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Happy New Year my running Mamas!

Woohooo!!! I ran today!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

It felt so good, I've waited so long for this

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Way to go ND!

Originally Posted by kate~mom View Post
, we ran at a consistent 7:30 pace, and it was ridiculously easy

Dear Lurkers-Thinking-About-Joining,
Running speed is not important. Kate~mom is more the exception than the rule. Desire for forward motion is all that's necessary 'round here.

Speaking of speedy mamas, where's 2baybees?

Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
Hi y'all! Nice to see everyone is starting the new year off with a run. I saw so many people running today, some obviously for the first time in a while, and I was tempted to be snarky and think it wouldn't last, but I decided to send them good vibes to keep it up instead.
We get lot of runners on our street, and I definitely saw a lot of novices today. I felt like printing up c25k, sitting out front and passing out a copy to everyone clearly struggling.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Speaking of speedy mamas, where's 2baybees?
i've been wondering that - her kids were sick for a while - was it last week? but you'd think she would have resurfaced from the bathroom by now.
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Happy New Year everyone!

I sitll have a cold so no running to bring in the New Year - cross-training seemed like a more fitting way to bring in 2007 anyway

I have a feeling January is going to fly by. One more week until the kids go back to school, then with a new course, new volunteer work and a serious commitment to producing more quilts - and running 5 times a week - I should be pretty busy. dh will be away for a week. I am going to miss him, but I also know I generally get a ton of work done when he isn't at home.

I am going to a Virtues Program training workshop for 2 days this week. I am really excited about it. It is a gift from the director of a local private school (the one I donated our piano to) and I just found out that it is the pre-requisite for the facilitator training which could open up some new doors for me. I am feeling pretty hopeful about 2007.
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Lurker here but I wanted to say I got my first run of the new year in today, too. 3.5 miles all alone, thankfully, as I was pretty grumpy when I started out.
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Hey mamas,
I got my fist 3 miles in today, only 465 to go!!!
I also had a brainstorm today re: dd's obsessive desire to watch tv all day every day. She is going to (okay we all are going to but it will be easy for me and dh) have to buy TV time with exercise time. I don't think it will be 1:1 although that's ideal but I just want her to get into the habit of doing something active every day. I know she runs around like a crazed weasel at school but when she isn't in school she can sit for ridiculously long periods if she isn't forced to stop. I had been hoping that just having dh and me modeling good exercise habits would rub off but it ha't yet and now she's 5.
So that was my exciting thought for the year to date.

Cheryl - I am sorry, I didn't mean to be so flip about your concerns. I have heard good things about WW too, a friend of mine says that his whole relationship to food is 100% healthier since starting. I know they have online meetings too now.

Welcome in new mamas and long-time-no-see mamas!

Gotta go!
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Happy New Year Mamas! Congratulations on all the first runs! I'll get mine tomorrow AM. I am keeping ds home for the day, and I think I'll do breakfast, call school and work, and then run for as long as I can take it. The TM just found an acceptable spot today. I swear I feel 5 pounds heavier.

I promise I'll get some photos ASAP and put up a link. Then, in a couple years, we'll do "before and after." Yeah, it's that kind of place. But we're psyched. Reb came by today, and I think she's psyched, too. The potential is pretty overwhelming. We won't have any $$ to do anything with it at all until our other place sells and we refinance. In the meantime, we'll squeak out our two mortgage payments and the bills and try to get by, and hope for nothing too major to happen. Keep hoping for a quick sale!

I don't think I'll set any running-related number goals this year. Too much other stuff to keep track of. I do intend to lose 15-20 pounds, finish and shop out a novel (before summer), and complete the book together with cReb that we're planning. RR, I plan to remember the gift that running is, and use it to keep me healthy, sane and connected to some of the most beautiful women I know (online and IRL). We are planning, as a family, to plant fruit trees, put some chickens in the coop, introduce a few sheep and goats, and get a large garden planted...and I think we can still do those things before the house sells, if need be. God willing...GOOD THINGS FOR US ALL IN 2007!
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Originally Posted by jgmommo View Post
Lurker here but I wanted to say I got my first run of the new year in today, too. 3.5 miles all alone, thankfully, as I was pretty grumpy when I started out.
you've stopped in before, right? welcome back if so! in a better mood by the end?
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Happy New Year, lovely mamas!

