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teneal.. your temps are much more consistent than mine.. and from what I gather its a good thing... now breathe
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OMG.....PM me with the link.....I would love to look at them if you don't mind??? I was thinking about the bead thing since my girls got some of that stuff for Christmas. My 6 year old made one for me and it's so cute, I love it. Other than my wedding rings, and a necklace with a "K" on it that my SIL gave me the day of Kamryn's funeral I don't normally wear/have any jewelry. I absolutley love that stuff. Oh OH, send me the like Lily???
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I suppose I'm doing it right then if they look ok....Theresa gave me some insight today on temping and *triphasic* if it is or not what it might mean...etc. So I might just have the hang of it then. I AM still going to use OPK's tho.

Thanks for looking!!!
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
OMG.....PM me with the link.....I would love to look at them if you don't mind??? Other than my wedding rings, and a necklace with a "K" on it that my SIL gave me the day of Kamryn's funeral I don't normally wear/have any jewelry. I absolutley love that stuff. Oh OH, send me the like Lily???
Tenk, I don't ever wear jewelry! That is what is so weird about me making all this girly girly stuff. I love holding it and making it, but never actually wear any of it!
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Lily - thats too funny, I don't often wear jewelry either (other than a pair os teensy studs DH gave me when we were dating, and my wedding/engagement rings), but I looooooove making it. I want a website, I haven't a clue where to begin. I'm toying with setting up something on Etsy, which is kinda like Ebay, but for crafters. I just need to borrow a camera with a good macro setting for detailed pictures.
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Ity and Tenk, thank you!!!! I really enjoy making it, but don't have the time or energy to deal with the website and selling stuff. I did set up an Etsy site, but not very good because mostly other crafters looking and they don't really want to buy. I sold one necklace on Ebay for $65.00! and another at my dad's antique store for $75.00!! I was so proud ! Tenk, you can forward that if you want.
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Loving all the crafty talk! I agree that crocheting is faster but I think knitting makes a finer texture and is more verisitle. As a crocheter I was frustrated by how many patterns were for knit. Knitting seems trendy now but I still like it. You know who taught me to knit a few months ago....GreeneGirl Remember her? Turns out she lives 3 miles from me and we met first right here on the ttc threads. I found it helped to have a teacher instead of learning from a book or video and now I'm hooked!

- Thanks for the opk advice. I tend to get a clear + and then for lots of days afterwards get almost +. I mean for a like a week straight they were dark but not as clearly + as the first day. I'm not temping but it doesn't really matter as now a days we just dtd for days and days during that fertile week. My OB said to try as hard as possible to dtd on the day of o which means at least 5 days straight to make sure. I might go back to temping next month (not sure).

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That's neat! Is Greenegirl pg yet? I wish I had someone to teach me, I could learn a lot more that way. Crochet blankets get pretty boring looking after you make a few.
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I believe Greenegirl is still trying but taking a break from the boards. I don't want to speak for her so all I can really say is that I really enjoy talking to her IRL and she is a great teacher.

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ladies ladies.. slow down.. were only on day two and we got 50 posts... lol

tara.. ds was an oops... we werent really trying but werent not trying .. it happened the first month we didnt use protection... I guess I was mondo fertile then... but now... eh.. not so much... now it figures that I want one and cant have one *yet*

I know how everyone feels about all the "accidental" pregnancies...I really wish I could say I was married and well settled when dh and I got pg... but I cant... we were just a pair of horny kids gio all the time.. (lol)and it just sorta happened... not how I would have planned it but I got a beautiful son and a wonderful hubby out of all of it... and for those two things, I would never change anything

ok enough story telling

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Hey girls, I'm feeling really good and it's weird. I had someone tell me that since I was on 100mg *now* they felt sorry for me because it was so terrible for them. I just said, um I was on 100mg before, and I felt great then and I feel good now. I even think that I was more patient tonight with the kids. DH is working tonight so normally it's tough on nights like tonight. Really good tonight tho. I also had one lady tell me that when she did 100mg she was in so much pain that she couldn't walk for a few days. But Lily had such bad pain with only 50mg she was troubled walking. I just told her that every woman's bodies react differently to medication, and this time I might have every terrible symptom in the world because I didn't last time. Ok I'm done with my rant....LOL I hope you've all had good days and sleep well (Ity) ;-)
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Thanks, ladies for all the congrats and well wishes.

I took another test yesterday, and it was definitely , and darker than Sunday. I'm excited but I'm so terrified I can't even think straight! Stick, baby, stick!

I really hope there's good news from lots and lots of you this month!
I still want to lurk and see how everyone is doing, is that okay? : I have to get in my daily dose of chart stalking!

