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Motivated Moms 2007!

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Does anyone use the Motivated Moms chore planner? DH bought it for me as a gift : and I'm looking forward to using it and keeping my house in better shape.

Of course I do the basics regularly (dishes, counters, bathrooms, etc.), but I just don't think of doing other chores on a regular basis. I'm hoping this will help me maintain a more thorough routine. The tasks themselves seem very manageable.

They have a sample page on the website and a Yahoo group with more info about the chore list.

Who's with me?
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I did it last year until I got pg with the new one. Then I got sick and that was that. Maybe I'll do it again....
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Me! Me! Thanks for the reminder, I need to get the new calendar. I downloaded it at the end of last Aug and within the first week the house looked better than it had since last Oct when I had DD!
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I should purchase mine again....haven't done it yet.
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I just downloaded it.

I have to say, this is the BEST of these programs. I am a flylady dropout, it stressed me out so much I started to cry when I got those emails!

I can handle this. Most days I can get to most of the tasks. My house is, more or less, neat and reasonably clean. I'm happier.

for motivated moms!
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I just started a thread about this in the main MHM forum!

I think I'll print it out when I'm at my mom's today.
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I bought mine two days ago!

I sent DH out to buy printer paper last night, and I'm going to print it after brunch today. I'm so excited to get started. When I stuck with it, the house looked incredible, and I really did feel motivated.

Part of my downfall last year was that I didn't physically mark off what I had done. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can look over the past few days and see what I have done.
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I LOVE it! The house was doing really well until pregnancy exhuastion and what not hit. I'm determined to get back to it. I've been doing better. I tend to work extra at the beginning of the week so I have more time at the end.
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ive looked throught this website and the planner looks great!
I want to order it, but was going to check with you all to make sure it doesnt have any religious stuff in the main planner??
I saw there are additional things, but what about the regular one?

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That was a concern of mine, too. The main planner does not have any religious stuff in it. I print mine out, hole punch it, and keep it in a binder. I pull out the sheet for the current week and put it on the fridge. It's nice this way because I can say, "Hey. The kids are occupied. I've got five minutes. What little job could I get done?" I originally bought last year's planner half-way through the year when it went to half price. I need to order this year's planner. Hey, I've got five minutes.
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thanks for the links

I like flylady, but hate having to create my own control journal. I love that this is just the lists and no thinking ( how bad is that, lol) plus with a list maybe I can get DH to help more.
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Printed mine out yesterday, of course we are painting the kitchen today so my daily chores are doing so well, but the day is only half over.

I really like the checklists
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I love the way they did the daily chore checklists this year. I had a hard time remembering to do things when I couldn't check them off every day.

And yes, just to reiterate, if you don't get the Bible planner, there are no religious connotations. If you DO get the Bible planner, you will read the entire Protestant Bible in a year.
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Motivated Moms is amazing! I started it last year as a New Years resolution and stuck with it ALL YEAR. I didn't really actually look at the papers anymore after a few months, but the habit still really stuck with me. I was even able to keep up with it during the end of my pregnancy last spring and then after my ds was born. A friend of mine started it at the same time in January 2006 and stuck with it too. Our houses are SO different than they used to be. They aren't spotless, but they sure are clean most of the time! I probably won't be buying a planner this year since I have my own little schedule in my head, but for anyone that hasn't used it yet, it is AWESOME.
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All year, huh?

That's amazing. I just printed out Jan-March. I think I'm going to go for broke and print the whole thing.
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Wow!! That is awesome that so many people have had such success with this!

I confess that our year hasn't started off so wonderfully... DH has been very sick, so I was out with the kids all day. I also have a really hard time cleaning when DH is around. Isn't that odd? So here's to tomorrow!
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I ordered mine last night!
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Did she make any changes to this year's planner? I'm waivering on ordering it. I've still got last year's, which would still work, I just have to mark through the days.
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Thanks for the reminder- I just downloaded it...I fell off the wagon last year, and hope to start the new year off right!
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Ohh thanks for the link, this is exactly what I was looking for!
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