No New Year's run for me as I partied like I was in college last night. It was totally spontaneous (we went over to our neighbor's party) and it was probably one of my best new year's ever. Totally worth the sick feeling most of today.
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No running yet for me this year DD has moved from vomiting to diarrhea

I was able to do a bit of pilates which is helping me with my middle jiggle

Hope to run when dh returns from work if I don't chicken out. He won't be home until after 8pm, and I am a huge chicken. I admit it - I am afraid of the dark :

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Proudmom - where are you in AZ?? We just moved here in August and are in south Scottsdale area... need a running buddy anytime?? any recs on where to run? I usually do the canals and greenways in Snottsdale and around by the zoo/Papago park... I've met a few mamas through the east valley AP playgroup meetup group, but haven't been to any LLL or API stuff bc I WOH part time in the mornings...

No run for me today, recovering from long run yesterday, although we did go on a short hike with the ILs... Speaking of people out for New years resolutions, we almost got mowed down by folks out trail running looking very gung ho!

1jooj good luck on a quick sale!!

Congrats everyone on 1/1/2007 runs!!!!
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Originally Posted by calicocj
Congrats everyone on 1/1/2007 runs!!!!
: WTG!!! My first run for 2007 will be a 3 miler tomorrow.

Goals for the week:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 mile run, strength and stretch
Wednesday: 3 mile run, strength and stretch
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3 mile run, strength and stretch
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 6 mile run, stretch

1jooj, I really look forward to pictures! I love remodeling projects!!! Not doing them, exactly, but watching them get done.

Plady, no worries. I love your idea about having dd get active before she can sit and watch TV. Having this TM has been so fun! All 5 of us use it. Someone is using it at least daily, but usually more than one of us on it each day and we have to schedule it or fight over it! Sheesh! I was supposed to be my Christmas present. My only Christmas present, actually. Hmmm, perhaps I have leverage for this console table I really have been wanting.

Naomi has decided that she will run a 5k this year. Sophia is considering it. Oliver is hellbent on doing it, but we'll have to figure out how that will happen. It's much too far for a 5 yo. Oh, because, dh is also going to do a 5k. We all want to do one together and the first one I know of is in May. I think we'll all do the Pig Jig, May 12. That way the four oldest of us can do the 5k and we can get someone to do the 2k with him. Eksmom, if you see this, you can add it to the list!
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Subbing. Happy New Year! I took a few months off to recover from that darn hip injury, but I'm ready to run with the dingos again - I've missed you guys!
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Thread Starter 
Hi Monikita! What a happy surprise to see you here, welcome back!
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Originally Posted by MonikitaUT View Post
I'm ready to run with the dingos again - I've missed you guys!
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Happy New Year Everyone! No running yet for me this year, but I have 3 miles planned for today.

Cherylann, what marathon plan are you using, and have you picked a marathon to run at the end?

So, as far as running goals for the year goes, I think I'm shooting for 600 miles and to lose the last 20 lbs. Now that I'm through training for my olympic cookie eating event, perhaps it is even possible .

1jooj, definitely post before pics of your farm, I really cannot believe the before and after at our farm.

Okay, need to get going, Zoe starts swim class this morning!
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I'm here. Been taking an internet break. The kids needed more me, I needed the compulsion to do something other than surf the net most evenings. I've been knitting, reading, crafting, exploring with the kids. Things are on the right track at home with a lot to do. We may be homeschooling dd despite us both being working parents. Lots of schedule juggling ahead but I think it may be the best option for her. Dp's getting a new job, we both replaced our troublesome cars, and we are headlong into fixing up our house.

I've been running no worries there. This weekend I start back on the official training bandwagon. I need to sit down with a calender and map it all out. Ran a speedy 6 miles yesterday which felt great as the beginning to my new year. Looking to do 6-8 after work today.

I'm still limiting my internet time, but I will be reading an attempting to catch up all that I missed.
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missbliss, PM me! I need a mentor!

Monikita! Welcome back!

Weather looks like it should be really nice today. I'll see about taking the kids outdoors this afternoon and snapping photos. Should have good light.

Poor ds. He's been sick with upper respiratory yuck for like a month now. I think he got double-whammied. Was just getting better when we moved, and he must have picked something up off someone like the very next day...poor kid went through, no lie, more than 560 tissues in a day. I have him using hankies now. : He blew blood this AM. I think that's because of the dry air in a heated house, and because it was all encrusted from sleeping through the night. Do I need to worry about a secondary infection if he's now fever-free and generally looking well, just stuffy and now coughing as it's migrating south?
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Welcome back monakita! I have missed you!
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Hi Mamas. No New Years runs for me yet.
Good for you all on the awesome goals.
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