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libertad.. no silver lining list... but I have also thought of handing my chart over to my gyn... at least they can REALLY see what was going on there ya know

ocean.. thanks for the vote of confidence... but I dont think I'm pg... then again... af is late... idk... I hope not tho too cause I drank way too much last night... ... thats the most friggin fun I've had in weeks. *sigh*

well see

(but dont I wish)
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LaLibertad - silver lining list would be sooo easy. Once I get af I can start my clomid. Now... where exactly did she go?? Hello? Bueller? Hopefully tomorrow...
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Woohoo CD1!!
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Happy for you Christy and sad for you LaLibertad.

I really think I'm out this month. AF is due monday-ish. Just not feeling it. In fact I have all the classic PMS symptoms and feeling super emotional and low this AM.

My silver lining list is I've almost completed the feng shui of my house and I'm on new vitamins so my next cycle will be a good one and I'd be so happy with an oct baby. See it would be my b'day in sept, this new baby in oct, my dad in nov, my son in dec, and my dh is jan. That's a great reason to have an oct baby right????? Plus it would be nicer weather here.
: : : : : :

UGH, I hate this. I feel low this AM. Please send me happy positive thought vibes. I'm going to the gym with hopes some working out helps me.

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ya christy... see your body works
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tara.. I will be thinking happy thoughts of you... but I gotta do it when Im cleaning.. hope you dont mind
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Ocean Good for you on the + OPK even if it's not 100% the right time, we so know it's working here! I O'd on like day 19-20 when not on clomid and day 16 or 17 with clomid. So you never really know just gotta keep taking the OPK's. GL with it.

Tara Your not out until your out....classic AF signs are/could be pregnancy signs. I hope your one in the 3 BFP's that we get right now!!!

Christy HELL YEAH! YAY!! for AF....never thought I'd say that. Come on clomid work your magic!

LaL I'm so sorry that she found you, but I do love the positive attitude you've got going, and the silver lining, I need to get one of those.

Crystal Don't clean too much, you won't have anything to do the rest of the week....I tend to get bored when I do everything at once....hehe. Then the next day starts and I don't want to do it anyway....HA.

Ok Theresa says HI and she hopes that when she finally comes back to the board that we've all moved on to DDC and she doesn't know anyone here. She's too funny. She is ok tho and thinks of/asks about you all lots!

I am having some twinges/cramps in my ovaries today.....very weird feeling. But I did the same thing the last time I was on clomid, very early with the twinges/cramps like I could tell that they were both working....kwim?

Ok, hugs to all.
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oh no no no... I have too much everyday.. there is no such thing as "too much cleaning" in my house...

I'm too disorganized.. and thats not even half my problem
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Ok FF agrees with me now - O on CD15. It approved of my 98.3 that I got this morning.

My Silver Lining list:

If this cycle doesn't work out, I'll have some time to lose a bit of the weight I gained over the holidays. (My mom made pierogies - polish cheese "ravoli" - and they were soo )

I have an appointment with an RE on the 29th so maybe I'll be able to begin to get some answers from that.

If my hubby gets the job/salary that he wants, we'll move into an area where I'll have my choice of several homebirth midwives or possibly a birth center and maybe that's what this baby has been waiting for. I'd love a waterbirth which seems highly unlikely to happen in the area I live now.

I kinda liked that exercise. I really do want to try to be more positive and more relaxed.
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Originally Posted by oceanmommy View Post
Sarah : I checked and yeah, you need to wait 3 days after the last dose to get true opk +s because clomid increases your LH. But I was excited because that means the meds are doing something. ... It is worth a try, I have really moped through the last couple of cycles. Maybe that scares babies off.
Yeah, oceanmommy, for the confirmation that clomid is doing its job (at least the first part of the job)! That is great. I had to pop in with a "be gentle with yourself" nag re: the other comments. You feel what you feel and those are important feelings. I really don't believe that you're scaring babies off...
Hang in there and here's hoping for success soon!

LaLib - Sorry about af, but you made some great points with your list. My list always has "I can drink wine with that dinner coming up" or "I can have a margarita with my girlfriend" on Friday. (I drink a little bit before o and not at all in 2ww.)

Yeah Christy! Hope the clomid does great things and does this *this month*!

I am "working at home" today. Unfortunately I have a ton of work but I did sleep in and I will pamper myself in hopes of getting through this cold sooner! Hugs to all!!!
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Good morning!

LaLibertad, I am sorry but yes, it is great you got a first chart completed. This should help.

Christy, I am so glad you got your AF!!!! I am excited. What days are you going to take them?

Sarah, we are just waiting patiently for yours. I hope it comes soon

Ocean, I seriously think I had some premature occurrence last month and that is why I really didn't think I would be pregnant last month. So of course, this month is really hard not having any CLUE when it will happen. I am sticking with the every other day plan no matter what! It has been much more fun with my teenager out of the house. I would say just be ready for anything.

Tenk, I am having a lot of twinges and stuff. A couple of days ago it was worse. Now things have settled down but I got a couple sharp ones this morning on the right. I can't wait!!! Yay!

Susykat, I am waiting for your temp today. I can't stand it.

Stacymom, how are you feeling today? Everything fine so far?

Allisonrose, yay for crosshairs and silver lining positive thoughts!!! That is a good idea isn't it? I usually just start planning for the next month.

Okay, I have to get going, but hello to Taradactyl and Angel, and Taradactyl I sure hope you feel better. Gym should definitely help.

I have been having a terrible time concentrating on work these days so I am very behind.
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Elkmama, your chart is torturing me! How many dpo are you? How are you feeling?
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Nice list, allisonrose, and fingers crossed for dh's negotiations.

Besides little things like drinking , the biggest silver lining thing I tell myself is "Now that we are set for (at least) 5 school years between kids, we won't have to pay for 2 kids' college at once." I had been really, really sad about the gap between kids but this silver lining is a good one!
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Lily - my clomid rx is days 3-7 (so I only have to wait through a couple more days and then, I start taking it saturday!).

This has cheered me up tremendously. That and I got a new job at a different high school that will take 30 minutes off my commute (which is currently an hour). That should be good.
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Originally Posted by lilyflower View Post
Elkmama, your chart is torturing me! How many dpo are you? How are you feeling?
Hi Lily - Sorry for the torture! I just took my paper chart from the trip (incomplete as it is) and put it in ff. Using the OPK rules, I'm 4 dpo. I feel absolutely fine. I think our timing was pretty good, so I am hopeful right now. (Even though good timing hasn't been enough so far... But I'm still hoping.)
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ugh I'm sorry to even ask this.. but this whole "ooh maybe I am pg" is really getting to my head... I feel like if this doesnt happen for me RIGHT GOSH DARN NOW ... I just feel like I'm gonna *BOOM*

my temps dont really support it... and I dont have really any syptoms but a late af and fatigue (I would assume she would be here by NOW. for petes sake)


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You guys know me.....

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I cant .. I dont have one.. and I cant get one... not til at least friday


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Ooooh, I totally would have tested at least twice by now.

Well I'm on CD11, finally have something resembling a normal energy level, the last 10 days or so I've been in a fog. Tired, drained and exhausted all the time. I was starting to think I had mono or something. :
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There's no $ Tree there?
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