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TTC 6+ months January Support Thread

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TTC 6+ months January 2007 Support Thread

Welcome to the support thread for those of us who've been trying for a little bit longer than the average bear. The 6-12 month mark in TTC seems especially tough because it's been longer than a lot of people but not quite long enough to qualify for the next level of treatment/approach. (Note that some of us have been trying for 12+, but we're taking our time and sticking with this thread for a bit!)

We would love to talk with others who are at similar places in
their TTC journey. Please jump on in and introduce yourself!

: : TTC for 6+ Months :

allisonrose-TTC #1 since 10/05
angel1895 - TTC #2 since 2/06
anonymousk – TTC #1 since 5/06
Beutyful--TTC #1 since 4/06
Blucactus - TTC #2 since 3/06
c_something- TTC #1 since 12/05
ChristyM26 – TTC #1 since 2/06
Coome – TTC #1 since 9/05
Crunchyandsweet - TTC #3 three years
Effie4lil1s - TTC #5 since ?
ELKMama — TTC #2 since 3/06
greenegirl — TTC#1 since 5/06
GoodyTiptoesWish – TTC #2 since 1/06
Haw-k - TTC #4 since 4/06
Hezzy – TTC #1 since 11/05
Itybty – TTC #1 since 9/05
Izzysmom - TTC #2 since 5/06
Joygee - TTC #2 since 9/05
Kdlizmama - TTC #2 since 8/06
Kvan – TTC #2 since 8/05
LaLibertad - TTC #1 since 04/06
Let it be-TTC#1 since 3/06
Lilyflower – TTC #3 since 1/06
martiniolive26 - TTC #1 since 5/06
Maybebabysoon – TTC #1 since 9/05
Megnmama – TTC #2 since 8/05
mommy in chaos-TTC #2 since 3/06
~MoonGypsy~-TTC #2 since 3/06
Mosquitobite - TTC #? since 7/05
Oceanmommy – TTC #2 since 7/05
Pamered_mom – TTC #2 since 12/05
Pycelan – TTC #3 since 10/05
Punquin —TTC #1 since 8/05
SarahJen — TTC #1 since 1/06
Selkat — TTC since 08/05
SereneBabe- TTC #2 since...
Susykat - TTC#1 since 05/06
Taradactyl3 — TTC #2 since 6/06
Tarahsolazy – TTC #2 since 11/05
Tenk – TTC #5 since 04/06
ValarieR - TTC #1 since 12/05
Willowsmom — TTC #2 since 1/04
Willzmama – TTC #2 since fall/05
wombatclay - TTC #2 since 2/06


natureOal-gal - due ? after two years TTC!
Danaalex - due 9/07 with #4 after 6 months TTC!
Stacymom - due 9/07 with #3 after 8 months TTC!
Racecar — due 7/07 with #2 after 13 months TTC!
HopesMom-due 7/07 with #3 and #4! after 10 months TTC!
Secretlytrying – due 6/07 with #3 after ? months TTC!
Txbikegrrl – due 6/07 with #1 after 5 months of TTC!
ChristineIndy - due 6/07
Chrissy – due 5/07 with #3 after 11 months of TTC!
Arwyn - due 3/07 with #1 after a whole bunch of months of TTC!
Paisley – due 3/07 with #2 after 9 months of TTC!
Didkisa – due 3/07 with #1 after 7 months of TTC!
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heres to a rockin' new year full of bfps

I love you ladies
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A new year... It is so weird that we have been off of all b/c for a full YEAR! Admittedly, I have not been as dilligent in my efforts as may be needed... I took for granted that I would easily get pregnant within a few months of stopping condom use. So, I have decided to do things differently this year- to that end, I have some "New Years Fertility Resolutions..."

They are are as follows:

**I will chart correctly, every day, not just every other day... :
**I will never have "baby making sex..." just kinky-fabulous sex with the man I love.
**I will eat well and workout every day so I can grow (even more) muscle, and be healthier! :
**I will not compare myself to others- I will be happy for their successes , and hopeful about my own :

I hope and pray this is the year we all acheive our goals and welcome perfect little souls into our homes!

What are all of your resolutions?!
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First of all I want to congratulate StacyMom on her wonderful BFP for the month of December!!! Only one person on the entire thread got a +++ in December and I'm glad it was/is her!!! YAY!!!

All other ladies, here's to a wonderful year of ups and downs and loves of a lifetime. The amazing experiences we're going to have together on this thread, and in life with our families. May our jobs be spectacular and lucrative and the babes be plentiful!!! Here's to an amazing 2007 girls!!!

Lily Thank you for the beautiful thread!!!

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Happy New Year everyone!

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ok ladies... think good thoughts...

we need some :

you know what I'm talking about!

this month is another long month... so were gettin that extra day to get pg

rah rah!!! lets make babies!!!!

ok I'm done being silly now
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Morning ladies....I hope you all had a nice New Year's Eve.....and a wonderful New Year all together. Clomid starts today.....YAY!!!
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Happy new year!!!!!!