And I love homemade jewelry- those of you who are making it, link to it so I can see! I love funky beads and bright colors!
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They do come in three's.....

: :

Let's see whose next????
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teneal.. hunny bunch.. you said that last time...
didnt happen

but hey... I guess it could :
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Stacymom - stick stick stick!!

To all you crafters: I am one too! I do beading, crochet, painting, etc... I always have to be doing something creative. I guess that is why I am a graphic designer for a living.

So, last night DH initiated bd, and it was great... until it just went on and on and he never finished. About 40 minutes in to it I was just uncomfortable. Not sure what that was all about, but I felt very unsexy. : I didn't chart it because we never really officially dtd.

I was feeling optimistic about ttc again while I was in my waiting cycle. Now that I am a week from o'ing, I am getting really scared that it is going to take another year and a half. Then, end in another m/c. Everything has been so crappy lately, why would it change?

Uh oh... I'm getting that "Server too busy" message. :
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I know I said it last time...but that's how it's supposed to be right?

Hey Steph I'm really glad to see you!
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Stephanie I can relate to that, for all the waiting I'm doing since the m/c, in the last week or so I've been completely terrified about trying again and failing or trying again and losing another. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you . I hope that I did ovulate and that this cycle is almost over on it's own, I don't know though what I'm more scared of, trying again or having to go back to the dr to tell her that I never ovulated at all.

Tenk I hope you're right and they do come in threes, maybe in multiples of threes even, we're well overdue for some good news in this thread. We need all of the grads to come back and give us a good dusting for the new year.

Christy after I asked about you starting clomid today I went looking for your chart and found that you were still waiting for af, I'm sorry I hope you get to start it soon and that it's just what you need. I hope you feel better soon.

Crafters, I do cross stitch and I sew. Mostly these days though my creativity is limited to work stuff like photography and websites.
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Hey Ladies!! Happy New Year!!!

I just got back from my vacation and the first thing I did was to put in my temps and read January's thread

I'm not going to try to catch up... :

I don't think I'm preggers, again : I really, really, really want to be! I'm the only one, right?

I'm glad to be back and hope that we get some BFP!!

to everyone!!
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I am so happy for the BFP's... they give me hope!

I am now double-charting... hoping maybe a different program will magically make everything better :

So, if you have a sec, check out one or both of my charts... I think I may have O'd, but neither FF nor Ovusoft agree... :

Sorry I haven't been able to post much... but I read, and keep you in my thoughts

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Wow that was a lot to catch up on... I had unexpected houseguests for two days and had to secretly pop my clomid in the kitchen : My friends would be shocked I am sure... an old friend who has moved back and resurfaced into my life. She is quite the fertile one in the past though, and was talking about her strange food cravings and shooting me furtive looks and I am thinking, please, PLEASE do not tell me you are pg because I will really lose it. I just got up and went to the bathroom.

Other than that the clomid has been pretty mellow at this point, it seems to be most difficult closer to ovulation ? I read some interesting things about it ... your estrogen is 3x higher than normal, the enodmetrium is improved and of course the luteul phase is improved with the giant progesterone boost. It helped calm my anxieties about taking it... that it is useful for things besides annovulation. I just feel like it's one more thing to try in the toolbox, the last thing I pulled out was a HSG, now clomid, next is a lap I guess ? IUI in a distant future ? Beyond that I think we would be done with worrying over ttc and move on to adoption.

To those who mentioned feeling left out of all the clomid suff , well, I guess anyone on this thread who has been trying for awhile could talk to their dr about it. I have been considering it (and reading about it on this thread ) for a long time, and had to pretty much coerce the dr to give it to me. I hope you all get your BFPs before it ever comes to fertility drugs.

Ok you all are killing me with the craft and glass beads talk.... you don't know the way my life has revolved around glass lampwork beads in the last few years. My DH is a glass artist and we have made a good deal of our living selling his lampwork beads on ebay (as well as other places). So I am soooo there with you ! I used to make my own glass beads before dd was born, and someday I will be back on the torch. I also have dabbled with jewelry but honestly since the ttc started dragging out last year I have felt very uninspired. I'm the same way you are, Lily and Ity I don't really wear a lot of jewelry but I like making it. Oh and of course I am an amateur crocheter. Taught myself from a book, a friend taught me a bit more. I don't think I am great at it but I like doing it.

I would love to see pictures of jewelry if anyone wants to pm me

Stephanie I have an ex-BF from long ago who had a problem... finishing . It gets to a point where it is no fun anymore. How frustrating !

Valerie... I looked at your chart and I think maybe it will become clear with a few more temps ? When in doubt... GIO at least every other day and your bases will be covered.

OK it is late, more tomorrow
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