I roll over the two sides of my pubic symphysis grind and crunch together in a really awful painful way. Getting up out of bed to go to the bathroom is even worse because then it pops in and out of place when I sit up.
I spent 10 hours in bed last night but I don't feel rested at all.
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s to all you ladies...

I have to say that as far as the pregnancy goes I feel great,


That's only because I'm so sick with bronchitis that I can't even tell I'm pregnant most of the time, cuz I'm coughing so bad my ribs are killing me. And I was awake most of the night coughing even with the meds the doc gave me yesterday. Though truthfully, I haven't been taking them religiously b/c I'm not all that sure I want to subject the baby to the stuff even though doc said it was ok.

I hate the colds and junk I get when I'm pregnant!
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That is the worst!!! I swear there is nothing worse than not being able to sleep, for whatever reason!!

I have a pair of tube socks that I filled with rice. I microwave them for about 4 minutes and it makes them nice and warm, then I put them wherever I hurt. Sometimes I'll use them at bedtime, other times I'll use them during the day - they feel great on my sore back, hips, ribs, even my belly muscles feel so much better with some heat. If you don't want to resort to medication, I've found this to really help.

That said I've had chronic insomnia for years and fortunately there are some over the counter things I can use that are safe in pregnancy/nursing... without them I would be on antidepressants because I just cannot function with too little sleep...
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I have the same problem, but having a pillow in between my legs REALLY helps. It's a little odd when getting used to it, but now i can't live without it. Also, if it's bad before I get to sleep I have dh give me a nice butt massage, It really helps to relieve the pressure. Also, you could try taking a bath at night right before bed, that should help all your muscles and joints to relax.
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