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subbing . . .

calico - no i bailed on the midnight run, i was puking all day saturday and my sister started up on sunday morning - so the kids and i came home early. i am off to a new year's day fun run with the running club though - five miles in 50 degree weather in the rain in pennsylvania - but no, there's no global warming!

mandy - i'll keep checking in on ya the shopping bug is not resolved yet.

happy new year!
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Happy New Year everyone! I got back from the beach in FL last night. It was nice. I even ran on the beach. It was fun and I ran farther than I've ever run before however I did have sore ankles afterwards from all the soft sand.
I'm impressed with all your running goals! I just want to keep running 3 days a week and do other fitness stuff the other days of the week. I do want to run a 5 K in the spring.
HBM..there is a 5K at the end of this month in Jefferson, GA..which is just up the road from me.
We had a pretty uneventful Christmas day. Had a few minutes of crazies at Christmas lunch when my Grandmother showed up unexpectdly just as we finished the blessing (she was supposed to be at my Uncle's). She popped in for a few minutes with 2 of my cousins and it was awkward because the table was only set for us and there was nowhere to sit and the food was getting cold. (on any other day I would have just invited them to sit down and eat) Then my brothers girlfriend did the no no of talking politics at the table and said she would vote for a particular candidate that no one in my family would ever ever vote for! Had to do the quick hostess thing and change the subject! My Dad was getting mad! It's pretty funny thinking back on it!
I'm running tomorrow..back in the usual routine. Y'all keep me motivated!
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Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post

Lisa, I just signed up (gulp!) for the Chicago marathon too! Go us!
WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!! :
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ugh, my website is a mess. and i love the error message that states "there seems to be a slight problem with your database." sounds like there was a server upgrade yesterday and they have some issues - so it will probably take all day to fix

now the good news - i ran a good three miles today. it was warm enough that the ice was melting.

and, my inlaws just left, we took down the christmas tree and have officially declared the holidays over.
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Wendy, I made a little counter too! Now it is official and I have to be accountable This is a dumb question, but how do you show progress? Delete numbers and asteriks?
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Callie, I was going to do kate~mom's method of putting the smilie in place of the number. So, when I get a paper done, I'd do:


I forgot about the notes smilie. Off to change.

The 1/2 paper markers (*) will be for when it goes to coauthors, if applicable. (1 will be single author, another I'm the last author : )

On the running, one * is 20 miles.
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Hi mamas,

Ahhhhh! It feels good already!
I am so excited for this new year, there are so many things I want to do, to accomplish to start. It's almost overwhelming. But, I have a fresh new weekly planner with these beatiful photos of gorgeous places and animals and I have you all to help keep me focused. Thank you so much, every one of you, for being here. This community is so precious to me. I'm sure everyone knows it but I want to be sure.

I am going to set a modest (I say now with 365 days seemingly endless before me) goal of running 468 miles this year. That is only 3x3 per week which seems manageable. I'd like to add some time for kickboxing in this year because I've loved it so much in the past, and I want to devote real attention to weight training, maybe even with a personal trainer for a bit. 34 isn't too old to have a fit toned bod right?

Dh and I haven't had a full discussion about ttc, so don't get too excited yet stalkers! I'll have to first do a good liver cleanse, prepare for the virtually fat-free diet I'll need to adhere to, and find an ob with experience with ICP and willingness to treat me should it crop up. That might not even be possible here, and dh and I for sure haven't discussed the possibility of relocating for the duration of the last trimester if it isn't.

So, today I'm trying to start things off on the right foot by chugging lots of water (although I already forgot to eat breakfast and I'm going for an hour's run when dh returns from his.

Oh, there is a serious kink in my pilgrimage timing. DD's passport expires the day before it starts and when she and dh wold head to the states. They'd be flying and we doubt that the airline would let her on with an invalid passport thanks to the old Patriot Act. So, we're going to see if the local consul can get her an extension but if not I may have to wait until next year. However, the pilgrimage goes every year at the same time so it wouldn't be any less meaningful if I end up having to wait a year. We'll see.

Okay, time to load up the mp3 player!
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Welcome to the new mamas! I live in a snowy area, too. We have a foot on the ground right now. But, I've only had a TM for two weeks. Before that I would run right on the roads. I did buy some rubber things with spikes in them for running on ice, but I've never needed them. I would much rather run outside, even with the snowy and icy conditions. I only got the TM so I wouldn't have to deal with childcare issues. Good luck! Where there is a will, there is a way.

I love the 5/500/5 idea! I'm going to copy you guys! I am up a couple lbs. so I have to lose 20 to reach my ultimate goal. I have no clue what a reasonable number of miles might be for a average runner. I will have the marathon training, but that'll be over in April...unless it goes well and I decide to do another, I guess. I think I'll do 1000/20 then.

I have got to figure out a plan for the weightloss. My other goals have plans. I'm going to research food addiction issues. I think I have a problem, friends. I think I am a foodaholic.
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Originally Posted by CherylAnn View Post
I think I have a problem, friends. I think I am a foodaholic.
Well, we do have to eat to live! At least it isn't a chore right?
I'm with you too! I've got between 15-20 to get back into my pre-preg clothes and I am DETERMINED!
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Happy New Year everyone!
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Originally Posted by CherylAnn View Post
I have got to figure out a plan for the weightloss. My other goals have plans. I'm going to research food addiction issues. I think I have a problem, friends. I think I am a foodaholic.
I dont' know if you are religious, but I am reading a great book helping me with food issues. "Faithfully Fit". It has two to three short pages a day to read. I also have two non-religious books to recommend. "Slow down diet" and "Mindless eating".