I wish us all the best (early) this year!!!!

No cramps yet, but a nice little pain in my right ovary for a couple days.
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Happy New Year everyone!
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Yappy Hew Near!
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Stacy did you get a BFP ? Congratulations !!!! : :

ETA: Lily thank you for this lovely new thread ! May the threadkeeper's luck be upon you !

Originally Posted by Tenk View Post

All other ladies, here's to a wonderful year of ups and downs and loves of a lifetime. The amazing experiences we're going to have together on this thread, and in life with our families. May our jobs be spectacular and lucrative and the babes be plentiful!!! Here's to an amazing 2007 girls!!!

I couldn't have said it better, Happy New Year everyone ! What a great time for new beginnings
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Off to take Clomid everyone....YAY!!! I'm really so excited to take it again. I feel like it's kinda the *wonder* drug. I hope it works for all of us that are taking it this month!!!!


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Happy New Year everyone!!

I managed to go out to a friend's house for the evening, despite being sad. I wasn't very social, but it was nice to be around a small gathering of friends.

AF is gone!! She was super, super heavy for a couple days, but only last a very normal 5 days. Let the bd'ing begin! With this every-other-day plan, I can tell I'm not going to be able to tell my cm very well. I already had what looked like ewcm (but was really from our New Year's dtd ). I do feel a little left out of the clomid club...

Stacymom - Congrats!!! : : :
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I think I *actually* O'd this month!!! I've been looking for it around cd 18, but it came earlier than I though it would... check out my chart and see if you agree. I missed a temp, but I had partial ferning on cd 14, and light spotting the next morning...

What do you guys think?!

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steph... I am right there with you about the "clomid club"

valarie.. yay for o... my temps are so NOT showing o this month.. and af is still not here... *sigh*

well I just found out tonight that dhs aunt is pg with #3.. I dont know how long they have been trying or if they have.. but my bil came today with his new fiancee.. and said when is C going to have a brother... (insert that face that you make when you feel like you just got punched in the gut.. here)

well night ladies
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LILY... how did my "trying since" thing get removed? I just noticed that...

weve been trying since 2/06.. for #2

thank you
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Stephanie congrats on getting through your first post m/c cycle!

Valarie it's hard to tell with the missing temps, I hope it'll become clearer on your chart in the next few days.


Tenk : for you this month, I hope the clomid works for you again.

ocean, lily, Ity how are you all feeling from the clomid? I'm feeling a little left out too! Christy are you starting yet?

I'm feeling really low since yesterday, I don't know what it is really. I feel weepy and depressed about everything, maybe it's that this month marks a year for us. I caught myself thinking about the m/c a lot around new years remembering all the plans we had etc and it just all came back again, I was really doing ok for a couple of weeks and then BAM.

I don't know if I really ovulated or not, I feel like I did but my temps just don't agree. CM and CP are right but most of the hight temps were on days when I woke up late plus we were traveling. I should be feeling PMSy by now but apart from being emotional there's just no sign of AF coming.

I'm just really frustrated and not trusting my body these days. This isn't a good way to start my first day back to work, sorry for being so :
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I am feeling low today too. I had a nightmare where I was being attacked and calling for DH who was in the other room but my voice would only come out as a whisper. When I woke upset by the dream DH was already gone for work and he is also going to the Magic game tonight so I won't be seeing him until after 9pm tonight. I'm so co-dependent and I hate it when he is away but I know he deserves a guy's night out once in a while.

I'm also feeling very not preg at 9 dpo. I still have until monday for AF to be due but I am 90% sure I'm not preg AGAIN. If you look at my chart you will see that we so covered our bases this month so now I do wonder if something is wrong with me. So depressing. I can't help but think about all the women I know who got preg right away and don't seem to realize how lucky they are. Funny thing is...I used to be one of these women. So depressing. Also it's rainy and dark here. I'm forcing myself to go to the gym in hopes that it picks my mood up.

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uh oh... we are all down again.. at least were doing it together... and at least we have someone to talk to about it aside from our dhs

you ladies are my only connection to the outside world during the day... and I appreciate you

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Tara & Sarah I'm so sorry that you ladies are feeling so blue today. I hope that it does get better as the day goes on and they guy should produce some good endorphins for ya to pick you up.

Lily, Ity, & Ocean How are the egg makers today?

Stephanie You go get some girl .... *wink*

Valerie YAY! for O!

Crystal I hope you figure out your cycle soon sweet heart.

Can someone tell me why my chart and temps are all the same? the one day with the slight raise, I woke up 2 hours late. I don't understand it but I'll keep doing it AND using my OPK's so that it all makes sense to me....LOL. CD4 and AF is still here in all her glory...should be gone by tomorrow for sure. 2nd day of clomid this cycle, had a slight headache last night but the *clinginess* has started....I think DH likes it tho....hehe.
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