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My kids are 4 and 7 and have NEVER had ear infections. While they have had viral infections(like anyone else) they did not need the care of a doctor,and they did not develop secondary infections. I would fire the doctor and let them know why.
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My unvaxed dd has never had an ear infection.
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Did she mention that vaccinated kids also grow up to be better looking, earning more money and being happier in their relationships? What, she didn't?? What a neglect on her part. :nana:

No. It's quite the opposite. Vaccination greatly increases the chances of complicated infections throughout the entire childhood, including ear infections :

FTR, my kids never had an ear infection. Never once, and one is turning 17 this year, another one is 5. Moreover, I can remember maybe one or two bacterial complications of colds in the older one and none so far in the younger one. Now, their parents, all three of them, had quite a few each year, including one-two ear infections every year, odd bronchitis and pneumonia every so often, plus a few allergies for good measure. I 'had' to have a tonsilectomy at the age of 5 because of constant infections obstructing my air way. None of us parents were considered especially sickly at the time, just average, you know, kids get sick, it's normal And we were only vaccinated with a bare minimum compared to these days. Well, including a few live monsters from the past like smallpox and BCG...
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I knew I could count on you guys to reinforce my thoughts! I get all tongue-tied and flustered when trying to defend non-vaxing.
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That is totally not true, what your ped said. It really depends on the child and their individual immune system. I have known many parents, some who vax and some who don't, some who bf and some who don't. I've never seen any clear pattern of something affecting ear infections. One of the kids who had the most and grew up to have hearing loss-- she was not vaxed at all and she was bf into her preschool years. She just had a predisposition for ear infections.
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Wow, how disturbing that she said that! Totally not true. Anecdotally, neither of my kids (ds1 delayed vaxed and ds2 completely non-vaxed) has ever had an ear infection.
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Another person decrying the use of untrue scare techniques.

My DS has had one ear infection that didn't require any medical treatment (only comfort measures) and cleared up in two days. My DD has never had an ear infection.
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I am sure immune system efficiency varies, but personal experience, my non vaxed 4 yr old has had a few colds to date, no ear infections. My oldest, will be 23 next month, had 2 ear infections. The first was treated with antibiotics, the 2nd I let run it's course, and it was her last.

This is also an interesting read,

"Dairy is the number one contributor to childhood ear problems."

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Originally Posted by TwinMom View Post
A few days ago I took the toddler to the doctor; he had a high fever, vomiting, etc. While she was examining him, she said, "Well, you know, kids who don't get shots have a higher rate of ear infections and viruses."
And my reply would have been:

"Oh really? How fascinating!! You know, I was in clinicaltrials.gov and did a pubmed search for just that but couldn't find anything. I must have put in the wrong words! Obviously, you've found what I couldn't. So next time I come, could you please have those studies here so that I can read them myself?"
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Why is it that doctors can use anecdotal evidence freely and expect it to be taken as fact, but we can't even quote a legitimate study without it being called purely anecdotal and therefore invalid and irrelevant? :
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I think you deserve a more respectful doctor. Once you get over the mental hurdle of firing your doctor (it was a hurdle for me, anyway), it gets really easy--I've done it twice! But seriously, the Finding Your Tribe folks can recommend peds, family practice docs, naturopaths, whoever you'd like.
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More anecdotal evidence.

3 kids, ages 7, 4 and 2. Never been vacced and never had any ear infections.

As to the op's dr : nice scare tactic :
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I did read in mothering that bottle feeding affects the development of the inner ear possibly resulting in more infections.
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I would go to another ped after that, what a horrible thing for a doctor to say to a mother just to try to get her to vax.
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According to my ped ... and this is also anecdotal since she has not studied it, yet.... The unvaxed kids she sees are healthier than the vaxed ones. She stated that the vaxed kids are sick more often, have allergies and excema, whereas the unvaxed kids "just don't have those problems". And she has a large percentage of unvaxed kids in her practice.

Obviously there are other pediatricians who are having very different experiences regarding the health of vaccinated kids.
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I don't know how it is for all vax'd/unvax'd children but for us my three older children had dozens and dozens of earaches and infections (they were all fully vax'd).
My youngest ds (who we stopped vaxing, has never completed any series of vax's) has had 1 ear infection and that one was a day or so after receiving two vax's. He's been very very healthy.
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This is interesting. My ds is not current on his shots but has some of them. He hasn't had an ear infection yet and has been healthy for the most part. He also has eczema and may have allergies, but he had the eczema before shots. He also doesn't have it that bad, it's gotten better over his year.

I am very intrigued with this topic. I would love to hear what experiences others have.
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My fully vaxed ds have had ear infections. My unvaxed dd DD has never had an ear infection but she is only 20 month old. By her age my ds have had 1-2 ear infections.
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My oldest (vaxed to 13 months old) never had an ear infection. Out of my 5 unvaxed children there have been two ear infections thus far. I was vaxed as a child and had one to two every month. So awful!! I actually think it was dairy.
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Not scientific, but here's my experience.

I'm 48. Had ear infections tilll I was in my 30's. Oldest dd (fully vaxed) never had one, though she DID get whooping cough. Ds had multiple ear infections, was also my milk drinker, also fully vaxed.

Youngest three were mostly unvaxed (killed polio, tetnus) two had one ear infection each.

I'd tell the doc to mind her own business!
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