You are not alone. With alcohol or drugs, you can get to the point where you are not around them. With food, you have to eat, so it is very difficult, but you can do it.

There also is a group called "overeaters anonymous" if you are looking for that kind of help too.
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Well, I mean that I think I have serious food addiction issues that need to be addressed or I will be forever yo-yo'ing and sabatoging myself. I'm researching treatment options. Food is so hard because you can't quit it cold turkey. Sometimes I do. That's basically how I lost the last 20 lbs. But, it's like being a dry drunk. The behaviors and underlying issues are still there. Also, eventually, unlike alcohol, you have start putting food in your body again. I went off of sugr for 3 days, but then had a bunch of it on Saturday. I didn't have any yesterday, but I ate other things that are part of my problem. My dad is here right now. He is an over the top addict. He had gastric bypass surgery more than 2 years ago and has gained some weight back. He eats donuts and cookies all day long and then at every meal he eats until he needs to go vomit. This is the kind of behavior I'm talking about. I don't have the messed up stomach to cause vomitting, but when I'm out of control, I behave exactly like he does. And he's a nasty, angry person. When I'm eating like that, I am nastier, too. I hate it! So, I'm admitting this to all of you. This month needs to be about tackling this issue or I'll either not reach my goal, or I will gain everything back again. I'm almost 20 lbs. below my pre-pg weight with all three kids. So, I'm in totally new territory as far as what a healthy body looks and feels like. Now that the pleasure of losing 20 lbs. has worn off, and there are no more cute young guys needing to carry me around, I have lost all my motivation. This is when the hard work begins. And I don't know how to start. So, I started at google today, looking at treatment options.

ETA: Thanks, Lisa! I'm looking into Overeaters Anonymous right now! I'm going to find out if there is a group in my little town. Thank you!
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Happy New Year everyone!

I followed along with last month's thread but never got around to posting. I had a good running month tho'. I ran 5 on Saturday, which is not only my longest distance run, but a miracle that I did it on the dreaded TM -- it took 2 TVs, a good Podrunner mix, plus playing mindgames dividing up the time and distance in my head to keep me from going crazy with boredom!

I'm hoping to do my first 10K in Albuquerque on 2/11, if dh can switch his work shift to be able to watch the kiddos. After that, I hope to be able to train for a half, maybe in the summer or early fall.

I hate winter running! I need to get out today, but it's wet and slushy out. I just got new shoes, which, of course, are WHITE!

Mandy, everytime you post, I get homesick for New England. I grew up in upstate NY and went to school in Massachusetts and we went to Vermont to ski and hike. I live in the mountains now and we have a foot of snow on the ground, but it just isn't the same....
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Happy New year all. Hot beautiful day today in Africa to start 2007.
This is the year my baby will be born.
Eksmom you can add Pof6 to the pregnant list.

Still not doing much, need to try get out again but the crime is making me really woried about go out alone with dd Discussion still ongoing baout where we are going and what we are doing, feels like such a mad time to be pregnant.
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Originally Posted by sally Z View Post
Eksmom you can add Pof6 to the pregnant list.
Thanks Sally!

Just got back from the gym - 2.5 jiggly miles on the TM AND : DH is signed up as a member again! He is doing C25K this time and hopefully he won't hurt his knee.
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Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!

First run is done for me. 3.1 miles. Seems to be getting a litlle easier ie I don't feel like collapsing. Now I need to try and get some sit ups done to get rid of this flab.

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Just returned home and am subbing... hope to catch up with y'all soon!
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what a fantastic run to start the new year! i met up with a HUGE group from the local running club at noon (some of them had started the morning with a swim in the creek near the clubhouse : ). we did a fantastic 5 mile loop with a KILLER hill (500 foot gain in elevation) in the middle - but with a champagne stop on the top of said hill

i haven't run with the group in a few months, and this run made me realize (again!) that i absolutely need to run with others to keep it up. i've been doing my training runs at approx. 8:18 min/mi for the past two weeks, since i started a new training program - and they have been so hard. today, we ran at a consistent 7:30 pace, and it was ridiculously easy - even after barely beginning eating yesterday after being sick earlier in the weekend (i had dinner last night and breakfast this am). it was nice to hear that everyone is signed up for the same races i've chosen for the spring, also.

on the first runs, patti, eks, & grnmt!
sally - tough, tough decisions to make, mama.
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Hi y'all! Nice to see everyone is starting the new year off with a run. I saw so many people running today, some obviously for the first time in a while, and I was tempted to be snarky and think it wouldn't last, but I decided to send them good vibes to keep it up instead. I ran my four or so although my usual trail was really flooded, and dh and kids explored while I ran. It was nice although dh complained about not spending time together, so I told him to get his a@@ running. he was not thrilled with that.

My new year was underwhelming...watched six feet under DVDs, a bit of c/t, and then sleep. but kinda nice to just be at home bc the weather sucked.

cherylann--just briefly, I have found weight watchers helpful with the food addiction part of getting my weight under control. Their plan is good (although relies too much on artificial stuff) but what is really great is how they talk about changing your way of life. It has been literally a lifesaver for me, although I'm not always "there." anyway and good luck to you in the coming weeks.

okay, gotta go, but looking forward to a great 2007 with you mamas.
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